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  1. The term Greatest gets throw around a lot these days, but goddamn, there goes the greatest of all time. It’s like what happens when you let a pickup truck play ball. And a world class gentleman to boot.
  2. A little older but he’s been a stud and fits the 3-4 well.
  3. I think that bitch dog of theirs has long boxed out the competition
  4. Greatest funeral ever, or greatest funeral of all time?
  5. Ben Afflecks best work. If you ever had the misfortune of playing me in pool, you’d eventually hear me say “you should be glad I let you play at my table.”
  6. This documentary, which is extremely well directed and shot, tells a true story about a set of twins, one who loses his memory, and the other who must bring him back into his old life by filling in the details and walking him through who he was. It is immensely fascinating. It contains some heavy material, so be in the mood for a serious documentary, but the two brothers do all the talking themselves, and the director turns in a very powerful end product that can’t be denied.
  7. Never heard of this fucking guy either. Both of our signees graded out as 55s last year at PFF in limited time played.
  8. Rams cut Gurley today so if we really wanted to spend on a RB we could’ve had a much better one. Dont know what the market is for him so he may be out of our price range but still
  9. He was RB11 in 2019 before he got hurt, and has been running behind a bad line for years. And despite fucking over fantasy owners, people kept taking him because he’s got great athletic gifts and fantasy people love talent/potential. Not saying he’s great but trying to say he’s bad is also untrue. Texans will overpay for him, especially considering we could’ve waited for him to get cut and then sign him, but there are two conversations being had here - how bad of a trade this was for the Texans, and is DJ weak and slow and can only catch.
  10. He was taken in the top 5 of every fantasy draft for the past several years. He's not just some pass catcher who’s slow and weak.
  11. The trade is going to go through and he’s going to get his contract whether he tweets that or not.
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