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  1. Wouldn’t bother me if they let Carrington do his thing, then announce the hire.
  2. You guys are monuments to patience, so I knew you would enjoy this tweet.
  3. Suh was the reason our offense sucked in that game. It is very rare to see one guy tear an entire team apart, but that is what he did that evening. He was a man amongst boys.
  4. That is the sound of Oregon licking their fucking chops.
  5. The guy who should be fired is firing people. That’s ideal.
  6. KC is on another level this year. Good for them, that fan base has been waiting on the edge for a long time. Andy Reid is a boss.
  7. It’s a good hire, but he’s worked with nothing but superb talent. We’ll see.
  8. Surly: Herman doesn’t interview ANYONE. He does no due diligence. *Herman interviews a potential hire described in a tweet as due diligence* Surly: *grown men crying*
  9. Hole 14, Par 5. Nailed the drive, nailed a 3-wood , 30 foot putt. Couldn’t believe it!
  10. Last year I took my first putting lesson and took a swing lesson with the camera. Putting is an no-brainer and I should’ve done it years ago. 2 or 3 strokes off the game right there. But the swing/camera but was a revelation. I could’ve had someone tell me a hundred times what I was doing ‘wrong’ but until I saw it on camera, it didn’t register. So cool. Left arm straight, hands out and away from the body. Good shit.
  11. Shot my personal best, 83, and bagged my first eagle on the new Memorial Park course in Houston. Really fucking pumped about both.
  12. This guy was a fucking idiot before he took hit one.
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