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  1. To my many Asian and Asian-American friends, I do not conflate you with that shithole of a country when I say, fuck China. Also, I did not need this article to say that.
  2. I don't. TEOT isn't about the "players". The intent of the song was for the University and the students, thereby alums. That includes the players but it was never intended to "honor" them. They come find the student section/band and the alums and they sing with us. Win or lose after a game, but its also played at more than just sporting events. We don't sing to honor players. We sing, together, to show others WE are Texas. Lastly, if you're uncomfortable (whomever including you/players/band), remember it's just a song and it don't make a shit so move on and let it mean someth
  3. I could easily live there. Actually considering it.
  4. What are we going to see tonight?
  5. What about this. If this doesn't unify us nothing will. I'm for building something for our fellow human beings but....wait for it...in College Station. I've got a few hundo for a tract somewhere down Texas Ave. I'll even splurge to help with the moving trucks and temporary tent city. I'll throw in a few more bucks for some port o's for a week.
  6. I didn't set out to take great pics, i tried to unplug/relax/nap on the wrap around porch, but here's one from last year. Maybe PF is a trap as some say above but for me it was a pleasant place to visit. All the nephews loved it. We'll be back. That said, take a walk, eat some flapjacks, hike some part of the Smokies, enjoy the fresh air, sleep. If nothing else stroll the PF main strip with your special lady. You will do yourself a favor by demonstrating to her, by comparison, how good she has it with you. Only half a gut, your hobbies don't involve smoke stack mufflers and you maintain
  7. I'd switch out Sugar for Peach and Cotton for Fiesta. This gives two west and two east and the finals played in the center of the country. NOLA/Dallas is better than ATL/Phoenix
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