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  1. to be fair, they are used to having nothing better to do
  2. I pretty sure its just a forum of trolls trolling each other, and a few really confused a&m fans thinking they've found a new home
  3. Looks like Meatchicken may have some HC and DL churn , how's their defensive roster? I know they had a pretty senior team
  4. Seems like a matter of hours at this point , power up the money gun for transfers
  5. Every coach is their new promised land until they achieve their mean , then they become disciplinary problems like a broken record. While sometimes this may be true , aggys real problem is a deep culture problem. They'll continue to wander until they decide to grow out of their red ass backwards traditions. The scariest thing for us would be getting rid of these guys, it would be a sign of something actually changing .
  6. I do , but only cause I went to high-school with him so he's both a traitor and dumber than a pile of rocks
  7. oh man , there so much gold over on https://www.secrant.com/rant/alabama-sports/ its hard to really not just capture the whole forum . TIL I learned bama fans are essentially are like if a commie had a baby with an aggy and hated themselves , the governor may have to declare a state of emergency sometime next season
  8. i mean stole half their staff, did they think we would just stop ? wait until next year when deboers lack of recruiting and some losses kicks in, they are going to start losing a ton of recruiting battles unless he can show he's got things under control
  9. I think the Ohio State President google'd "AD at Texas" thinking he'd find CDC and ended up with Bjork (slight /s) Taking for a moment the assumption that Bjork really had no power or influence over the athletic department, what evidence is there he can run a successful athletic department. Ole Miss ? Lucky he didn't end up with lack of institutional control over Freeze. I really don't understand how tOSU looked over the field of athletic departments and settled on jimbo's crackhead twin brother to run their entire operation. I hope they massively fail
  10. Won't give him the control he reportedly wants
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