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  1. It's really that bad. I think the most apt thing about the cartoon is that the guy in the murican shirt has his back to the bloody corpse. It's not like he's even making a choice between the two other images; he chooses/is distracted into only seeing one. He's also been prompted to absurd outrage. This really isn't a serious country anymore. Our image of our country was basically a lie, but there were some worthwhile aspects of America. There all just about gone or negated.
  2. Huh? As stated on here many times, Jimbo knows he can't say it was NIL or he'll get nailed. Aggies are determined not to remember the above so they can continue lying to themselves about how clean they are. Aggie coach: Nope, no NIL. It's a damned lie. Narrator: True. It was bag money. Aggies: We were masters of NIL for the 2022 class, now everybody is saying we cheated! Mean ol' tu.
  3. Edit to add that I thought Jimbo: Watch the Rape was just a clever play on the Watch the Tape thread. I don't make jokes about rape. Prison rape is not a funny thing to me. I took no offense. Maybe I missed something else.
  4. Texags football board just moments ago. Priorities.
  5. Baylor was religiously inclined to blame the victim and actually did so for decades. Were you drinking? Were you off campus? Those are rules violations, so we'll give you a break and only put you on probation instead of expelling your slutty ass. It'd be a different story if you were dancing! Those sorry fucks were aligned top to bottom. As much as I dislike their pretenses of honor, I think they operate at a higher level than Baylor. If there's a conspiracy of silence, it will be easier to crack than at Baylor. A&M's other problem is that they are a public university. It will be harder to hide. Still, look at what little if anything happened to Baylor. It's just women, who really cares? Despicable. Getting heavy here in Flat Circle Jerk. Seems incongruous to the spirit of the thread.
  6. I know he won the Heisman, but was he a beast in college? Has an Agtag, so he's seen some college. Astonishing. I'm guessing he was trying to claim players never get developed here in our soft culture.
  7. The awards have been spread around, but I don't think it's pattern decided on as a group. I'd say that the slew of awards for Nomadland is an example of the individual members of the Academy having a darling and sticking with it. It was maybe the weakest of the nominees that year IMHO although the grandmother actress from Korea deserved her award.
  8. I had friends who worked at the Academy, so I got to see those and get to watch some features at their theatre. I looked it up. I wasn't correct. This is from Variety: So branch members nominate and all members vote. Even so, it's not a monolithic process as some assume.
  9. You realize that this is the Democratic Party, right? It's a herd of cats. That's both a strength and a weakness. Porter and Schiff aren't sitting on the bench waiting to be sent in. They decide. Porter is wonderful. Schiff has proven to me that he is the stuff of a great man. He'd have my vote based on what I know now. Porter could be marked for greatness as well, so it's a great set of choices for Californians. I wish the loser could represent Texas.
  10. I've wondered for years, decades even, if Israel has us over a barrel or has made themselves indispensible-seeming by doing America's particularly dirty work. The idea first occured to me when I learned that Israel was sending military foreign aid to S. Africa during Apartheid. It was clear that we were sending stuff through Israel to avoid sanctions and maintain influence with the Apartheid government (always for the freedom, we Americans!) Then I learned about Mossad which allows itself just about any action in the name of the state. I feel like they're our proxy in dealings that we don't want our name anywhere near. Thus, our government thinks of Israel as a weapon, but also Israel has a log of our dirty deeds. I also watch the actions of Israel against the Palestinians and now the rise of fascism here in the US. No nation or people remain static over time. Israel is the pre-eminate power in the region and over the Palestinians. What happens to nations in such a position.
  11. The Academy does not meet to decide. The voting is done individually not as a group. I believe only academy members from the nominated category vote for the winner nominees in that category. The exception is the choice for best picture. Too often, people imagine "Hollywood" or the "Academy" as cohesive groups acting in concert. They're really not. Hollywood may have been a cozy village as late as the 40s, but that is long gone. Academy voters get ballots. There are several special screenings around town so members have an opportunity to see the films on the big screen. Just an FYI.
  12. That a pustule like Gaetz introduces puerile legislation to get yocks ridiculing a man, actual man, who has proven his worth... (shaking head and looking down) man! Fuck, I didn't know Schiff had been removed from his committee, either. This is not a serious country. The House cannot be a B-side version of Vaudeville and expect to be sustained as anything but a show. A pathetic one for applauding idiots who paid to sit in the sinking ship.
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