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  1. Are you in TX? If so I'd catch some games in the state while you can. Once we move to the sec the travel gets far worse.
  2. What I think is that NIL may change over time and I'm curious what things will look like in 5-10 years. Hopefully the federal government doesn't come in and ruin things.
  3. I just wonder how NIL will change over time because I don't see how it can exist in it's current form. Telling a kid if they go to xyz university and they will get $100k a year is payment for services rendered. We can call it NIL or whatever we want, but that only masks what the truth is.
  4. I'm no isu fan, but the defensive changes they brought to the conference were hardly a gimmick - they changed the league.
  5. Sorry the responses are not linear . I think I said this before, but I agree with you (in bold) I'm distracted because I'm trying to figure out why a poster specifically looked for all of my posts, negged each one of them until they apparently logged off for the day and is claiming i'm a troll called animaltaco or something.
  6. Ya sorry. I had mentally concluded our prior discussion with your response of "I guess we’ll see what happens" and moved into different areas
  7. I agree. This is unrelated to our current discussion: I don't participate in NIL. I have the money to contribute something each year, but refuse on personal grounds. Many programs, including ours rake in tens of millions each year from TV revenue. The NIL should come from the TV revenue, not the fans. I buy the occasional hat and shirt. I buy tickets, food, beer, hotels each year - all of which support the team. I find it odd that as fans we are asked to do all of that, plus pay the athletes. Fuck that. That's just my opinion and I exercise that stance by refusing to give a dime to NIL.
  8. I get what you are saying - free market. Sports are unique, though and are governed under special rules and categories. No one is out buying hats, jerseys and lining up to buy tickets to watch their doctor or a programmer perform their duties. Every major sport except CFB has a governing body which sets any number of rules (including salary caps, spending limits, spending penalties) and applies them across the board.
  9. Would you say that fans of a program are the ones that contribute the majority of the NIL money?
  10. I don' think the lack of boundaries for NIL can go on indefinitely before we have a bevy of coaches and administrators screaming that we need to make changes. If the sport cannot govern itself, then the Feds may step in. You said it earlier but I will put it in my own words - we should never discount the Fed's ability to make shit worse.
  11. I'm guessing that the NCAA won't ever be able to restrict NIL and if we rule individual states out, that leaves the Feds. I would be surprised if something isn't already in the works on a federal level to combat the perception that NIL needs to be "reigned in". Perhaps some bills will get introduced but die early, like at the committee level, because they lack support.
  12. The NCAA still controls the portal - I wonder if changes might be made there. As far as NIL - each state can pass laws regarding NIL. I wonder if state governments or even the federal government attempts to step in.
  13. Maybe they can keep it kind of close by running the clock to near-zero each time they have it on offense, but all signs point to us kicking the shit out of them.
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