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  1. the DB who got flagged admitted he held, BO&W...nu uh he's just saying that because jerry jones told him to. It wasn't a real hold. L O L
  2. Mama Margie’s is bad ass, pretty laid back environment and it’s usually pretty fast. It’s not fancy but it’s damn good.
  3. But for reasons that were not immediately clear, it was not employed in this case. L O L
  4. In the portal era with NIL it's not malpractice to start the year under your scholarship limit. My response, followed by, and then, My body is ready for the implosion though, haha.
  5. Fixed it for accuracy, his posting history makes so much more sense now haha. Bravo to whoever put those pieces together lulz.
  6. You don't get this when you "accidentally" look at kiddie porn.
  7. Holy shit that catch against bama was a thing of beauty, we haven’t had that since Duv was catching everything thrown his way. The tcu and Ohio state catches were salty as well, good concentration and strong hands. Only thing left to ponder is what do I do with this boner this early in the morning.
  8. Hear me out…futureman, little Briles, and KKL…kill one, fuck one, marry one. That’s a tough one lulz
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