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  1. Dumb. Because I’m in KC I had to find this on Bally Sports Ok.
  2. Fuck it. Make a thread now. Us nosey fucks want to know what’s up.
  3. There’s a lot kind of across from Hooters on N Houston that’s actually under Woodall Rogers we always use. It’s a decent walk but super easy out after. May not be the best if it’s storming.
  4. Sorry for partying. What does that have to do with whataburger? I’m missing the connection. Stupid people in Texas?
  5. Those insoles are [emoji91][emoji91]
  6. Back in my 20s I started telling all my friends “pick your poison wisely. They’re all poison, but what level are you willing to take on.”
  7. The only thing I truly thought “wtf” on all night was Lil Wayne’s performance
  8. Don’t eat that shit at home, you’ll choke. Went and Took It!
  9. Never a doubt. 4-2 is a good start.
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