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  1. I flinched at Brakeman's careless remark. Sorry, buddy. I think GenXer's response was apt. I also flinched at GenXer's blaming the Dems because they're the only party remotely interested in his plight. In fact, the Dems are far more than remotely interested in the health of the citizenry. It's odd that people often fault the guy trying to do something for not doing enough. The opposition gets a pass. We despise failure more than wicked indifference, I suppose. I wonder if that's American, Western, or just human nature.
  2. Cheney goes out like I hope I would. Has Trump taken time from his manic lie campaign to call her a nasty woman yet?
  3. Hee hee hee! Sips are all ghey!!!! Let's all make the same joke about it over and over! Dimwits.
  4. Yea. It was a real mess. Donald and Don Jr driving around DC looking behind grocery stores and liquor stores for boxes. Eric and Barron helping Melania pack. Ivanka having her nails done while Jared put his bullet proof vest up for sale on Ebay. Everybody ignoring Tiffany's calls. Then there was the rush to get everything into the van. Who could be sure what was what? Barron's high school buddies pitched in with Rudy supervising Kid Rock as he packed the van. It was a circus, but they got out before midnight. They were too tired to clean up, so they won't get their deposit back. The non-stop drive to Florida just about killed Sidney Powell who switched with Tucker every six hours. But, they pulled together as a family and got it all done with help from dear friends. Just like you and me! Don't answer that. It's Tiff again.
  5. Stellar long-lived beauty. Amen. 1981 Thief:
  6. Isn't this kind of like letting out room in your headspace at no charge?
  7. We need to have Dollar General head the Joint Chiefs.
  8. Old passport with a hole punched in it that we all care deeply about.
  9. I trust your judgment. There's not much going on around here, either.
  10. Tucker's voice. I feel like that if someone spilled water on him he'd start screeching: I'm melting! I'm melting! What a world! What a world!
  11. Yes. This endless examination of whether the President has plenary power to declassify documents is the kind of distraction that TV news panel shows dwell on. They like to do it because they feel like they can get to a "fact" in the matter. This fact is a sideshow. A distraction. The trees blocking one's view of the forest. Donald Trump removed papers from the White House that belong to the Archives. He haggled for a year and claimed that he'd returned them all. He lied to federal authorities. He retained documents including state secrets. Why? What was he doing with them? Why was he doing it in secret? Why were they so poorly secured that adding a padlock was considered an enormous upgrade? Why were they moving in and out of the storage location? How might all of this benefit Trump? How might all of this been done to the detriment of the United States? Chasing your tails about ultimate authority to declassify is largely an academic exercise. He stole. He lied to law enforcment (again, Martha Stewart's horrible crime). He likely held nuclear secrets, his criminal security advisor (Flynn) tried to get related material to Saudi Arabia, the Saudis recently gave Trump's family $2 Billion in addition to a river of money flowing to Trump by such means as booking an entire Trump hotel and not using the rooms and starting a new golf league. Isn't there some law against profitting from you position in government? It gets named around here all the time. Rather than focus on whether he might have had the power to declassify anything no matter the consequences and no matter what process he may have used, focus on the real crimes. Are there not laws forbidding actions detrimental to the US? Are there not laws about aiding potential enemies of the US (what if he shared these documents with Russia?)? What was he up to is more important than what, in theory, he may have been able to do to technically change the status of documents that could be used against the US. And we play into his bloody, tiny hands when we follow every tangent.
  12. The GOP mainstream doesn't care. They will accuse anyone of anything if it will feed the rage jones.
  13. The notion of having a ham guy = very funny and original Any reference to a buffet = unfunny and unoriginal Endless repetition of either = tedious
  14. You've been hanging around with your avatar too much. Should we have the coaches ramp up the NIL deals?
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