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You Guys Make it too Easy

Dr Ship

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Apparently I bruised some egos and I think that's hilarious. I don't understand the lack of self awareness some Texas fans have regarding their roll in realignment, and the fact that they've been a bad faith teammate throughout the entirety of the Big XII's existence. The conference was born out of mutual benefit for the Big 8 and the 4 SWC schools, but quickly became Texas-centric. And even though you've gotten virtually everything you wanted, it wasn't enough. Then you act like you should be thanked on your way out for hanging out as long as you did? Blow it out your ass. If you're so all important and great like you think you are, you could have worked to build the Big XII into the leading conference instead of just enriching yourselves.


Bunch of crybabies. Getting horns down penalized, your basketball coach crying about how Tyrese Hunter was treated in Ames (I don't condone yelling 'Fuck Tyrese', but he's a grown ass man who made the decision to get paid and can live with the consequences). Bitching about some conspiracy by the Big XII against you when you've gotten more calls than almost any team over the history of the conference.


There have been some fun games, and most of the Texas fans I've interreacted with in person have been pretty cool, but I won't miss your elitist bullshit. Good luck in the SEC. Can't wait until you push for some super league/NFL lite system and blow up that league as well. Forever and always, 🤘👇, and Go Cyclones!

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