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  1. Back to star wars and rose sucks. The Duke's cousins that subbed in for the originals in TDOH. Wesley Seven T3 john Conner Tommy Morrison rocky 5
  2. You're probably right about cook time on stove vs IP. I've never actually made it before and looked up exclusively IP recipes.
  3. I was bored and started farming through rosters searching for DL coaches. None are at a blue blood. None at their alma mater. None are of the bad man persuasion. Eli Rasheed Ron burton Vic so'oto Diron Reynolds Vincent oghobaase
  4. I made tom kha gai soup last week. No specific recipe, looked at two and did a fusion between them. Turned out really good. Probably cook for a minute less or cut the chicken into larger slices as it was a little overdone.
  5. Don't we have preferred walk ons better?
  6. Many. Not all. I was a socially awkward 140 lb cross country runner away from home. It took a while to find my groove but that took to my 30s.
  7. So many sexless dates started at Trudys back in the day. Probably should just gone to taco cabana, would have had the same outcome. Heartburn and blue balls.
  8. Shit. Guess we're getting the Rutgers coach.
  9. Mehringer happened. You have to dismiss everything you have seen with with group and start the reevaluation next season with Coleman. Woodard may suck but I think he'll get a fairer shake this coming year than he did in 2019. That receiver room was the drizzling shits under that guy.
  10. Downey was on the rogan podcast today talking about blackface in the movie.
  11. We had costco Ritz crackers box with opened top and a mouse got into it. After we threw out the box my wife found some droppings and vacuumed them up but later went online and learned that you shouldn't do that because of spread of disease. So the wife who overreacts to everything anyway is now convinced that she has hauntavirus and she has 1 to 6 weeks before it hits. She's calling exterminator and her doctor tomorrow. She even threw out the dust buster. I don't argue but advise she is not gonna get anything. I don't try to convince her as she is playing mind games with herself. I live in phoenix. Deer mice and hauntavirus aren't exactly a thing here.
  12. Eric sleeping with bieniemy would work. I would love that option. His offense is so crisp. Having mahomes doesn't hurt.
  13. One thing that irked me and creative license and such but scofields rifle was established as bolt action but in the sniper scene he got multiple shots off without having to pull back the bolt. Gun experts, is there something I'm missing? Back to my original thought earlier, set design and details were amazing. Little things like barb wire and the milk not being completely clean were shot beautifully.
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