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  1. That’s a fantastic idea!!! I haven’t played frisbee golf in 20 years. does it mean that I got old when I tell you I don’t want to hit my bird feeder by mistake?
  2. I see that now. My version of FAFO dog is this one. He’s lazy and only wants to sleep. But he keeps the other two in their place, and doesn’t let people out of their vehicle.
  3. What is she? she doesn’t look like she would be serious!! This one is just an idiot Someone dumped some puppies a couple of miles down the road, so we took the yellow one with a spot on his head He’s Alaskan malamute, Husky, and something else I can’t remember according to the dog version of 23 and me
  4. This one……. Is completely worthless, but he’s my favorite. we got him as a puppy to learn from the German Shepherd, but it didn’t take.
  5. Damn guys. Reading these updates are mostly a kick to the dick. But, some fantastic news. i don’t have any words that haven’t been said already. there is no reason for any pain this day and age. Zero. There are so many medications that should just take all the pain and fears away when you get to the final days and hours. Just love everyone as hard as you can. This is the ultimate putting things in prospective thread; this piece is shit disease will impact every single person in one way or the other. i went 37 years with no family members with cancer, and then lost 5 close family members in 5 years. Aunt, 3x uncle, and mom. Love to you all
  6. I know they aren’t that rare, but this guy popped up while feeding this morning. IMG_4800.MOV
  7. Ha! My wife took the nieces to Disney for spring break in March and she brought the glass home. nice beer glass I have to admit.
  8. @tx 3 putt thank you. I don’t know everyone who is impacted. If there is anyone I missed, please let me know @jimmyjazz hospice is the most amazing thing. They become part of the family in a horrible time. Just communicate with them for everything. My moms final Two days they kept her very sedated. It was a pain medication and an anti anxiety med. it was liquid and we would put it under her tongue every half hour. @Sbbruin are you doing ok with yours? @Hate just keep rollin. Stay away from looking it up on the internet. That use to just scare me to death. I think googling stuff put me over the edge at times.
  9. @jimmyjazz @Hate @Gatorubet @Sbbruin just checking in with y’all. I feel that we let the threads that make us vulnerable fall too far back and we only look for them when bad news is given. So I just wanted to let all of you know you’re in my prayers daily. Along with your caregivers and family who suffer through it with you. This is kind of a catch all because I know it’s family members for some tagged above. Hug your moms tight today if you still have them and are with them. This shit disease took mine too early and it’s our first Mother’s Day without her.
  10. Good morning fellas. going to be a tough day in the family today. Our first Mother’s Day without mom. We will cook her usual Mother’s Day lunch and then go to the cemetery. I’ve been dreading today since Christmas. @YGIFS i hope you’re doing well. I’ve been out of pocket since Friday. We had the big dam bust on our pond, so Friday and half of Saturday was a humid muddy shitshow. It off course happened right before we stocked a bunch of channel cat. anyway, prayers today for everyone. Hug your mothers for me today, and send some thoughts for my family please.
  11. Just checking in. I read through the last page of the stickied thread and thought this should be bumped up. A lot of senseless sadness this week around our state, and rage seems to be the outlet some are choosing. Which is completely understandable. wanted to make sure no other methods were being used to ease pain, or if anyone needed to talk to keep from going down that path. i see devil horn hasn’t been on since his last post. I don’t find that as good news.
  12. I’ll be damned….. I never heard of that. I assume it was around in 2016? My side effects with folfox were neuropathy (the numbness was in my finger tips), and believe it or not, I couldn’t drink anything cold. Everything had to be lukewarm or hot. It was terrible. Cold felt like someone was trying to cut my tongue out. My mom died of colon cancer in August. Caught it too late. Diagnosed in July and died in August. It had already spread to spine, liver, lung, and to her skull, so she didn’t have a chance. 69 years old, and one week from her 70th birthday when she died. Bless her heart, when I told her Arch Manning committed, she said that was about right, we are about to be good again and I’m going to fucking die. Never saw a snap after the Alamo bowl. sorry I’m rambling, I feel like @YGIFS just rambling and reminiscing. God love ya Gator….
  13. I can only emphasize with what you are dealing with. As a married man with no kids, losing my wife will be the single greatest tragedy I will ever suffer. i lost my mom this past August, and I still have moments daily. I was never an alcoholic, but struggled with addiction for years. There is no easy way out of it. Find a reason….. Would your wife want your life to be this way? i turned everything in my life over to God and emersed myself in His word. It’s the only way I can put one foot in front of the other every day now. I may have traded one addiction for another with my faith, but it has changed my life for the better. i pray for everyone on this forum and the cancer forum each day as I have lived in the hell everyone is experiencing. I will ask for peace and understanding in your everyday life, and some sort of relief for your grief and addiction pains. People love you, even if it’s someone you don’t know.
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