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  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/bradjaphe/2020/05/22/pliny-the-elder---the-worlds-most-sought-after-double-ipa---is-now-available-through-the-mail/
  2. Smax


    I pick up carmel on 1910, not sure about the apples, will pay closer attention tonight
  3. Smax

    Texas BBQ

    Just sayin...
  4. I would love to see the populance actually do what they say on this but the packed walmarts tell a different story..
  5. Smax


    Is this a buy at 140?
  6. Smax

    Jomboy videos

    Fuck that yankee bitch boy bandwagoner, he should do everyone a favor and go play in traffic
  7. Smax

    Beef Prices

    I posted this in the steak thread the other day, 21 day dry aged prime ribeye, 29.99 a pound. Didnt think it was too bad
  8. Smax

    Texas BBQ

    I'm with you and really don't give a shit about purist, I eat what taste good to me https://www.texasmonthly.com/bbq/where-have-all-briskets-gone/
  9. Smax


    anyone know anything about this? https://www.whiskyintelligence.com/2020/03/doc-swinsons-15-year-old-rare-release-exploratory-cask-series-nonchillfiltered-small-batch-cask-strength-kentucky-straight-bourbon-whiskey-american-whiskey-news/
  10. Did a HEB dry aged prime ribeye last night Last minute change of dinner plans so I didnt have the time to salt and reverse sear. Salt pepper and a light dusting of texjoy spicey streak seasoning and on the grill. It was slightly more medium then I prefer but damn that was one of the best tasting steaks I've had.
  11. You sound like a jilted ex... take that shit out of here no one wants to hear it
  12. If you need to strip cast iron down to bare metal, toss it in your over and set it to self clean. Line the bottom of the oven with foil or you will have a hell of a mess to clean up.
  13. Smax


    Yes and I'll buy it
  14. Smax


    Id buy that for 140
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