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  1. Bama definitely ratted Jaleel out, no other reason to bring it up the way Sark did.
  2. Sign into the ESPN app with your dtvs creds. Worked for me
  3. He could have bought a decent strand house in hermosa or hill section of manhattan beach with that kind of money and shaved off an hour of commute time. This guy either wants to get away from his family and plans to get an apartment near campus…. or he has no clue wtf he’s doing and will be getting an apartment near campus after he goes 3-8 and realizes how miserable it is to get up and down that hill.
  4. Y’all witnessed Staley performed seppuku when he called that timeout. What a fucking moron
  5. Don’t fall for it. He’s just holding out the hat for aggy bag men to drop a few more bucks into.
  6. This whole Tech thing really makes no sense at all. I just can’t fathom it. And I don’t even buy the whole NIL thing. Ewers will make a few bucks in college via NIL, but his real money is gonna come from the NFL if he is as good as advertised. Why on earth would he bet on Joey McGuire, who has done fuck all, and some 30year old OC, when there’s so many better proven options? It’s like giving your retirement savings to your sister Berta’s nerdy college-aged son to manage because he had an internship in the mailroom at a Berkshire Hathaway satellite office two summers ago… instead of giving it to Warren Buffet to manage. I mean seriously, this kid is going to put his NFL future in Tech’s hands?
  7. This is literally the only non shit post from the last few pages. One could say, even, worth 9.95.
  8. Kinda racist? but if you had said “big”, at least there would be a major applewhite joke to be made.
  9. Hermosa Beach resident here. Let me pile on. Anyone that thinks SoCal sucks is a goddamn double digit IQ moron. Yes I miss Texas, but then I remember, it’s 70 and sunny every day. The only regret I have is that my children have no clue how fucking good they have it. Maybe they’ll grow up to be those douchebags you’re so afraid of. Oh well.
  10. What are the odds ol Bobby Dickeater becomes the perm head coach at OUsux? He’s tanned rested and ready. His Bill Snyder moment.
  11. This whole season has been an abortion. I’m not gonna hold it against any fan being a bleeding vagina if they’re still watching this game at this point.
  12. Anyone notice how many times characters kept saying “I really appreciate it” in the last episode.
  13. You know the guys in the production van are dialing up that Gideon footage to roll shortly if they score.
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