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  1. That last pitch Ohtani threw to Trout was so fucking disgusting.
  2. I had very low expectations for this movie and enjoyed it immensely. Fun.
  3. This thread is perfectly executed. And some day, so will the OP.
  4. There's nothing more low rent than talking shit after you just got dog walked at home and barely played in the game at all.
  5. Watching live I assumed we were gonna have a close play at the plate when SS got the cutoff and turned to fire. I couldn't believe that guy was already sliding into home, basically.
  6. Why wouldn't OP just start a crypto currency? He could call it DiddleCoin.
  7. I could have sworn that this excessive seaweed problem has been going on for years.
  8. I don't know why y'all are looking at some janky ass website to buy tickets. The NCAA thru Ticketmaster does a resale for all championship tournaments and events, so if you get too high Saturday night celebrating our win over Xavier and can't make it to our game Sunday you can sell your extras.
  9. I would have to imagine KC regional tickets will fall sharply in price this week if Miami beats Indiana today. I figure a large contingent of KU fans bought up tickets early in hopes they would be slotted in the Midwest Region. Houston, Texas, and Xavier would bring decent turnouts but they won't bring an army. I have been to two tourney sites where Miami is playing and they bring like 100 fans. If Pitt beats Xavier that would make the market even softer.
  10. Joe Paterno was a piece of shit and is burning in hell. Fuck Penn State.
  11. The worst part of the play in game setup is some shitty as fuck 16 seed getting to claim "We have more tourney wins in the last 20 years than Clemson!!11!!" or some similar dumb shit.
  12. Nobody said God Bless America back in 1846 lol
  13. Sure I am a little bit drunk right now, but we can win this whole ball of wax. If things break right.
  14. I fucking hate Lampkin so much. A totally mid player whose best skill is fouling, and he flexes whenever he does anything mildly good, like he's gonna win the Wooden. I hope our bigs keep stunting on these hoes.
  15. Are we still waiting on that part from China to repair it?
  16. Can you explain to me why they would be taught that? If it's a charge it doesn't fucking matter whether they made the shot or not. Of course, unless it's a situation where the contact came way after the shot. Like, the shot was made but then they landed and careened into someone. I have seen that before. This was not that situation. Not even close.
  17. My favorite pony tail ref moment of the night was when oSu drove to the basket, trucked someone, and that bitch waited to see if the ball went in before she excitedly called...a charge. I mean come on, be a serious conference.
  18. In the interest of equality, this dumb bitch ref is just as terrible as all the other fucking pieces of shit that referee our games.
  19. I suggest that everyone stock up on incredibly high proof liquor before next weekend because this is gonna be a wild ass ride.
  20. Haven't started one of these in a while, even in the 2021 season. It's gonna be a shit show. Any Giants peeps still here?
  21. Saw this in the theater and I am not sure I have ever been in a movie theater where the entire crowd was laughing so hard that we missed a few of the follow up lines after jokes. Particularly the tranq scene.
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