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  1. People often underestimate dehydration and swimming. Its hard for me to understand why only she and her son would be out there. Its a shame.
  2. Or maybe drives a subaru and was fucking mom.
  3. and weren't for the next 50 years.
  4. When i was a kid me and my cousins went to the movies, in Mexico, and those fucks put mayo on my dog and popcorn. I was too young and too polite to say fuck your mayo.
  5. Wait a fuckin minute. Thats disgusting. Hamburgers yes, dogs hell naw.
  6. did it say 1991 Cotton Bowl Champs?
  7. I agree that those who know the meaning know that it was the eyes of the people of Texas watching those battling for them. Hence president Prather was watching his students. He meant go do your best, fight your opponent and represent us well. That said you are using too much logic. We have people who have rationalized that the "you" being watched and cannot get away are "slaves" or blacks. So if the understanding of the song is so skewed and change must be made, lets just make it if clear that The Eyes are watching our foes, our competitor. I'm only saying if we must change it, this is a lesser evil.
  8. His version sucks and drives a subaru.
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