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  1. Thanks for the balaclava reminder. I still have one from my mount Rainier climb. I will look ridiculous but I'm not trusting anyone. I assume everyone has the virus when I'm out.
  2. I have a dumb frying question. To fry at home, can I use dutch oven? Depth of oil? I don't fry anything and haven't in years except for corn tortillas to soften prior to using.
  3. Really really needs to talk to the manager about the lack of toilet paper.
  4. Think matt and trey need to get on it considering what's been going on. They will have so much material. Can imagine randy at costco hoarding TP. Cartman licking people's faces. I need a good laugh.
  5. Oh shit that was great. Not in a good way.
  6. I really liked V from the 80s. Have no idea if it holds up now in any way.
  7. Lalo is the character I never knew we needed. That guy is winning just about every scene he's in.
  8. Not IP because I don't think it can do Chile verde justice but absolutely blown away with this one on the stove top. The reduction is key to create the amazing sauce consistency.
  9. Home made cinnamon rolls in the stand mixer are amazing.
  10. Was it bert after john l Smith? Sounds like a better hire than dorrell or tucker despite how it ended. They could have offered smith 3 years and they would have been more fucked. Worked for Baylor though. I am just saying that if the best possible fit isn't available, maybe it's ok to wait. Recruiting will be a mess but hiring the rightish guy will fix it.
  11. I understand the need to hire a coach as soon as possible but in the cases for CU and MSU, sometimes hiring a single season interim coach can be the right decision. Dorrell and Tucker are plain d and b- coaches at best. CU should have hired chiaverini and if things go sideways, they have 10 months to find the right guy. Instead they have destined themselves to being what they are and nothing more.
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