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  1. So you don't want Three Dog Night and Foghat playing in Padre every six months? Nice to know where you stand.
  2. If he had still been with Washington, I'm pretty sure the world would been full of Snyder conspiracy theories.
  3. You forgot mentioning being in the closet and going around looking like you were the best lesbian softball player in the world back in 1992 while making your bones demonizing the gays and transgendered.
  4. Just texted my mental health professional. So I'm good.
  5. Mental health and drug treatment are scams that don't work. This isn't even a discussion. Over 90% of people who go to treatment will be out fucking up within the year. And I'm being generous. Drug dealers are predatory, lazy pieces of shit. Fuck em. What kind of fucking world do some you people live in? You sound as clueless as our pussy assed DA.
  6. This reminds me of the LIV/PGA slapfight. Rich, lame assed, worthless, cunts fighting over money.
  7. Pretty sure this is headed to the big reveal that Harlan is a cuck and Clarence has been fucking his wife in front of him for years. While dressed as Hitler. While Ginny ate. And ate. And ate. And ate.
  8. For a guy who likes to consider himself (as do his fans) a Black Iconoclast, the fact he is free loading off friends and married to an ugly, fat, pasty white chick is really rich.
  9. Henry Ruggs says "everything".
  10. Lemmy collected Nazi memorabilia, but it was ok. He only fucked black whores, too.
  11. Directv says it should be on right now but it is volleyball game vs Baylor.
  12. Pretty sure I heard Dan Patrick ran for office after getting angry that the State Texas started closing rest areas.
  13. Man........my good buddy Handsome Joel loved him some Dixie Witch.
  14. The Joe Franklin Show was the original Joe Rogan Show.
  15. Yep. The constant excuse making for him ignores the fact that he Is either the guy who choked and bit his chick or he is the guy who proposed to a crazy bitch who would lie about getting choked or bit. Either way he's a fucking idiot. And if the latter is what actually happened, he's even more pathetic when you take into account her looks and the fact he didn't have kids with her. When someone shows you who they are, believe them. He will kill it at Ole Miss and then get a bigger job like Kentucky and he will fuck it up within a few years. Some of you guys with the excuse making and belief in people being capable of change sound like your typical dumb chick talking about their piece of shit boyfriends/husbands. Beard is Billy Clyde with a better publicist and agent.
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