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  1. Yep. The constant excuse making for him ignores the fact that he Is either the guy who choked and bit his chick or he is the guy who proposed to a crazy bitch who would lie about getting choked or bit. Either way he's a fucking idiot. And if the latter is what actually happened, he's even more pathetic when you take into account her looks and the fact he didn't have kids with her. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. He will kill it at Ole Miss and then get a bigger job like Kentucky and he will fuck it up within a few years. Some of you guys with the excuse making and belief in people being capable of change sound like your typical dumb chick talking about their piece of shit boyfriends/husbands. Beard is Billy Clyde with a better publicist and agent.
  2. More like a guy that pops up in the last 10 seconds of a HIV medication commercial.
  3. You must love your mother.
  4. History of slavery? As an aside, we only have four on the team by my count. We've reached NHL territory.
  5. You ever been to Florida? The only thing shittier than their defensive coordinators is their color palette.
  6. Friend's late night American flight to Vegas was cancelled last week because the pilot said he was too tired to fly. Pilot also apparently proceeded to argue with passengers at the gate for 30 minutes after announcing this. Dude got no hotel room and was told the best they could do was a flight 12 hours later.
  7. Guy at 1B looks like he should be playing on the JV. Any random high school JV. He is brutal at throwing, picking, and hitting.
  8. About time. Enforce the rules. It really isn't that hard. Jansen, Gausman and Garcia (and others) have gotten away with too much bullshit. They might also want to ban whatever the fuck the Latin pitchers on the Astros had on the inside of their belts. Thought a couple of them were trying to rub one out in between batters last year.
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