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  1. I have decided to trademark "With That Being Said" in order to profit from The Portal. The US Patent and Trademark Office will just be like "Wtf, there's no monetary value in that catchphrase. Approved!" At this point, a t-shirt with nothing but With That Being Said on the front would probably do pretty well with college football fans.
  2. This crossed my mind yesterday after Deion to CU and Samples and Carrington to ASU. Certainly seems like both programs could possibly be making plans for a move to the Big 12. CU needs revenue to pay their coaching staff. ASU just hired two recruiters with ties to Texas with 0 conference games in the state. Of course, ASU would have to share their future plans with the new head coach. I can't see that happening, unless the Big 12 announcement is happening soon.
  3. It doesn't take much to fill in the blanks. Here's a link about unlimited coaches on the field. https://footballscoop.com/news/report-ncaa-transformation-committee-could-eliminate-coaching-staff-caps
  4. Is there not growing support of a new NCAA rule to allow analysts more hands-on coaching? If so, Carrington will get plenty of training from some retired position coach. If we are being honest, corner is one of the those positions where you either have the talent or you don't. Sure, there's coaching, but it's not rocket science. Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. At a place like ASU, this isn't necessarily a bad move. It's a gamble, but you have to try something out of the box to turn that place around.
  5. Some mercenaries may wait until the Christmas break before putting their name in the portal. If they are back home and not in College Station, they won't have to deal with as much harassment. Last day of exams at TAMU is December 14.
  6. I expanded the regular season by one game (11 CG + 2 OOC or 12 + 1) while eliminating conference championship games. I also added anywhere from 2 to 4 conference games. I'm not saying that is what will happen. I'm saying it would be a better system. A tougher schedule to determine the conference champs and the playoffs. It eliminates the ATM's of the world from trying to schedule/predict P5 teams that aren't good at the time they play each other. Who cares if there is a tie for the conference title when the 12 team playoff is right around the corner. I'd prefer 11 or 12 conference games in a 16 to 20 team conference versus 9 or 10 + CCG. If they can expand the regular season to 14 games, I would be all for it. Maybe it is 12 or 13 conference games; or maybe it is all 14 within the conference. But I'm not sure that's feasible with the new playoff. The kids are getting paid now. There are more possibilities.
  7. Why shorten the season? They need to expand the regular season and ban FCS games. Eliminate lower tier bowl games and, if they are going to go to a 12 team playoff, scrap conference championship games and add more regular season conference games. I would go with 11 or 12 conference games and 1 or 2 nonconference games against Power 3/5 Competition. They could add a lower tiered playoff like the NIT. Line up and play real competition. The next step is to eliminate some very weak teams in the ACC, B1G and PAC, if they aren't going to invest enough to remain competitive on the field. tOSU, Michigan, Clemson, and to a lesser extent Oregon and USC have weak schedules most years. There's 12 to 24 Power 5 programs that need to step it up or else go play in a lower division of football.
  8. I know a guy who may have interest in this "elite" prospect
  9. Add to this: When scheme and QB talent leads to the majority of the plays running on schedule with presnap reads, or the QB adjusting immediately after the snap, the defensive line begins to lose confidence in their ability to get to the quarterback. You break the will of the defense and you will get more time in the pocket when it is needed.
  10. He ranks right below this legend in the hair department I had to do a double take when this pic pulled up on Google Images. That's former Nevada defensive player Brock Hekking.
  11. Last year had all kinds of issues. A weak QB and not enough receivers, especially when Whittington got hurt. This year we have more weapons, but Card just can't execute the whole playbook and reacts a half second late. Ewers with X, Whitt, Sanders and the double threats at running back gives Sark the weapons he needs to run his creative offense. We have the kind of schemes that win championships, we just need to keep upgrading the talent $$$ Many mid-level 4-stars by the services are complete JAGs 1. Ewers 5-star 2. JT Sanders 5-stars 3. Whittington 5-stars 4. Bijan Robinson 5-stars 5. Xavier Worthy 62nd in the composite and should have been a 5-star 6. LT Kelvin Banks 5-stars Over half the starting line-up on offense were basically 5-stars coming out of high school. Nearly every skill player other than one in the starting line-up is a former five-star recruit. The one skill player that wasn't a five-star is a athletic former high school quarterback. And defense takes even more raw talent than offense, which we currently don't have on the field. Funny how most of the production from Blueblood programs hitting on all cylinders doesn't come from the mid-to-low-level ranked 4-star recruits. You can pile up 4-stars to a top 5 to top 10 team ranking. It doesn't matter. Top ranked recruits with verified size, speed, tape and a good mental make-up win most of the games. Those type players usually command a lot of money on the market. A lack of these type players has been a major issue at Texas in the past. You add to it bad offensive schemes and it just compounds the issue. We now have the schemes. It's up to the admin to get the rich donors invested in the program and consistently give Sark the talent he needs to win.
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