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  1. Absolutely it is, added pressure
  2. Disagree, they are pressing trying to prove themselves, its human nature. Altuve especially, look at Correa who came out swinging and confronted the naysayers head on, hes doing well, Brantley same thing. Not to mention the whole 2019 season which the haters ignore..
  3. https://abc13.com/virtual-learning-katy-isd-schools-homeschool-covid-19-reopening/6359851/ Nearly half of Katy ISD students pick virtual learning over attending school.
  4. Smax


    This stuff really irritates me
  5. November isnt going to change anything, the losing side is going bitch and moan for the next four years
  6. Smax


    Hate that I am excited to find ER on the shelf, oh well 2 nice scores at TW
  7. HEB wagyu strip, white wine garlic butter cauliflower bites and bacon shallot spinach
  8. Smax


    Whats the consensus on Black Maple Hill bourbon, worth $75 ?
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