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  1. On the TD. 5 in the backfield. Tackle shouldnt be able to line up that deep. No matter though.
  2. This. Every single game I watched this year had game altering moments that the officials botched and took the game out of the athletes hands.
  3. Goodness tcu has a horseshoe up their ass and officiating crew behind them.
  4. Dang that puberty farting dreamwr. He's out there flickng all our moms motorboat beans with boobies in his ears amd such. He showed us
  5. https://www.tiktok.com/@jamesdroz566/video/7172781180721384746?_t=8XrQ2c5s5BG&_r=1
  6. Will Riley pull Caleb now to milk the injury excuse?
  7. Yes please. Cant never trust/ respect men that wear visors, or aggies, or sooners...........and the dutch.
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