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  1. I would nope on out of Austin for the next 120+ days if I could get away with it.
  2. Any reports on how Gessner area just north of I10 fared?
  3. I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased to see first illegal dam being dismantled. Landowners are going to have to raise their level of vigilance on these kinds of illegal acts going forward.
  4. Travis County Land Value - No change Improvements - Down 15% Appraised - Down 7% Net Appraised - Up 8%
  5. I still see blank values for 2024 for Travis County.
  6. NYTimes The Daily podcast last week talked about Democrats possibly voting to save Johnson as Speaker in exchange for a floor vote on Ukraine aid.
  7. Your liver knows the real story.
  8. This past week's pollen was rough. Went outside and immediately starting sneezing and hacking.
  9. There is nothing encouraging about the current precipitation outlook.
  10. This is true for Camp Mabry weather station KATT. For Austin-Bergstrom International Airport weather station KAUS, January 2015 was technically colder. 587.5 HDD in January 2015 vs 582 HDD in January 2024.
  11. Evergrande liquidation: Western hedge funds shocked by liquidation | Fortune
  12. I would like to try out the Vision headset. Just to see if the interaction with a desktop could fundamentally change.
  13. I’m shocked AISD didn’t cancel.
  14. Made a large batch of carnitas overnight. House smells great. Should be solid for lunch and dinner today.
  15. Water in the dirt to collapse any air pockets and then throw more dirt on it. Mulch would work well.
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