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  1. Urban Meyer would never lie to protect his friends/assistants.
  2. True but it was by far our number one problem last year and if the defensive coordinator and head coach were unable to identify that and fix it between the end of last football season and this game, I don’t think they can do it during game week planning. that’s not even to discuss the fact that some of the guys might not even be capable vis-à-vis the physical domination of Techs wide receivers today. I hope it isn’t who we are, but it sure defined us today.
  3. A lot of what we fucked up today is very fixable, but if we’re still this bad at tackling, that can’t be fixed and we’re in for some serious ass kickings.
  4. Moore really flashed today. Beat guys badly with good routes and speed, and made several clutch catches. Very happy for him. Hook em 🤘🏻
  5. Bad play by Diggs. He’s good enough to avoid that. Glad Harry and Diggs are both OK, could’ve been real bad. Bodes well for my fantasy needs, though.
  6. Meanwhile the Chargers start a rookie QB and take the Chiefs to OT.
  7. Chiefs and Ravens are both great teams but we did not compete in either game. Embarrassing, but, par.
  8. Pollard needs to hit reset on his return SOP.
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