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  1. So, one who guy that will need to develop and whole bunch of meh. Got it.
  2. Who? Even Texas coveted the midget. LSU has who coming in?
  3. How long before they turn on ole Ed with no Brady or Burrow. I give it three years max and he's out.
  4. Even so Joe Burrow was the it factor. He gone.
  5. and just like that LSU is back to 3 yards and cloud of dust. We should go in dry next year all the same.
  6. You know what they say, if you have two DC's you don't have one. And something something bad credit....
  7. RollLeft


    Give me a few recs of things to do, pro tips and places to eat. TIA
  8. Subic Bay is nice but I no longer go north toward Angeles. Glad to know there is no shortage. These days I spend my time in the city and few days south of the city. I usually pass Taal on the way.
  9. South Austin's mother should have a running list.
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