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  1. I hope our football team does well too.
  2. If there is ever a school that should reevaluate their tradition to success ratio it's aggy. However, because they are aggy they never will and they will continue to live in a past that is neither successful or to be proud of.
  3. I need to rethink my life and this stupid desk job. People like your friend, I envy and wish I could have possibly gone on a different path.
  4. That was a nice site. Lot of info. Has he done all those trips?
  5. All this quarantine life with the wife and kid around 24/7 has got me itching for a solo Wonderland Trail trip. Been watching videos on YouTube of the trail and it looks like an amazing solitary experience. Has anyone done partial or full trail?
  6. I did that stupid quarantine song thing back in April and it turned out that Rick Astley's greatest was number one the week of March 13th, 1988. I never felt more proud and embarrassed for myself.
  7. Since it was spelled out in the newspaper, do we get an apology by that journalist?
  8. I am as well but I fear (maybe justified or not) that something like this could fracture the team into groups that want to sing and those that don't. I rather just get rid of it and have complete unity.
  9. I finished raul Julia's street fighter. That was the closest to walking out that I ever came.
  10. Hell, I would go as far as naming/renaming SEZ in honor of Whittier or another pioneer. Have a statue at field entrance for players. Start new tradition (salute, touch, fist bump, wherever) they have to acknowledge it on the run out. Similar to a howards rock.
  11. Didn't see anything regarding campus police by the players. They must be doing a good job? I don't pay any attention to campus news so I might really be missing something. If the song has to go, it has to go.
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