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  1. I've also been thinking about Trump's claim the trial is rigged because the prosecution didn't call witnesses favorable to his case. I can imagine Trump telling his lawyers where the best chance of appeal lies. He was denied a competent defense due to the dereliciton of the prosecution. I look forward to Clarence Thomas' majority opinion sustaining this claim.
  2. Jack Warden's immortal reaction.
  3. Has anyone here every given a second thought to which other schools consider us their number one rival? Can you imagine fretting over maybe Nebraska being the bigger rival with OU fifty years ago? You think Nebraska or OU ever thought about it? Without ebil tu, they don't have a clue about who they are.
  4. Our road through the special season will be filled with wonderful surprises and beautiful places! You can see them now! Everybody is jealous of us! After the season, another decrepit ruin of unfounded confidence and sense of importance are all that remain. Elko is the King of Potemkin World. And such a snappy dresser! (The above is how he appeared at his intro do Duke. He's come a long way, hasn't he?)
  5. You may not have the roles of fucker and fuckee quite right, my friend.
  6. Nope, dumbass. It's partially the cult traditions, but it's mostly how you never shut up about them. Then add the unfounded arrogance found in Aggie statements like this: But, give him credit and likely more money, Elko so knows his audience. He's pretty much guaranteed himself an extension after three years as he'll be getting all the pieces in place that the redass Ags know will lead to their destiny as the envy of the football world. Second sentence can be made more accurate by just switching two words. Lastly, everybody knows who is who in the picture below except the Aggies who always get it backwards.
  7. Fabulous. Saw in on IMAX. Such an interesting world and I love the action. I also love that there are no superpowers. Only Thunderdome was poor, the rest are very good. ATJ is a fast rising star.
  8. It's genuinely troubling to me how often I have begun thinking in such a way.
  9. A story of Donny from Lago al Mar. Who lusted for daughter and posed in a car. He coveted her lips He fondled her hips. Only to pathetically diddle a porn star. He's so brilliant, he can pass a cognitions test while he's doing it. Pants. Alpha diaper. Nurse who looks like Ivanka. TV.
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