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  1. I'm trying a new bookee. Anybody know if he's any good?
  2. Haha. I hadn't been on this thread in a year, that i remember. Greatness. I thought this was the year for JUMBO and those fks. I guess not. Their offense sucks and D is just ok. This is where recruits "want" to go per some on this board? They gett paid to continue a legacy of suckage.
  3. It don't make a shit. I hope we drop an 80 burger on those fucks while Bevo shits on their field.
  4. You're right. aTm scored 10 we barely scored 21.
  5. Some of you degenerates are gonna makes some cash this week.
  6. Good, good. This thread has started off nicely. I hope Hartzell sends Kolkhorst a nice gift basket with cheez balls, salty nuts and a big summer sausage after we win.
  7. while also wearing these... 1994 is back!!
  8. yeah for the semi olds, fill us in. otherwise, i'll assume he is coughing as in a "not so fast" cough
  9. I dont care if they have no wins going in. I want the team to bend over Kolkhorst and go in dry.
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