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  1. https://bestmaidpickles.com/ I was hooked as kid. I always have a gallon in the pantry.
  2. Something was off yesterday but i'm still on the Yurcich train. Dude is solid. If i had to pinpoint it Tommy and his "we need to slow the game down" against these guys had too much influence. Ever since he became a head coach this shit is his mantra. His problem is he doesn't know how to do it. He's saying the right thing and unable to execute it. We dont have the line to slow the game down and impose our will via the run. We are a pass first team that accelerates based upon a rhythm. Take away the rhythm and we become a predictable and weak run team. Just do what we do Tom. Quit outthinking yourself.
  3. Go home your drunk. Go and hide behind your non conference game cancelings or you would have two losses at this point. Enjoy your coach. He makes Herman look like a genius.
  4. I look so forward to the sec goons and Herbstreit eating so much crow about SEC defense over the next few years. This is year one and while Leach doesn't have his team rolling yet he will in short order. Saban i'm certain is so pissed that he will have to prepare for this type of team. He hates them. HATES. On a side note that Herbstreit and the other idiots propping up the protege Riley and his Heisman Qb's while the master and his boys like Kingsbury, Symons, Cumbie and Harrell were called gimmicks is a damn shame.
  5. RollLeft

    Vandy @ aggy

    Aggy will have to borrow or stop providing toilet paper again to the dorms to save enough to buy Jimbore out of his contract.
  6. It really is the solution.
  7. How did it go for Manny Diaz? You know "rugby" tackling is just another term for "gator rolls" right?
  8. Makes sense because Diabetics often have vit D deficiencies.
  9. Damn!!! Sam told Herman at 3 minutes..."they left us too much time. We are gonna tie this and win in ot." Balls baby.
  10. Go Vandy and those crackheads in Missery
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