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  1. well something has to validate them , they'll keep throwing their shit at the walls until something sticks
  2. Reminder, it has been 800 days since A&M even played in a bowl game
  3. Maybe , but almost no sports fans are intellectuals
  4. I mean I'm not surprised, that was OU's worst year in like 20 years. I still think the jury is out, but it'll take at least another season for denial to turn into anger
  5. Wait arch is simms now ? I thought ewers was simms ? I guess every new qb is the new simms. They should be worried because simms was actually pretty good
  6. so i guess im the only one concerned that our QB2 is still injured, potentially forcing Arch into action sooner than expected ?
  7. national media has been saying 2025 officially the entire time , lots of buzz well go early in 2024. Poster sites pushing for 2023 or 2024 but we have no power. I'm so sure the texas coaching staff has been telling kids 2023. That's some shit aggy would do so of course they think that's what's happening
  8. Strangest thread about LSD I've ever read and that's saying a lot
  9. you're being ridiculous, if texas wins all their games including a big12 ESPN is pumping us to the max as we head into SEC
  10. BASD is hitting strong today , they didn't buy any gold trans ams this time did they ? should be safe .. maybe
  11. Let the bonfire begin 🔥 ..
  12. Sooo business as usual ? I certainly don't expect aggy to suddenly become self aware or rational anytime this century
  13. Hate to spoil it for you , but that's a near guarantee it's UGA
  14. I don't know how you don't take a flyer on Mark Henry's son
  15. Lol at jimbo anywhere near UT . Dudes going to find himself drinking moonshine in west Virginia
  16. Someone should post on their texags sock account that this was a long running conspiracy to sabotage jimbo and a&m recruiting
  17. I think its pretty simple H8 is unified in wanting to both screw OU/UT as much as possible. However they are infighting on how to do that without giving the best games to the new four (N4), without pissing off the TV execs paying them and waving around some carrots to make our OUTage easier, and most importantly without screwing themselves out of home games against us they want themselves. This is probably making things far more complex than they are capable of normally scheduling Also reeks of big foot
  18. delicious, its been too long since i got a hit of the good stuff on here. when does this portal season close, so we can see the roller coaster start up for the spring attrition and portal hopes ?
  19. Trust in jimbo Jimbo got his man Don't care got petrino
  20. What do recruits moms not love about this staff ?
  21. According to Aggie Bijan is both overrated, and irreplaceable for us
  22. Parents , teachers , coaches etc Real people that helped them along their way ?
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