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New report finds "widespread abuse" in women's soccer


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whats interesting, i guess, is that the more that i read and the more discussion i watch on espn, the more clear it becomes that what's being called "systemic abuse" is literally just SOP/sports culture, and has been for decades. a lot of it (truly, most of what i've read) is less severe than what Jeff Fisher put VY through. it's a lot of manipulation and coaches flexing their power, but it's really nothing that make athletes haven't openly been going through for decades. it's interesting that when it happens to women people become outraged and describe it as abuse, meanwhile the same stuff is happening every single day across men's sports and is just considered "part of the job". i mean the Jags were employing Urban Meyer as recently as last year. that dude's entire career is more egregious than anything in this report. 

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2 hours ago, BigDSteve said:

Well, except the coach that was coercing sex, having the girls romance each other..


yeah that's fucked up, i hadn't read that. everything i had read/heard up until now was a lot of just "asshole coach" type stuff. hadn't heard of any sexual coercion. that's a lot more in line with the tone of how this has been reported.

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The articles linked in each tweet both mention sexual misconduct and both quoted the same sentence from the report:


“Players described a pattern of sexually charged comments, unwanted sexual advances and sexual touching, and coercive sexual intercourse,”

Plus the articles also focus specifically on 3 coaches, Christy Holly, Paul Riley and Rory Dames (all men), and their histories:


According to the report, Holly requested a one-on-one film session with player Erin Simon in April 2021.

“She knew what to expect,” the report states. “When she arrived, she recalls Holly opened his laptop and began the game film.”

The coach told Simon that he intended to touch her for every bad pass, according to Yates’s report, and “pushed his hands down her pants and up her shirt.”


The report says he sent Simon explicit photos. He requested that she come to his house to review game film “and showed her pornography instead, masturbating in front of her before she left,” the report states.

Riley is mentioned above by @BigDSteve

Dames is primarily listed as creating a poor environment for players, but the mention his past where he was accused of some pretty gross behavior when he was in his mid 20s and a youth coach of girls. From a linked article:




I might note that we shrug off a lot of this abuse at lower levels as "tough love" "sports culture" etc. At professional levels, there is nothing wrong with it - these are grown men/women. But at youth levels, where they are calling this "normalized" this doesn't really have a place in the women's or men's game. We shrug it off for guys, because they are tough, but abuse is abuse.

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