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  1. This was a good interview, but the corn dipshit lost me at the end when he asks 'Horn fans to subscribe to his channel saying, "We need this", then immediately does the horns down...in front of our coach, in our facilities. Dumbass.
  2. There used to be a restaurant in the southern part of Austin that seemed like a nice place for a wedding party. Not sure if it's still open, but it was called Green somethingorother...Green Fields, Green Meadows, Green Acres...I can't recall, but it was located on a fairly large property, with lots of huge live oaks, and had peacocks wandering all over the place. Just did a quick Google search...it is still there, apparently changed management and is now called Mattie's at Green Pastures.
  3. I know it's been mentioned before on this thread, but it bears repeating; someone needs to remind Poindexter here that there is no such thing as a "Texas Aggie"...fightin' or any other kind. In Texas, the only aggy is a Texas A&M aggy. "Texas" is the exclusive domain of the Longhorn. Oh, and I was really hoping that there was only an "a" hiding behind that pencil neck of his.
  4. I love this picture. I wonder what the neighbors living in those townhomes across the street from the park were thinking at this moment.
  5. So, what you're saying is that aggy might be on the precipice...or is that prepuce?
  6. I stopped reading after the sub-headline mentioned Shaka's "success at Texas". https://andscape.com/features/marquettes-shaka-smart-isnt-making-a-comeback-in-the-ncaa-tournament-he-never-left/
  7. 12 pitches; 11 balls. I like this new pitcher
  8. No way...I start getting antsy if a baseball game goes much beyond 3.5 hours. I can't imagine watching a game that takes days to play to completion.
  9. Perhaps, but that doesn't mean he has to bounce it in there. They're not playing cricket. It's just frustrating watching LBJ pitch, because his fast ball looks untouchable, but everything else seems to be an adventure.
  10. Perhaps, but I would argue that the pitcher's job is to throw strikes, and get batters out. LBJ now has three WPs in the top of second.
  11. Perhaps...I'd argue that LBJ needs to stop throwing it in the dirt in front of the bag.
  12. I just want to understand this, sir. Every time a rug is micturated upon in this fair city, I have to compensate the person?
  13. Is it just me, or does that guy on the right look like a really young James Hetfield?
  14. Solid episode...glad this is back on.
  15. Who are we looking at here? The law firm of Scheisster, Flywheel and Scheisster cut out early for Friday Happy Hour? Looks like Mike Pence on bass, Rudy Giuliani on guitar and Larry Kudlow on drums...or maybe I need my glasses adjusted.
  16. That guy's e-mail makes me think of this:
  17. And Rafterman, try not to be too obvious, but I want to see fur, and early morning dew.
  18. Thanks. I really admire your work, so this means a lot to me. Yeah...I was lucky to get that picture of the monk. I was just wandering around looking for opportunity to snap a shot or two, and I heard the sound of monks chanting prayers. When I walked through these entrance halls, I turned around, and there were these monks, one on each side of the entrance. I tried to be unobtrusive, but one of the monks heard me fumbling with my gear, and turned around to face the camera. His picture is less interesting, and looks posed. This monk was more intent on his prayers, and kept on chanting.
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