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  1. Florida State is holding, grabbing and pulling down Louisville receivers on every single play. This is a straight-up setup by the refs. Wow. Speechless.
  2. And? That's not a guaranteed playoff appearance. The committee has stated their case every single week. Not only that, Bama needed a miracle to beat a very bad Auburn team one week ago. Anyway, this hurts FSU more than anyone. I think the committee will put Texas and Alabama in the playoff unless FSU blows out Louisville.
  3. I honestly think FSU needs a blowout win tonight to get in. I think the Alabama win hurt them more than anyone.
  4. Why is Alabama automatically in? Even many in the media don't agree with you. It's not a good look, especially if Texas is your team. It's at the very least up for debate. The committee has repeatedly stated that the difference between the two teams is the head-to-head win. They've repeated it every single week. No way Alabama is a lock to get in. Texas is in right now if the committee stays true to its word.
  5. Here is a dot distribution map of the above recruiting update. We gettin' errrbody
  6. Why would Anderson do that? Level One: Anderson has Texas haters in his family. They;re alums of the Left Behind Conference. When I was growing up, I got the old TEXASS and Horns down all the time from them in town. I've known 4 college football referees: three lifelong Texas haters, one from the SWC and two from the Big 12. One was pro-Texas. They all had real day jobs. The way this business is handled by the P4 is a joke. Officials should have no family ties to any university in the conference. Officials should have no ties to any state within the conference. They should live outside the conference footprint and work full-time for the conference. They should be held accountable for their mistakes. It's the only way to remove as much bias as possible. There's way too much money for college football to continue handling P4 conference officials like some Mickey Mouse outfit.
  7. Brohm is probably the best coach in America not at a top 15 program. He's done a really good job at every coaching stop. He's a former QB from a legendary coaching family in the state of Kentucky. Think Jim Harbaugh at Michigan without the weirdness and a drop in talent level and physical toughness but with better offensive schemes. I've followed him for most of his career and I'm a really big fan. I remember him from his playing days. He's one of the greatest quarterbacks in Louisville football history. If Texas needed a coach, I'd love for him to be the guy. Unfortunately, he's in year 1 at Louisville and his QB is up and down against anyone with a pulse. Brohm will have to scheme his way to points. He'd have to outcoach Norvell by a wide margin. It could happen though. He's been doing it all year. How long has he been scheming for this game? Can he force the FSU backup into turnovers?
  8. My friends with a suite at Kyle Field told me today that TAMU passed on Ryan Day.
  9. You want see overrated, Burt. 19 in a row is overrated, Burt.
  10. I was invited to view the TAMU/Bama game from a suite. First Texas/OU game I've ever missed, but I didn't have tickets. If it's Traylor, they were turned down by everyone. He's not good enough for the BMDs and the fan base is paranoid. OMG, he's a sip spy!!
  11. Remember offenses are looking for mismatches. Red's late commitment fits that category. If this kid is 6'1", I'd imagine they see a mismatch at the flex: both as a pass catcher and as a blocker in the the screen game. He could probably even motion in the backfield and play a little old-fashioned fullback from time to time.
  12. What I'd like to see this week against KSU: - KSU gives up yardage to good backs. Horns need to run the ball 45 to 60 times this week, depending on the number of plays. Brooks needs his 20 to 25 carries. I hope we have a personnel wrinkle for this game. I'd love to see something like Red motioning from the slot to the backfield and vice versa in some 2 RB sets, maybe even some inside zone with a pitch option. Not necessarily Maalik running down the line but having the option to hand it off or pull it and pitch it to an outside back. Blue and Robinson would be good options on that pitch. Get the ball in Red's hands this week. Maalik, when he's focused, has a great ball fake and he needs to use it this week. Go back and look at Brooks's last touchdown against Houston. One of the reasons that play worked is because Brooks was almost through the hole before Maalik let him have it. - Johntay on the field a few more plays with Worthy, Mitchell, and Sanders. I realize this hurts our blocking on the outside, but a few more targets to open up the deep ball with more speed and athleticism on the field together. - Extra attention this week in practice on getting Worthy in position to make big plays in the return game. - Keep the passing game in check with RPO. Run it down their throats with options and make them pick their poison. Keep the passing game to 20 to 25 attempts, unless the RPO pass option is favorable. The objective should be to limit turnovers and negative plays and play defense. Don't allow KSU to exploit Maalik's lack of escapability or force him into mistakes. In other words, give KSU a piece of their own medicine. They want to control the game, limit turnovers, and wear you down. With Maalik, keep it simple. If Texas wins the turnover battle and rushes for 225 to 250 yards, even if it takes 50 or 60 carries, they probably win this game.
  13. According to this predictor: 1. Only one-loss Georgia would get in over a one-loss Texas. Alabama is our equal at 96%. 2. Washington can't afford a loss. 3. Oregon's chances are already way below a one-loss Texas. I know the rankings today. I'm just stating the percentages. And today's AP is not tomorrow's CFP rankings or December's playoff rankings. 3. One-loss Michigan loses out to one-loss Texas. 4. For some reason, an undefeated tOSU that loses the conference championship game against a scrub team is only 2% lower than a one-loss Texas with a Big 12 title and a better overall resume. 5. Florida State can't afford a loss. Playoff Spots: 1. Michigan OR tOSU 2. Georgia OR Alabama (tie) 3. FSU (undefeated) Washington would have to go undefeated and I don't see that happening with their schedule. My biggest concern is Texas going undefeated, especially with a backup QB. Take care of business and everything else will fall into place. I understand the thread is about the polls, but this isn't a Texas team that blows out opponents from the get-go.
  14. Fair point. The point of the post is that Hamm's personality traits are more than just a laughing matter. The guy needs to get some help. I think the sensitivity is more aggravation on reading the half-dozen posters and counting who thinks they're funny and original with the doxxing comments. One or two is enough.
  15. Hmm, so C-Man has to know a serial killer before he can be considered famous? Interesting He was all over the news when the story broke. He's had many articles written about him. He's been in many magazines. He's been featured on Forensic Files. Tough crowd. I'm sorry I ever posted at this point. I'll leave now.
  16. Correct. Nine or ten wins in the Slow 10 isn't much of a resume. Michigan and tOSU play like a 3/4-game season, OOC, conference, and bowl game combined. Michigan was losing the majority of the games against anyone with a pulse and somehow would lose a game here and there to a cupcake. Suddenly, they start winning the big games on their schedule. The transformation was more significant than the record indicates. B1G is so terrible. I hope the 4 new additions change that conference. They need better coaches, talent, and schemes. A complete overhaul of the conference. I don't care how many regional TV views they get. It's not going to last the next 50 years unless they change.
  17. There are plenty of people from my hometown on this site and it would be obvious. Not that big a deal. I opened the can of worms, I'll empty it. Scoggin was the first thing I thought of when meeting Hamm. He'd already left an impression with his online tantrums.
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