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Surly Horns Podcast Season 2 - Brisket Catastrophe Live Reaction W/ Grant Pinkerton


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I, for one, would like to thank Lincoln Riley for posting that picture of what he called "brisket".  I also smoked a brisket for Easter dinner, and was feeling a bit less than ecstatic about the results.  The bark was good, the flavor was good, and it was moist, but the texture was just a bit off.  I think I let it sit too long.  Anyway, after seeing Riley's excuse for brisket, I feel much better.  We finished almost all of what started out as an 18 pounder, and I guarantee that none of the leftovers are being turned into tacos or nachos. That MFer makes me look like Aaron Franklin.  So, I owe this to Lincoln Riley, and I'll say it only once...Thank you, Lincoln.  You made me feel pretty good today...oh, and fuck OU.

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