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  1. My wife bought one for the beach house. As with most things (frozen margarita machine, instapot, fancy espresso/cappuccino machine). Its fine, works like is should and will be used a whopping .5 times a year.
  2. That's just sad. edit: the least ridiculous thing in that pic is the yell leaders in their 1950s sweaters. That's how embarrassed everyone else in that pic should feel.
  3. Jan 4th 1992 - Broncos down 21-6 Jan 3th 1993 - Buffalo Jan 15th 1994 - Chiefs This run killed me (plus some Astros pain - specifically '86 and '98) It wasn't until Jan 4th 2006 that I even considered that maybe i wasn't cursed.
  4. Shit i was so lazy and under performing in high school, i had to do a summer session to qualify for fall enrollment in 1985. I dont think i could have gotten into Texas State now.
  5. Im sure its just me, but I now assume that anyone who goes to Clemson has been molested by a youth pastor.
  6. Jason is cool. Travis has always been kind of a dewshy guy. Taylor isn't calling CBS to put her on the tv, she is allowed to go to a guys football game. Folklore is a great album.
  7. Bjork must have shown, in the interview process, emails where he told Sharp and the BOR that the jimbo extension was stupid and fiscally irresponsible. It is the only explanation.
  8. Well everyone is fucking stupid. And get off my lawn.
  9. No fuck them both. We will laugh at their dead carcass just like we do Nebraska.
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