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  1. In the sec, 623 in the air is like 986 in the air in the big 12. Sec is all about defense.
  2. No demas No achane They are saving them for bama. 4d checkers
  3. Tyrone swoopes Kai locksley Jarrod heard Low floor qbs were our MO for quite a few years.
  4. Pliny the elder is good one. Founders CBS is delicious Prairie artisan Paradise
  5. Don't tell mom the babysitters dead. The last starfighter Blind fury
  6. Aya cash's best acting quality is that snark and condescension that she is always able to masterfully convey.
  7. Fucking diabolical is what you meant to say.
  8. This thread resulted in me doing a deep dive into the bush years. Found Inside Out. Holy crap loved that. Never heard it before.
  9. Really tall guy with zero self awareness while moving around on the floor and plants himself directly in front of me and my tiny window to view the band.
  10. Didn't realize so many liked bush.
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