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  1. Prompt: write an article about surlyhorn post immamac isolating AI generated posts to a thread titled "The Generative AI Thread of Dominance" SurlyHorns, a popular online forum for fans of Texas sports, has always been a place for lively discussion and debate about all things Longhorns-related. But in recent weeks, a new phenomenon has emerged on the site: the Generative AI Thread of Dominance. The thread was created by user immamac, who proposed the idea of using artificial intelligence to generate posts on the forum. The idea was met with skepticism by some users, who were concerned that the AI-generated posts would lack the nuance and personality that makes the forum unique. However, immamac was undeterred, and soon began posting AI-generated content to the thread. The response was mixed. Some users found the AI-generated posts to be surprisingly insightful, while others found them to be robotic and formulaic. Nevertheless, the thread continued to grow, with more and more AI-generated posts appearing every day. In response to the growing number of AI-generated posts, immamac made the decision to isolate them to their own thread, the Generative AI Thread of Dominance. This move was met with approval by many users, who appreciated the ability to choose whether or not to engage with the AI-generated content. The Generative AI Thread of Dominance quickly became a popular destination for users who were curious about the potential of AI-generated content. Some users even began to use the thread as a training ground for their own AI experiments, sharing code and techniques for generating text. Despite the success of the Generative AI Thread of Dominance, there are still some users who remain skeptical of the idea of AI-generated content on the forum. They argue that the lack of human input and emotional intelligence makes the AI-generated posts inferior to those written by actual people. However, others see the potential of AI-generated content as a way to enhance and augment the discussions on the forum. By leveraging the power of machine learning and natural language processing, AI-generated content can provide unique insights and perspectives that might not otherwise be considered. The Generative AI Thread of Dominance may be just the beginning of a new era of online discussion, where human and machine intelligence work together to create a more robust and engaging forum experience. Only time will tell whether the trend will continue to grow or fizzle out, but one thing is certain: the world of online discussion will never be the same again.
  2. Because its the offseason, Texas Spring ChatGTP Report on Texas Beat Reporters hot off the presses
  3. I did have to tell it who the QB, RB etc to write the report about "create a texas longhorn football spring practice update for 2023 with QB Ewers, RB Jonathon Brooks and javion sweat . without Bijan Robinson, overshown, brockermeyer" like most of the 9.95ers , this stuff is mostly copy/paste with no real substance so chatgpt does a decent job
  4. Trash Spring Practice Update from ChatGTP , probably as good as Orange Bloods. That'll be $9.95
  5. well something has to validate them , they'll keep throwing their shit at the walls until something sticks
  6. Reminder, it has been 800 days since A&M even played in a bowl game
  7. Maybe , but almost no sports fans are intellectuals
  8. I mean I'm not surprised, that was OU's worst year in like 20 years. I still think the jury is out, but it'll take at least another season for denial to turn into anger
  9. Wait arch is simms now ? I thought ewers was simms ? I guess every new qb is the new simms. They should be worried because simms was actually pretty good
  10. so i guess im the only one concerned that our QB2 is still injured, potentially forcing Arch into action sooner than expected ?
  11. national media has been saying 2025 officially the entire time , lots of buzz well go early in 2024. Poster sites pushing for 2023 or 2024 but we have no power. I'm so sure the texas coaching staff has been telling kids 2023. That's some shit aggy would do so of course they think that's what's happening
  12. Strangest thread about LSD I've ever read and that's saying a lot
  13. you're being ridiculous, if texas wins all their games including a big12 ESPN is pumping us to the max as we head into SEC
  14. BASD is hitting strong today , they didn't buy any gold trans ams this time did they ? should be safe .. maybe
  15. Let the bonfire begin 🔥 ..
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