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  1. Mine is up in Travis County. Market Appraised value up 4.5% Net Appraised up the full 10% as I have several years of catchup accumulated. Dispute every year via Five Stone. Fucking BS....my neighbor's market appraised values dropped vs mine going up.
  2. that was good for a laugh. sucks teachers still get shit on
  3. As others have said, lots of coastal cities. The Gulf coast doesn't count.
  4. It is odd to me that higher education is going to really fight against ChatGPT. I think higher education needs to evolve and move away from the style of testing that aligns with the work product of ChatGPT. Note, I like the idea of oral defense. It transitions away from the written word to a presentation (where I assuming questions are asked) quickly can demonstrate mastery or ignorance of a topic. Further, I strongly believe you are going to see these AI tools used across many industries going forward. The notion that they are forbidden in college but then used extensively in the business world...makes no sense.
  5. Sounds like a cursed truck.
  6. Yeah. It’s a quick no. I can’t live in a small town.
  7. I look forward to when COA can hire enough lifeguards to keep all the pools open during the summer.
  8. I applaud the work that this landowner is doing it. However, it strikes me that he faces long odds if the regulatory agencies won't aggressively enforce rules and regulations. If ultimately, Greg Abbott wants Elon Musk business here in Texas, it strikes me that the portfolio of Musk companies will be able to get away with most rule-breaking.
  9. I'm a huge fan of roundabouts. Wish we had more across the city. Texas drivers seems to fear them as they require engaging your brain.
  10. Glad Feinstein made the announcement given her age.
  11. I've seen the rumors on Cronk. Has an official statement been made yet on his termination?
  12. Outage map shows many crews assigned to outages around Hill elementary. Maybe that area gets resolved today. Still waiting to see signs of crews for 78757 - Allandale.
  13. I got the same text. Sucks ass.
  14. Nextdoor is equally off its rocker. Posts asking for neighbors to turn off their generators because the sound of the generators are too annoying. if you have infants, particularly with medical conditions, get yourself to a hotel. Even if it is 30 miles away. Nobody is turning their generator off until they get their power back.
  15. A utility repair truck with a parts trailer in tow circled my block real slow. I got my hopes up. But I circled the block 20 minutes later and no sight of the truck so he must have just been lost or was just doing recon. The wait continues. It was the first repair truck I have seen since our outage began. Maybe my power will be on by Wednesday. The number of customers with outages continues to fall but the actual number of outages remains persistently high above that 1500 mark. I need to drink more.
  16. I’m drinking heavily tonight. AISD starting on Monday, which is good for the kids but I’m betting my power is still out as of Monday. Which will make for a shit show.
  17. Same boat in 78757. Ours went out 5:30 Wednesday. Transferred freezer contents to another location and threw out the fridge contents today. I’m setting my expectations on Monday resolution at this point.
  18. I’m at the 64 hour mark in 78757 in Allandale. We haven’t seen any sign of AE. I’m not hopeful the power comes back by the end of the weekend. Our outage is only tied to 58 customers, so smaller than some of the other larger outages on AE’s outage map.
  19. Whoever called 911 to report an assault with a knife needs to check themselves in the future.
  20. APF should never have taken over the contract for operating the train. They spent more money on a broken train than the prior operator wanted to spend on erosion repairs.
  21. Pollen count is brutal. I’m basically holed up in the house refusing to go outside.
  22. My IT guy has been bitching about this for a while. He is switching everyone over to https://bitwarden.com/
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