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  1. So sad to hear the passing of a great man. Coach Gus was a legend and a Texas baseball institution. Always loved watching the Longhorns baseball teams he had make their runs. Like someone posted earlier in this thread, fuck that 1989 series. I really thought that team was going to bring it home. Either way rest in peace coach Gus, retire that #18 I miss seeing over there at 3rd and the field.
  2. Thank you. Now get the bats going and get back into this.
  3. Seriously I can’t believe that just happened. My damn travel ball kids know better. Ugh 😑
  4. I hope ECU comes out flat and gets rolled up early. I hope Texas leaves them there waiting and adding another year to their drought of not being in Omaha. I think I’ll throw up if I end up seeing this fan base of rude hayseeds there along with Aggy.
  5. Ha. Love this. Sorry if posted already but it’s sweet to see this. ECU, we play 9 full innings in playoff baseball.
  6. Now rout these idiots tomorrow and move on boys.
  7. He’s a rational Michigan fan. There are some as there are some rational Texas fans. There was a time our teams were all good.
  8. Hey Bogey! I remember you. Lol. I’m living amongst you all up here now. Michigan implodes like clockwork. Jim Fraudbaugh has to go.
  9. I’m convinced Fraudbaugh can go winless the entire season and won’t get fired. If they beat Ohio State it will grant him another 10 years.
  10. Believe me it was the right call. Michigan will shoot their self in the foot.
  11. They won’t throw to their best WR. They’ll do something idiotic
  12. If Michigan gets a stop they’ll just turn it right over
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