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  1. Not that it matters but I’d guess 93/94/95 based of the kids Cowboys Tshirt and suede Nike Air Flights. Shirt almost looks like a Super Bowl Shirt from the first two.
  2. Check your PM [mention=1574]AbeFroman[/mention]
  3. I’m late to the party but this is one fine cootterie board.
  4. Fuck. Great season, gents. See ya in the fall.
  5. I’ll be at Rocker B Ranch(google it and take your baseball team if you’re remotely able) coaching and may or may not be checking my phone for updates.
  6. Wouldn’t be surprised if one got electrocuted then the other got it when he tried to help the other. Electricity is fucked up. I’m nervous as shit standing there with the hook and I don’t ever touch the shit.
  7. Beat him twice but doinked both off a pipe.
  8. Definite hole in the wall vibe with good, but not amazingly great food that you can’t miss. Late afternoon/evenings on the patio are nice and entirely shaded.
  9. Better be nothing called. Florida and Boston did everything short of murder each other.
  10. I’m sure this was covered yesterday. Josh cleared for on field activities. June 10 is 10 weeks. I’ll start looking now. (Has to actually be in a line up on or before June 10)
  11. I get it, it must be lonely in the Avs thread, but enough is enough. A drive by every now and again in another team’s thread is accepted, but you’re just blatantly trolling at this point. Get lost.
  12. Blocked Chebocky just like Otter is blocking these shots. Now just don’t quote “it” and we’re good.
  13. Don’t fart around these pussies. They’ll fall down.
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