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  1. Worst broadcast ever…gonna push it past midnight central
  2. Stop shooting with 24 seconds on the shot click!!!!
  3. Knew it was too good to be true when we started fast
  4. Stop running…slow the fucking game down and grind them to death
  5. Fuck Shaka and fuck Marquette. They deserve each other.
  6. We haven't made it to the Sweet 16 since 2008. Give him the job.
  7. Three year deal dooms RT right out of the gate. Give him a longer deal with a low buyout.
  8. RT has accomplished more in 3 months than Shaka did in 72 with NBA players every year. Shaka is a dogshit coach.
  9. RT is gonna be our HC 1000%. I'm choosing to have faith that he'll improve his overall coaching record here while taking us to multiple FFs in the next 10 years. Being negative nancy doesn't do shit.
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