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  1. If his kid can deliver I believe it can work. But, that really is the question. Does his kid have the goods? Not to mention, why ice your own kid? Go through the process even if your kid is the best option. That kind of shit guarantees that every defensive guy he faces is going to do their best to light him up because of the disproportionate amount of publicity both he and his old man can generate. Is it fair? Who knows. But, bust Deion’s kid and you’re on ESPN.
  2. I missed that. What did he tweet!
  3. I have no fucking idea how he will do. But I can’t wait until the first controversy.
  4. I can’t wait for the leaked video when Prime runs up against that administration.
  5. I’ve watched Tulane once, they’re pretty damn salty
  6. SC can’t be happy playing Tulane…
  7. Damn, Saban working the old guy #5 hair dye. Looks real natural…
  8. To me the real issue is it now appears that Lincoln has at least in part, been figured out.
  9. Having scoreboard on those dumb mother fuckers all this time has been awesome!
  10. Barney Miller opening base line. To this day that lick is a beast.
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