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  1. Elko doubles as a motion-capture actor for Shrek
  2. Big 12 always plays one of the more competitive bowls schedules. I'd still like to see Kansas and Iowa State get an opportunity to compete with a P5. Games like: LSU vs. Wisconsin (Wisconsin is in a transition year) So much potential wasted with this Bowl selection process: https://www.actionnetwork.com/ncaaf/college-football-bowl-game-tracker-updated-bowl-matchups-2023?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=BrettMcMurphy
  3. Yes, I agree with this. I still think it should be seeded. I don't want to see Oregon vs. Liberty or a top-20 team play a 6/7-win paper tiger that feasted on their cupcake OOC schedule.
  4. Outside of the playoffs, this is one of the worst bowl seasons. Too many G5 vs. P5 matchups. Damn, it's bad. I wish they would seed the teams: #21 vs #22, #23 vs #24, etc. Make small adjustments to avoid rematches.
  5. Florida State is holding, grabbing and pulling down Louisville receivers on every single play. This is a straight-up setup by the refs. Wow. Speechless.
  6. And? That's not a guaranteed playoff appearance. The committee has stated their case every single week. Not only that, Bama needed a miracle to beat a very bad Auburn team one week ago. Anyway, this hurts FSU more than anyone. I think the committee will put Texas and Alabama in the playoff unless FSU blows out Louisville.
  7. I honestly think FSU needs a blowout win tonight to get in. I think the Alabama win hurt them more than anyone.
  8. Why is Alabama automatically in? Even many in the media don't agree with you. It's not a good look, especially if Texas is your team. It's at the very least up for debate. The committee has repeatedly stated that the difference between the two teams is the head-to-head win. They've repeated it every single week. No way Alabama is a lock to get in. Texas is in right now if the committee stays true to its word.
  9. Here is a dot distribution map of the above recruiting update. We gettin' errrbody
  10. Why would Anderson do that? Level One: Anderson has Texas haters in his family. They;re alums of the Left Behind Conference. When I was growing up, I got the old TEXASS and Horns down all the time from them in town. I've known 4 college football referees: three lifelong Texas haters, one from the SWC and two from the Big 12. One was pro-Texas. They all had real day jobs. The way this business is handled by the P4 is a joke. Officials should have no family ties to any university in the conference. Officials should have no ties to any state within the conference. They should live outside the conference footprint and work full-time for the conference. They should be held accountable for their mistakes. It's the only way to remove as much bias as possible. There's way too much money for college football to continue handling P4 conference officials like some Mickey Mouse outfit.
  11. Brohm is probably the best coach in America not at a top 15 program. He's done a really good job at every coaching stop. He's a former QB from a legendary coaching family in the state of Kentucky. Think Jim Harbaugh at Michigan without the weirdness and a drop in talent level and physical toughness but with better offensive schemes. I've followed him for most of his career and I'm a really big fan. I remember him from his playing days. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks in Louisville football history. If Texas needed a coach, I'd love for him to be the guy. Unfortunately, he's in year 1 at Louisville and his QB is up and down against anyone with a pulse. Brohm will have to scheme his way to points. He'd have to outcoach Norvell by a wide margin. It could happen though. He's been doing it all year. How long has he been scheming for this game? Can he force the FSU backup into turnovers?
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