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  1. That's a great point Red Five, thanks for all that you do to make this place the best place for Longhorn sports information.
  2. I was a member at RB for a while. I got too busy to ever play golf, so cancelled. It is an old school men's golf club. If you have a wife that wants to do "country club" stuff, it is an after thought there. Its been quite a while since i played Westwood, but i preferred RB.
  3. From CTJ's spoiler-ed article: regarding transfers: Interior Oline - How big of a need "Medium" The next sentence "This unit is loaded with depth and experience" Off Tackle - How big of a need "Low " The next sentence "Do not be surprised if the aggies add an offensive tackle transfer during the spring window from what i have heard, they will be looking."
  4. From a Washington Post article after the collapse. Yes they knew for years and ignored the engineering professors. https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/politics/1999/12/19/from-why-to-how-at-texas-a38/45ea21bd-f43c-411a-9993-b287c68596f4/ Pulled the important quote "Since the catastrophe, which occurred a week before Thanksgiving, A&M engineering professor Loren D. Lutes has criticized the stack design, noting that a now-retired A&M colleague had argued for years that the design was "fatally flawed," the Dallas Morning News reported recently. Lutes outlined the flaws in an e-mail message to A&M President Ray Bowen shortly after the collapse, according to the newspaper, which obtained a copy of the message. Referring to former professor T.J. "Teddy" Hirsch, who retired in the early 1990s, Lutes told Bowen, "Many structural engineering faculty members are well aware of Teddy's unsuccessful attempt to have the design of the stack altered." He said there was a "general agreement" among A&M engineers that "something [is] wrong with the fundamental arrangement of the stack," causing it to be "unstable.""
  5. They didn’t let the wrong driver go, They shouldn't have let either driver go.
  6. We have an advantage now, quite a bit of it because of work put in by people on this thread. I want a decade and 4-5 National championships with what amounts to the same advantage Bama has had for a decade plus. After that, then we can talk about limits/salary caps etc. Until then fuck them all - join Texas One.
  7. The idea that bobby doesn't have real connections in the program is certainly an opinion.
  8. We most certainly can (I agree with you)
  9. I thought the ncaa hated them? You can’t count on anything anymore.
  10. Him and Watt into the same HOF class? Good luck any other defenders getting in that year.
  11. If there is someone late first / very early second that Nick/Demeco want, they can still move up pretty easily. Let the man cook.
  12. Its a good football move vs Henry getting 9M and Barkley getting 12-14M. I also like it as it means we are no longer only looking at boyscouts like when Daddy was alive. All that being said, it feels gross and hope it is just for one year. And if he snaps his ankle on the last play from scrimmage next year, that wont bother me at all.
  13. They raced 7 times last year - 2 times this year, so 9 times. Also Yuki scored 17 points last year, Ric scored 7 (all at mexico). Yuki also scored in 4 races when Ric was in the race when he didn't get a point. Yuki has consistently been better. Ric is closer to losing his seat than he is taking Perez' spot. Not that Yuki is getting the call up to the big team any time soon either. I'm no Yuki fan, i think he is quick, but clearly has the emotional maturity of an eggplant.
  14. Remind her that every old female in the history of the world has gone through it and she isn't that special.
  15. Colt to Shipley hid a lot of problems on offense.
  16. Ha that was still at the store. Condom off now lol Don’t want to be accused of being rocko, unless you want to see my corvette and W2
  17. My wife bought one for the beach house. As with most things (frozen margarita machine, instapot, fancy espresso/cappuccino machine). Its fine, works like is should and will be used a whopping .5 times a year.
  18. That's just sad. edit: the least ridiculous thing in that pic is the yell leaders in their 1950s sweaters. That's how embarrassed everyone else in that pic should feel.
  19. Jan 4th 1992 - Broncos down 21-6 Jan 3th 1993 - Buffalo Jan 15th 1994 - Chiefs This run killed me (plus some Astros pain - specifically '86 and '98) It wasn't until Jan 4th 2006 that I even considered that maybe i wasn't cursed.
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