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  1. Wish he and the 4a champ could have raced each other in the 100 and 200. Neither one was pushed too hard. Wonder how fast they could have gone by pushing each other.
  2. They are going to let perfect be the enemy of good, then Rs are going to get control, legalize weed, and Ds are going to be left holding their Ds again.
  3. Playing hack a big might be the way to go if we have enough fouls available.
  4. I did the sling 3 day trial of their blue package. It’s 35 per month and has all the tourney channels. If we win, I’ll just pay for the month. If we lose, I’ll cancel. Also, March madness channel (on my Roku) has 3 hours free and has all the games. I watched our first game on that and parts of the other ones. Counts the hours in real time so turning away at halftime doesn’t count. The sound wasn’t syncing up though so even though I still have time left I went ahead and did sling.
  5. Today’s game and the last 20 something years for me summed up in one graphic.
  6. He knows. He just doesn’t give a fuck.
  7. And it won’t change then either unless the family sells the team. Because they all want to play GM instead of hiring a real one.
  8. It’s only gonna get worse is what I keep thinking. Stephen is worse than Jerry. We are fucked for a long long time.
  9. Especially when the sideline passes were working so well. Got too cute.
  10. Is it that we aren’t tampering or that no one is interested when we try to tamper?
  11. I had never seen this before. That was pretty bad.
  12. 14 penalties twice during one season. Insane.
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