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  1. It's not time to panic. We can overcome this at the CB position. The past 2 years remains a major improvement in recruiting, but it still needs a major overhaul and cooperation from the admin. The Average Joe cannot make much of a difference in these recruitments. The Matthew's recruitment is a consistent highlight over the past 40 years, minus a decade after the A&M/SWC cheating scandal. Enforcing fake rules impedes on the success of this program. In a world of incomplete data, Matthews has film and verifiable track times. When you find one with the film, measurements and track times, they're going to be worth upfront dollars on the market. It's hard enough to evaluate. This is exactly the kind of recruit you want on the roster. If this is an attempt to save $ in order to land the 2 defensive linemen from Florida and Duce Robinson, then I will know things have finally changed within the admin. If not the admin, then the staff went rogue and had the players paid under the table. We have a couple of coaches on the roster capable of giving us a puncher's chance with that strategy. UT makes nearly $200,000,000 per year and still refuses to accept the fact that elite recruits get paid very well on the open market. Other programs assist in bringing their networks together. Just knowing the history of this program, I seriously doubt there's been any updates here. It's up to the administration to bring the BMDs into the fold. This coaching staff did everything right in this recruitment, had it won and lost to the dollar bill. I've lost how many times I've said that in my lifetime. You can't blame the coaches until you give them everything they need to win; even if they suck.
  2. Elephants love poop. Maybe Bama gets distracted?
  3. Line up in 12 personnel with a rotation of Sanders, Helm, Billingsley and ram it up Alabama's ass.
  4. Let's get this thread back on track. Here's a JLaw
  5. They look just like their QB coach Just another million years and they will fly like birds
  6. A program that does things backwards
  7. Swarbrick said he thinks both the Big Ten and SEC eventually will grow and get around 20 teams but doesn't think other additions are "imminent." ^^^^^^ I think Swarbrick is giving everyone a hint with the above statement. You don't hold a presser the day after a huge realignment leak to say "I think they will eventually grow to around 20 teams" unless you're preparing the masses for change. Why would a CEO hold a presser to announce/speculate on another CEO's future moves unless he's been a part of the talks and preparing his base? Leak info to a reporter? Sure. Make such statements in front of the public? It doesn't make sense, unless you're at war with someone and trying to win the perception game (PAC/Big12/ACC). ND is planting the seed with the alumni before making a move IMO. They need to massage the BMDs and fan base behind closed doors and in front of the public before making this move. If they make it too quickly, it could cost them donations. They may also give the greenlight and let Stanford join first. ND has to make it look like they have no other choice. It could be in a month, later this season or a few years from now (2025?)
  8. Not taking sides, but this doesn't pass the smell test. If Watts was the best corner, he could have just moved back to starting corner after Banks' second injury. It wouldn't be the first time that's happened. What am I missing here? Many defensive backs cross train, when the ability is there. I've been hearing this all off season. Sounds like either tOSU making an excuse to get him to change positions or Watts releasing a story that best fits his narrative. I'm not saying he can't play corner. He's got a lot of the tools to play the position. But we've had way too much excuse making to justify recruiting moves. I can remember the whole Marcus Washington narrative here a few years ago. All the excuses in the world to justify his combined 4.7 speed and slight build. tOSU wanted him! He was injured! Watts has size and decent speed, although you'd like to see him shave another tenth off his verified times. He was a very good pickup by the staff. I'm not sure if he's a corner or safety. It doesn't take much to play corner better than last year's starting lineup. It still doesn't change the fact that the narrative being sold here doesn't hold water unless there's missing info. Last year, I really felt like Crawford and Barron were our most talented defensive backs. I guess they weren't as ready as I thought; or the wrong players got on the field.
  9. I think that former executive has shown to be a little biased toward the PAC in his responses. When looking at history, I think it does come into play. It's just one of many variables. I think ESPN's bottom line was hurt during realignment chaos over a decade ago. As much as they want these moves, in the sort term it hurts their bottom line. No company likes that much chaos/surprises in the middle of a contract. The networks want to eventually get all this realignment out of the way to create stable conferences in the future. Like-minded athletic programs playing against like-minded programs Looking at more than just a short period of success when expanding is one factor in creating that stability.
  10. ... or maybe we land Damon Wilson and he has to live with his decision. I kind of like our position. Swing for the fences and try to land an immediate difference-maker at pass rusher. If it doesn't work out, circle back to Shelby right before signing day. Texas has a lot of advantages in this recruitment, if Sark can't land something better. A Terror off the edge would change the entire direction of this defense in a hurry.
  11. Just call it a difference of opinion. Prior to the start of NIL, we hadn't recruited at a Blueblood level in a long time. Recruiting services are FOS, immoral, money making schemes. Texas recruited like **** from the mid-80s until nearly the mid-90s for the same reasons. This idea that Texas is some amazing recruiting machine is exaggerated. There's very little that separates most of these coaches. Elite talent and depth are the biggest factors in winning games at a Blueblood. Good schemes, especially on offense, can help. Defense is typically about talent, although you can get too cute for your own good. There's a long list of average coaches who've won national titles in college football. A very long list. They tend to buy the best players year after year. Two of the last three national championship coaches are no better, and maybe worse, than Tom Herman. But their administrations support paying the talent top dollar.
  12. I can see your point, but I wish them well. Overall, they are about as good of a partner as you can expect from a school with their disadvantages at this level of athletics. Most of my issues are directed at the media and the misinformation coming out of the administrations at Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and A&M. Of course, A&M is also just an immoral clown show. Some of the fans in the new Big 12 need to get over it though. Texas/OU didn't kill the Big 12. And it was always going to die at some point.
  13. For the most part, I like Tech and their administrators probably complain less than most. Texas has done way more than is required to attempt to help TT and A&M academics over the past 30 years. Texas has wanted nothing more than to help TT on their bumpy road to Tier 1 status. Texas has done way more than is required to assist in the inclusion of TT in major college athletics. Texas has tried to maintain a good relationship with the Red Raiders. And for the most part it is a good relationship, unlike the immoral assholes to the East. The LHN game is not a good example of being a bad partner. But you have a few fans on here reinventing history to blame Texas for Tech's problems. With that said, let's look at that LHN scenario from the Texas POV. First, Big 12 Commissioner Kevin Weiberg, Texas and Nebraska offered Tech and the other members an opportunity to be a member of the Big 12 Network. Tech and the other members declined. In fact, I've been told they laughed in our faces about it. We lost the only good commissioner in the history of the conference to the Big 10 because A&M and the small schools didn't care about the long term stability of the league. Fast forward a decade or so and ESPN asked you to play a game on ESPN/LHN. It was a road game and really shouldn't have been up to you. It hurt Tech in no way. Financially? Nope. In fact, it probably hurt financially not to play the game on LHN. Recruiting? Nope. We don't recruit the same players. It hurt your pride. You were jealous. By not playing the game on LHN, Tech not only hurt themselves but they hurt the chances of the Big 12 surviving in the future. Congrats, I guess? It wasn't going to survive, but Tech's decisions certainly didn't help its chances. I don't see how you can celebrate the move. Bluebloods can't let other bluebloods get too far ahead financially or it hurts recruiting at some point in time. The LHN was one of Tech's chances to remain in a power conference with Texas and OU. You should have loved LHN. Tech fans are now bitching about not getting to play in that same conference. All the leftover programs in the Big 12 are making up every excuse in the book to blame Texas/OU for their problems. We're just tired of it, that's all.
  14. TT? The program that hired a man from the shady world of lobbyists and politicians; a man well known to have been one involved in the shenanigans that led to the SMU death penalty. The program that hired this man, Kent Ronald Hance, as their Chancellor, who then proceeded to take the sides of his friend Craig James, the former SMU player known for taking some of these payments (CJK5H); and because this former players' son wasn't good enough to play at TT, they fired Mike Leach, the greatest coach in the history of Texas Texas football. They not only fired the school's greatest coach for not playing some scrub because his daddy had money and was friend's with Hance, but because Mike Leach was just too damn popular. They were jealous that the coach was more popular than the program. He was too successful to remain the head coach at TT. Years later they hid behind sovereign immunity instead of admitting their sins in the court of law. This genius of a man, Kent Ronald Hance, now has a campus chapel named after him on campus and, when he retired, they gave him chancellor-emeritus for life. All this after his involvement in destroying TT football to the point it has zero chance of Power 2 inclusion. TT, the program that never looks in the mirror but has no issue blaming Texas for everything.
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