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  1. fucking in , 3 tickets , extended loud family may also be coming
  2. is there a particular texas side i should be aware of for buying tickets ?
  3. He's up there imo , waiting to see final results to form.an opinion on where. He's definitely in a grouping of Simms, Colt , Major to me already. I was too young for much before that I think he's easily QB3 right now behind VY and Colt . I did love me some Ehlinger but this run is special
  4. He should definitely come back another year for reasons
  5. Fuck it I'm keeping the ball rolling on this one like rewearing a game winning shirt
  6. I mean this is aggys fault for leaking it early, gave us a reason to sell it
  7. Bama beat Georgia , so is better than Georgia. Georgia isn't #1 they are 5. Pick any number you want for Bama , and put Texas right in front of them because Texas beating Bama is the best win of the year
  8. Georgia best wins are Ole miss and Mizzou Not terrible but they basically lost their only top game of the season
  9. Fwiw scouring reddit and secrant , only the gumpiest of gumps thinks texas left out at all. Conversation has mostly shifted to fsu vs Bama, which I take as a good signal I think it will be some permutation of Washington , Michigan , Texas , FSU And the SEC meltdown will be one for the ages
  10. I seriously don't understand why 90% of people don't understand this.
  11. Good on you . Let it out and embrace where we are headed
  12. What I think they will be 1. Meatchicken 2. Washington 3. FSU 4. TEXAS what they probably should be 1. Washington 2. Michigan 3. Texas 4. Bama I think the committee will take the easiest way out , 3 undefeated and texas has h2h vs Bama Fwiw I'd rather play Michigan or fsu than Washington as I think Washington is a terrible match up for us
  13. Going to put this in some alternative terms for people to understand Georgia is the SEC East Division champion Alabama is the SEC Conference champion TEXAS is the Big12 SEC confederated super conference champion
  14. Same , would rather have them play michigan and hope they take them out. I think we pair up much better against Michigan
  15. FSU is absolutely not a top 4 team , but sure put them against Texas I'm down
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