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  1. Changing the water pump on a 73 Vega on the side of the road was unbelievably easy. hardest part was waiting for Dad to show up with new pump
  2. You forgot the important step - the plastic housing breaks in half.. I have a spare on the shelf for that reason
  3. From my comment on page 1 - back in May Exactly... I second the use of explosives and video
  4. I guess they fixed the traction control software. I had one as rental about ten years ago and it would not move from a flat parking space. My 01 was a big improvement over the early 3Gen's. Someone on the forum described traction control as "Toyota decided they wanted to kill every driver of 4Runner so they added traction control and ABS"
  5. The Midget was what the name implied. No clue why British Leyland decided to make a smaller MG than the MGB. It was about 10% smaller in general and really had no redeeming qualities.
  6. That is a LOT of information on one dial
  7. Finally getting ready to send to paInt shop. It's being worked on in north Michigan since the shop specializes in British cars. I posted a while back but it's been in the family since 1980 but sat under a deck for almost 20 years. I got it from my brothers estate and it needed everything mechanical and a lot of body work. On and off for 2-3 years and getting near the end. Keep learning things about it - someone before 1980 had run the front end into something and that took a lot of sheet metal work. Dad painted it in early 80's but never totally fixed the front end damage. Also apparently someone switched some of the rims. Had correct 1962 rims on rear and incorrect 1955+ rims on front. No clue why. The two are very similar though
  8. Very fancy but good grief. You would need to be a small business to recover the cost of that setup. My setup might be 15 bucks - rubber holder for shaft, knife blade and large glass container to recapture solvent. I think I mentioned that I once did my woods in a Residence Inn hotel room with a kitchen knife
  9. No idea why I saved a single photo from 18 years ago but I am glad I did. Was thinking how to use it in the thread when someone else asked. Kinda shows the power of Surly. One person had the text and another the photo. There was another photo a little later I really wish I had. Someone else ran into Leach at a museum in Key West and had a really cool picture of him sitting in a pirate chair staring down the camera. That photo would be perfect now
  10. tried to edit but time had expired so reposting for background. On the sub at Pearl his son's hat blew off. Leach walked past the security people and rummaged in a storage are for the pole with a net and then walked past them again to fish the hat out. Basically Leach being Leach and marching to his own drum
  11. I think so. I saved the picture. It was described as a ridiculous long pole and correct
  12. I knew you had an MGA (I still have one) but also a Vega? if you also had a Corvair we just hit for the cycle
  13. Not exactly correct. I got 125K on my Vega without issues. The design issue was aluminum block without steel sleeves for piston. Any temperature issues warped it. Dad bought several for 100 bucks or so and sleeved the engine and they ran fine after. Delorean's book said the beancounters removed the steel sleeves. However the body rust issue was real. They learned the hard way that certain metals rust when touching - like the clips holding trim on. However any mid 70's car was a mess as they tried to go from horsepower to fuel economy overnight The Vega was fine for me. Also had 2 Fiats which were not fine. We also had a couple of Corvairs which were fine since they were after 1964.
  14. Actually laughed at it and then remembered that Super Bowl is trademarked so you can't use it in advertising. Wonder if you could trademark Superb Owl?
  15. Picked up a PXG 5 wood last month when they had them on sale for 89.00. Still need to hit it though
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