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  1. Paid. Congrats! What's the record for highest score in this contest and when all is said and done, will derka hold the record? With all of the upsets in the tourney this year, I assume our total score will be the highest.
  2. Are they at least still air-conditioned?
  3. So, the co-pilot was over Dunne. The radio operator was under Oveur.
  4. But then how would people know that he's a big deal who knows important people?
  5. The official rules do say that if everyone goes out at once, you get reset for the next round. However, if everyone who is still alive agrees to split the pot, it's cool with me if y'all split.
  6. Does someone need to do a wellness check on Bevoette?
  7. No doubt the crowds will be way smaller than J6. What worries me is that the ones who do show up will be hard-core believers and it only takes one to create a very dangerous situation.
  8. Next Lebron, 30th percentile of 8th grade players in South Texas. Tomato, tomatoh.
  9. That's a nice size pot. Have we ever had that many entries?
  10. @BigOrange1, how many people ended up paying? I'm just trying to figure out if my winnings will be enough for two chicks at the same time.
  11. To me, that last sentence sums up the 1-1 vs 0-2 decision. If that happens, the 1-1 person wins the whole thing because they have more wins. If anyone has thoughts on it, feel free to share, but if I don't hear any complaints, that's the ruling we'll go with. And, @Scraps, you're right, we've never gotten this far before. So I guess it's one of those good problems to have.
  12. Yes, in order to win, you have to pick correctly while everyone else picks wrong. If everyone left gets knocked out in the same round, it resets and everyone who was alive in that round moves on to the next round. The only thing I'm not sure about is what happens if two people are left standing for the weekend and one person goes 0-2 on Saturday/Sunday and the other goes 1-1. I'll look at the official rules when I get home tonight.
  13. Congrats to everyone that is going on to the second weekend. I would have joined y'all if Missouri hadn't choked against a bunch of trust-fund nepo babies. Just remember that you have to pick a winner for both Thursday and Friday. If you make it to the weekend, you still have to pick two Elite Eight games, but you can do the two Saturday games, the two Sunday games, or one of each.
  14. I hope all of you FAU pickers are puckering like all of us Mizzou pickers did yesterday.
  15. Good question. I bet there's a mid-major out there who's been chugging out coaches. Providence would have had Pitino, Barnes, and Pete Gillen all working at major programs at one point.
  16. Yep. But holy hell, the Capital One commercials are getting worse and worse. Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Barkley are funny and personable entertainers. It should not be hard to make amusing commercials with those two. So why is Spike Lee reffing a women's basketball game? Why is he playing along with the joke by putting glasses on? How did they sneak in giant signs with pictures of cell phones and eye exam charts? None of this makes any damn sense. And why the fuck did you bring Willie Nelson into your shittastic commercials?
  17. Also, Missouri just legalized marijuana this year. I'll need a report from you surlyites on what that looks like in downtown KC for when I go there in June.
  18. I'm starting to worry that my Sela Ward prediction won't come true.
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