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  1. Man, that dude should have taken Yale up on the offer in 2017. Life is about choices. And saying no to Yale and ending up at Aggy is a choice.
  2. FFS aggy, just be what you are. A regional diploma mill with a shit load of students and a good bit of money for athletics. Try being the best at that before worrying about what others are doing.
  3. I've been to a few night games at alabama, those hillbillies are pretty wild at night. It will be fun.
  4. The front office may or may not work out or win big, but it is nice to see adults in the room making rational decisions.
  5. Neither Murphy nor Ewers will be here next year at this time. 2023 Ewers 2024 spring - murphy transfers to power 5 2024 manning 2025 manning 2026 The stud Sark gets in 2025 class.
  6. I think I have only finished 1 or 2 episodes this season. Its biggest sin is that it’s boring.
  7. My largest customer has the Rivian truck, we were just talking about it yesterday and he loves it. Not just the electric part of it. He thinks it is well thought out and done well. This is a guy that has a wide variety of vehicles (from a 991 gt3 to big MB suv) to choose from each morning that are all pretty cool. I always see him in the rivian.
  8. ConfidentAg is going to lose his AgTag for accurate and rational posting.
  9. As bernorange says, both have a full 1oz of gold, the eagles have an additional 3% silver and 5% copper. So the eagles are actually heavier than buffalos. You have to be a little more careful with the buffalos, they ding pretty easily and should keep them in individual containers, where the eagles you can stack in tubes. Both are super liquid, up till about a year ago, buffalos actually had a bit of a premium over the eagles when buying, but that seems to have evened out. If you live in the US, which i'm sure most of us do, there is no issues with either when time to sell. If you live somewhere else, lots of countries have taxes on 22k gold vs 24k - so eagles may not be the best choice if you are going to sell in England for example. There are tax advantages in the US for the eagles and buffalos. Mainly, if you sell over 25oz of coins, there is no requirement for the coin shop to fill out a 1099 on the transaction. However, if you had 25 1oz Canadian maple leafs for example, the IRS would know and you would have capital gains tax stuff to deal with. EDIT: i guess i should add, if you sell the 25 eagles/buffalos you still have a capital gains tax event, you are just left on your own to fill out all the paperwork on the honor system.
  10. It's almost as if Sark put Arch behind the freshman Oline, and didn't give him cook vs a walk-on on purpose. Hmmm.
  11. The only time i worry too much about the price is if i am buying more than my monthly plan. Say on a 15% dip Of course most of my gold was lost in an unfortunate boating accident, so i barely have any now. Edit: Not to say i dont care about price, i just mean that if i am just buying one 1oz Gold Eagle, searching all over Houston to save 20 bucks is not a major factor.
  12. Aren't you guys tired of shitty games in Austin? And yes SECx3 will help, but i'm tired of looking at the scheduled and thinking, "there isnt a game i care about". Outside of general Texas football interest. With a 12 team playoff, this is no reason NOT to play marquee games. You can lose a close game to USC/ohio st at the beginning of the year and still make the playoffs. And if you lose that game and then 3 more conference games, then you aren't good enough to win it all anyway, so at least you got a great game in September.
  13. A random Tuesday afternoon brewery tour followed by a bit of gold buying is a fun day.
  14. I didn't know we had a gold thread, i have been stacking an oz or 2 a month for a bit. Amergold.com in austin has legit better pricing than SDbullion (usually about 50 bucks per AGE). Plus you can pay in cash. Just keep it under 10k at a time. Texmetals.com in shiner is good as well, but they only let you buy 10k in cash a year. their pricing is a bit higher than amergold, but usually a bit cheaper than SD. Plus SD has been taking weeks to get orders out.
  15. Jesus fuck people, there is a whole thread on that chick in IPIHB.
  16. Aggy had the opportunity to change their name to Texas State University for years and years and do like Florida State, LSU, okie state, ohio state etc etc. But of course, they wanted to remain true to the tradition, and didn't make the change. Now they are stuck, and try to change their branding all the while screaming about how great the name is. My guess is they didn't want to be confused with Texas southern for you know, reasons.
  17. If Bisontits is starting at a tackle spot, they are more fucked than i thought.
  18. The biggest thing to me in that rugby ball clip, outside of the silliness of it, is just how lethargic and slow they were running the drill. No energy, no attempt to do it at even 70% game speed.
  19. Awful music opinion thread is 3 steps ——-> that way.
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