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  1. No argument on the organ donation thing, if that's what you choose to do, but if you're going to make it mandatory for people who choose to engage in higher risk activities like motorcycle riding, skydiving, etc., you should also ban alcoholics, smokers, drug addicts, etc. from receiving organ donations. Take better care of your original set of organs, and maybe you wouldn't need that transplant.
  2. People who pronounce the T in the word "often". The T is silent, bitches!
  3. I'm normally a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas, but I friggin' love this:
  4. It was not obvious as a joke, which indicates it was a bad joke about something many people are passionate. Marines, and all actual service members, earn their valor, whereas aggy wallows in stolen valor.
  5. You sure that's a lady? Looks like the young kid from Dazed and Confused.
  6. I don't like negging, but this one deserves a neg for associating that kiddie corps bullshit in College Station with the USMC. BTW, in honor of my parents, brothers and nephew, Go Navy, Beat Army!
  7. Fabletics. Any ad that starts with some douchebag saying, "Guys, let's be honest. Buying pants sucks. It shouldn't be this difficult", just guarantees that I will never buy your product. What the fuck is so difficult about buying pants? Do you not know your waist size? Can you not operate a measuring tape? Are you so much of a pussy that trying to figure out how to buy pants gets you so frustrated you resort to buying stretchy pants?
  8. Absolutely. No argument from me on that. Johnny and Stevie are 1A and 1B on my list of favorite blues/blues rock guitarists. Johnny was the first I was aware of, being introduced to his music at the tender age of 8, in spring of 1970, when my oldest brother returned home from the Navy on leave shortly before my family moved to Texas. He brought with him a copy of Second Winter. As I had learned the previous summer that our family would be moving to Texas, I was enamored with all things Texas-related, and although I didn't know yet that Johnny was from Texas, there is a song on this album titled Hustled Down in Texas, so my attention was grabbed. Then I listened...it was eye opening, to say the least. I've been a huge fan ever since. Fast forward 11 years, or so, and I'm a junior at UT, and first saw Stevie live at the old Austin Opera House, opening for Johnny. That was one of my all time greatest concert experiences, accentuated by the fact that I was front row, less than an arm's length away from Johnny and Stevie. My previous post was really just a response to the fact that I believe Johnny gets overlooked too often when people discuss great blues artists.
  9. Thank you for posting this picture. I love me some Stevie Ray, but Johnny is the man, as far as I am concerned. He put Texas blues guitarists on the map, and resurrected Muddy Waters' career, but is seriously under appreciated.
  10. Shit must be borked...your pictures aren't loading.
  11. Piker. Bijan averaged over 17 YPC during his senior year, and over 13 for his high school career.
  12. Caspar the friendly badass: https://www.foxnews.com/us/georgia-sheepdog-fights-off-kills-coyotes-pack-attacks-sheep
  13. So, I'm watching the Kansas/Seton Hall game for some reason. Game comes out of commercial break, and the crowd at Allen Field House is in the middle of doing the Florida State war chant/tomahawk chop thing...why?
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