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  1. The only Nazis out there today are the antifa scum like the ones in the video I posted. When do they start burning books? Its amazing what fucking left wing circle jerk this section of the board has become. You all immediately gang up on anyone who dares post anything that doesn’t align with liberal orthodoxy. You’re no better than the animals in that video.
  2. Pretty sure that dude was in one of the Men in Black movies.
  3. You probably think Barack Obama never lied too...
  4. Typical response of the intellectually bankrupt.
  5. Video doesn’t lie, fuckhead. Get our of your fucking bubble. Your people support this filth.
  6. Stay classy, Democrats. Rabid dogs attack Trump rally attendees.
  7. We’re a small but dedicated fringe group that can’t be counted on to do the sensible thing.
  8. I’m saying a guy reacts differently in that situation than a woman.
  9. If Amber Guyger was a guy, Botham Jean is still alive. A guy doesn’t panic and start blasting away in this situation. A guy doesn’t forget where he lives either.
  10. Yeah. He was, and is, worse than Suh. Kid has been a cement head his entire career.
  11. I know it’s standard practice to mark it but I thought they just put an X or “cut on this one” on whatever they were working on.
  12. When I had knee surgery my doctor autographed the leg he was going to work on when I was in pre-op.
  13. Driven by there a few times on my way to Houston and always thought “I never want to know what the dancers look like there.”
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