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  1. GOD CHECK: Has “this is God’s plan” as first line of Twitter bio.
  2. Funny to see Rapp schill for Rodgers in the same way Sheft schills for Watson. I imagine the going rate for that is well beyond info - they’re getting paid PR firm rates. And with these two dickheads… it’s looking like it’s by the tweet haha.
  3. Picking young talent that can be developed while still setting up for a tank job with the potential of having great 2022 picks due to a bad season and trading Deshaun. Let’s do it. Blow up and rebuild was likely inevitable after O’Brien gave up so much.
  4. Remember when he lost to Tech? I was in Los Angeles at the time.
  5. Strong move by Hardin. You want to be screaming “I want jury trail!” right up until the moment you settle in a completely closed environment.
  6. Innocent in that Zach Smith doesn’t consider that a crime.
  7. Watson will absolutely play again. Paying out and having Rusty run damage control is more than enough to earn forgiveness from the NFL, and it’s fans.
  8. Aye, he is! And if he were here, he would vanquish these masseuses with fireballs from his eyes, and bolts of lightning from his arse!
  9. Texans won the division and a playoff game two seasons ago. Astros went to the World Series two seasons ago, came within a game last year, and they’re clearly going to be good again this year. Rockets won their division last year and a playoff series. Yes, Rockets and Texans are bad right now, but let’s not get carried away. Rockets could remedy quickly with the right (tanked) draft pick this summer.
  10. Being a young QB on a shit team makes you look way worse than you are. Maturing, and joining a team that doesn’t suck dick can make all the difference. Good for Sam.
  11. My two favorite teams are the aggy and whoever plays t.u.! WHOOP! Gigem
  12. All those As fans paid for tix and showed up to watch us score one run per inning for an extended weekend 😂
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