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  1. Some of the priced were just out there. Picked up shirts, hats, coffee hugs etc. Looked at a sweater but 395 bucks made me decide no.
  2. I wouldn't do it the second time. You learn the hard way. Washington Road did not look like the best place to walk. Kinda like hiking in a field
  3. well it was a fun day today. First time and fairly impressed with everything except the traffic - both car and foot. Took almost an hour from leaving the hotel (1 mile away) to get parked. Then at least 45 minutes to get in the gate. It was great to walk parts of the back nine before any golfers showed up. Then about an hour after lunch to hit merchandise stuff. It was a little difficult at first to get orientated. Obviously walking looks totally different that what you see on TV. Looking at the map and the course I still mis identified a few holes the first time. I wanted to watch a little of the practice tee but the stands are way back from the practice area. If I get lucky again and get the same hotel I am walking down Washington instead of driving. The traffic situation really can't be fixed unless you want a huge road that gets used one week of the year.
  4. Welp I am here and just got to hotel.Drove down to entrance - wow. Every ten feet on Washington is soemone with Buy/sell ticket sign
  5. Which gate is correct for merchandise? The website seems to indicate two areas for merchandize
  6. Pretty much my plan... Thanks for the tips. Overbuying - yep. I am driving so no UPS. A friend who has been a few times corrected my wrong assumption. I thought it should be no issue to shop after the day ends since they could not be sold out on Tuesday. I was informed that they set out stuff each day so a lot will be sold out at the end of the day. Only difference is I plan to walk the entire course backwards. I always do that at tour events. I get to see the course and multiple groups. In this case I am guessing I can see the final holes without a lot of activity and take pictures.
  7. I will be there for Tuesday practice round. woohoo!! First time.
  8. Complete with broomstick to hold up the bonnet (hood for the rest of you).
  9. and only one picture but a good one. Engine has returned
  10. Had the 01 4Runner from new until last year (except for loaning it to my nieces, no pictures, for a few years). Also had 93 Cherokee and 89 Comanche (Cherokee pickup) in 90's. All were great
  11. You knew in almost every episode either Rockford or his car or both were going to suffer some damage.
  12. Just wow! Never seen anyone ejected like that - and he walked away- with a limp. Also he wasn't doing that fast - 30mph???
  13. I am not exactly sure why the garage plated all of that but it was only 100 bucks.
  14. More work by the restorer on this Got rims back Tires showed up And a large pile of bolts and stuff got plated. It's not as difficult as it looks to figure out what goes where. A lot of the these are foe holding the fenders on
  15. From the size of that patch I would take it to a frame shop and make sure the front suspension isn't warped.
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