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  1. Tom not only do you not get the big piece of chicken this week, you don't get any dinner. Get out of line and go take a nap!
  2. Someone pin this fuckin thread to the top of the page.
  3. Fuck you Kurt! Your still a pos. I hope you are fired and your kids put you in a home in oklahoma.
  4. None. Motherfucker doubled down on dumbass Beck and Frodd Orlando. That's why the only option at this point is to fire Tom. He made his choices. Dumb motherfucker.
  5. Damnit Tom! Three years is enough time. We are not getting better. We are in one possession games with fuckin Iowa State and Kansas.
  6. What earned Tom a name in the business was that he called plays and scored points. He has overcompensated and has out thought himself and it has resulted in shitty offense (plus Beck). Then he is too much of a puss to can his buddy Todd.
  7. I'm glad Tom is not for hitting the reset button with Orlando and Beck. It makes it easier to hit the reset button on his ass. Now they are all gone, problem solved.
  8. From client conference room off of the Hardy Toll/Aldine (with a few hours to go fmL)... TEXAS!!!!
  9. Drive by one at 9 pm last night and the line is still long. Ridiculous.
  10. Is that the place that has a poop log as its logo?
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