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  1. Dark theme rules. That is all. Thank you, fellas.
  2. If they don’t go with the Washington Hogs that would be a huge mistake.
  3. That would be a solid compromise, if accepted. Players and the school giving way somewhat, and in life, that’s usually the reality of things.
  4. Just finished it. Surprised they were able to end it so coherently with how absurdly complicated it seemed, right up until the end of the second to last episode, even. But I really liked the ending. Really solid show, enjoyed it.
  5. Crazy to see Texas fans, who spent his entire tenure here bitching about how he recruited aces but it didn’t matter because he can’t coach for shit, drool over his recruiting.
  6. What kind of fucked up world is this where men like Joe die young but posters on this site get to live long, full lives. Thanks Ice. RIP to a brave and fantastic man.
  7. Single-tasking doesn’t appear your strong suit, either.
  8. Maybe he just needs to say thank you to lamar Jackson for getting him an 8 figure payday. I think you mean Teddy Bridgewater
  9. I don’t need any when you’re arguing for the use of the n-word.
  10. *rolls eyes, closes browser*
  11. Every single black person You or I have ever heard speak on the subjectsay they got their feelings hurt by the N-word. So maybe you should stop looking at it as a white guy who doesn’t mind the N-word being said bc ‘it’s just a word’ and start looking at it through someone else’s eyes.
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