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  1. I worked closely with the Harris County Houston Sports Authority and was privy to enough interactions with the McNairs. They are of the prosperity gospel mindset, they think they are rich because they are more moral than others. And therefore the better you are morally the more successful you will be. Hence why Cal loves Easterby , " immorality" is why the rid themselves from Nuke, its why theyve made several personnel decisions not just football.. its reached a breaking point and many inside the organization current and former just want to blow the whole thing up p
  2. Yeah , I dunno about the Rest in Peace part how about , see you in hell
  3. Remember when we though Bud was a bad owner? I miss Bud, print the t -shirts
  4. I can't imagine the pain, I am so sorry
  5. classis rags to riches story. We've all heard it a thousand times
  6. well, its being dealt with for the long term ,but he still thinks he can get away with for now so he is keeping at it in the short term
  7. thank you that got me in the feels.. yeah I dont like being handicapped , its not who I am that is kinda what prompted the cyber revenge question some a-hole is waging a FB campaign calling for removing me from a politicly influencer FB page a small unimportant thing but he's obsessed. its been texts,calls blocked the number he borrows a phone and keeps at it. and of course all over Social Media i told him where i would be, live in person if he wanted to kick my ass,,,, he didnt show ( he said he was concerned about covid)i told him i may be handicapped right
  8. Its the same, progress but it is excruciatingly slow and i get frustrated/angry/ sad and i just have to force myself to get up and move a little bit more and them a little bit more, but I recognize the progress. Thats why i keep trying
  9. wheres the thread that people ask for help in making fun of people online that have offended Surly nation ? was that english?
  10. Crazy wives, crazy ex's and nudes of some of them
  11. Prince Philip comes off as the only sane if somewhat elitist of the bunch
  12. I know quite a few Alums that went to Texas, none that went on to a&m. Or God forbid ou sucks. And 'Horns always had a great sense of humor(The MOB) aggies not so much. But then again stoner hippies don't take a lot of things too serious.
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