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MLB Betting 2021: Good pitching beats good hitting and vice versa


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Win Totals:

Orioles U63.5 - Winner

Marlins U71.5 - Winner

Twins O88.5 - Loser (by a zillion)

Blue Jays O86.5 - Winner

RedsU 81.5 - Loser (they tried to gag for me)

Ranger U67.5 - Winner

Added up for +3.5u to go with +4.36u on individual games for a solid if unspectacular season.

I'll try to have some playoff picks, but the NFL is monopolizing my time...I'm in significantly more season long contest stuff than normal this year, but I do think some playoff series are mis-priced which will probably motivate me to dig in.

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Went into hedging-emotional-losses mode last night and placed some large bets during the Astros-Red Sox game and hit them all, including a middle - which I'd never done before. 

Astros +9.5

Red Sox -5.5

Over 12.5

Over 14.5

Ended up winning over $1,000.00 and would have gladly given it all back for an Astros win. 

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