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  1. Also, driving to Midlothian tomorrow night is going to be BALLS. if you’re coming from the West you’re driving in to the teeth of the construction that starts at 20/Witchita and doesn’t end until you’re fully on 287S. I’ll be looking for another route.
  2. You are correct. Aledo is much better than last year. All their offensive skill positions from last year returned except WR Jalen Pope. Then they added Soph RB Ray Guillroy(sp?) and Kadon Finley became a starter and big contributor as a Sophomore WR. Defensively they returned backfield starters except 1 safety and 1 LB. I truly think next year will be the true test for how the program will stand after Buch and Wood’s departure. They are losing a lot due to graduation class of ‘24. If they’re 6A that district winning streak will be in jeopardy depending on where they land. Geographically I assume they’d land with North Crowley, Boswell, and Weatherford.
  3. The family that owned Bevo’s dad reached out to us Monday morning and let us know his dad had sired another litter, and he had two left to choose from. It was a no brainer for the wife and kids. Bevo was more their dog. Meet Gustopher “Gus”
  4. Don’t know how to do this. RIP my Bevo boy! Please pray or send positive vibes to the kids and wife. Get all the cheese, get on all the counters, and chase all the deer and cars in heaven Bevo.
  5. Aledo turned in 50 kids over last 6a cutoff. We’ll see in the spring
  6. Either @Mansfield or @Midlothian against Aledo next week.
  7. 49-14 Aledo. Just over three minutes left in the 3rd
  8. 4:32 played in the first quarter and Aledo doing Aledo things. 21-0
  9. Trying to decide if we’re going. It’s about an hour door to door for us. Then we gotta get up early to go to Arlington to watch the Horns murder the Pokes.
  10. So you’re saying there’s a chance.
  11. Are we home or Visitor next weekend? Assuming home.
  12. Aledo 59 Red Oak 35 Defense only gave up 21. Red Oak returned a kick off and also returned a fumble in the 4th for TD. Felt like just big play after big play by Aledo.
  13. First Thanksgiving as a World Series Champion fan base. Not shit on TV? Turn game 5 on and just watch from Top 7 on. Great watch.
  14. Max broke the rules? Here’s a tickle on you bum, Max. Sorry for bothering you, Sir.
  15. The WR is looking at the fucking ground.
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