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  1. SEC Down? I agree that it’s going to be tough going forward, but come on man.
  2. Impressive. Don’t know the stat but I would imagine that hasn’t happened much.
  3. Question; How did TX almost come back from the loser’s bracket last season in Omaha? Do you attribute it to a solid & deep pitching staff, timely hitting, or both? Didn’t see it and I’m curious. Quite a feat. Sorry for the pivot.
  4. Good meetings all over greater Austin. Northland has good clubhouse type meetings. Other good ones include Hilltoppers and Higher Power Hour. Try some out and decide for yourself. Just go. Finding a good fit fellowship-wise will ultimately help with the spiritual component of this incredible solution.
  5. Hope you’re wrong. We’ve rebounded many times this season, as have y’all. Ought to be interesting.
  6. The Sooners beat us in every phase. Hope we can rebound. On top of it all, we’ve got to find a couple pitchers that can throw the ball to first…
  7. On the site bc I like some of the analysis here - especially for baseball. I try to ignore the ass clown contingent. I find that when I engage with them, I’m well …being an ass clown too.
  8. Yes, I’m an Ag. I just was really impressed with UL. Not sure we’d beat them on the road. Sure scared the shit outta me.
  9. Ummm, not really. Louisville is damn tough. I was impressed anyway.
  10. Worst SEC in a decade? Poor schedule? I don’t know… The Ags have several weaknesses. They run can’t go much further imo, but it’s a gritty and intriguing team for sure.
  11. Surely you jest... That's easily one of the toughest draws.
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