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  1. Can bama lose every game from here and still get in on the premise that tua would be healthy for playoffs? Only for alabama.
  2. Herman needs to send Orlando to san diego and rocky long can teach him how to run a successful sustainable defense. I'm just the biggest rocky long fan though.
  3. In arizona this year the playoffs have a new Open division where the states top 8 teams regardless of class will compete. So you can see salpointe against Chandler or saguaro against Hamilton. https://www.azpreps365.com/brackets/football/open/855-2019-aia-football-open-state-championship
  4. Texas vs k state- this kanas state qb can make all the throws and play on Sunday.
  5. Probably ate a cinnamon roll at The Frontier resulting in an artery clogging heart attack. Suicide by cinnamon roll.
  6. Watching 20/20 story on David temple. Looks like an aggy. Or fat todd Orlando.
  7. Greg Davis averaged 40 for years.... And got a banner flown. My post didn't age well.
  8. So in other words ash is an upgrade.
  9. Thank you. No need to see it. We'll take your word for it.
  10. A little late but texas vs tcu: your shitty quarterback will look like a Heisman winner this week.
  11. Yeah I was gonna say that was right in his wheelhouse.
  12. Can you imagine if they kept the original predator Jean claude van damme?
  13. OP forgot to include the obligatory "he lost to smu, navy, and university of phoenix".
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