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  1. I actually saw the go go's peppermint lounge show that was referenced in the documentary the high school trip to New York I didn't know who they were . someone suggested we go see the show in a club and I was in, it was probably being in high school and at a show in New York City Hey were fun all 5 were cute so I bought every album over the years and found it enjoyable so I consider myself a fan. I also sing along to party in the USA when I'm alone in the Jeep and need to feel special
  2. IMDb google not helping, maybe ABC mid /late 80;s
  3. Salamander a Finnish series is damn good
  4. Just trade a case of whisky for another certificate
  5. I'm glad you've chimed in always remember the original thread and subsequent post about it and you and your daughter have always been on my heart. I recently posted about my stroke and at the time the immediate aftermath I was more depressed than I've ever been and of course I felt hopeless cuz not only was a depressed but it was physically unable to do things that took for granted previously. I have now been out of the hospital and rehab and into my new apartment for 3 weeks It's still a struggle getting better but I am getting better. I still have a long way to go of course but I believe that I will get where I need to be It's because of the generosity of family and friends that supported me and even those that gifted me financially have given me the chance the time to get better. And that's what we need and there's nothing wrong with that we need support from friends and families and we need time there's no shame in it taking time and there's no shame in accepting help from friends and even strangers because often it does more for the giver than the one who has received. Hang in there brother perhaps one of these days when I can swing a golf club again you'll give me lessons I was a crappy golfer before the stroke imagine now it's even worse but at least I have an excuse. God bless
  6. Well has it been stated here and by the professionals I have 6 months to a year to recover my speech is that about 90%, my leg is probably at 50 and the arm at10:. I think that means I have 150% to go but then again I had a stroke and was never good at math
  7. Update,, was let out of rehab,, moved into a new apartment selling house. Want to thank all of you for the support and encouragement. Now for the fight of my life
  8. Talk to text, right arm/hand is a noodle. ( But improving) Plus "fuck puncation" . Theo. Roosevelt
  9. To try and answer the question about symptoms I had a really bad migraine that lasted a few days about a month before I never had a migraine previously then the Sunday prior to having the attack Monday I had a small stroke right arm dizeness quickly recovered Monday I was calling around to make arrangements to get looked at but was doing so without insurance then Monday mid-afternoon it hit
  10. All the tests I'm aware of so no heart condition don't have high blood pressure barely high cholesterol which fluctuates anyway. I got a third Covid test there must be a reason for that I understand there have been some cases of strokes occurring to healthy individuals who had the flu Or it could just have been stress
  11. The nurses don't Thank you so much for all the warm wishes and kind thoughts and encouragement You know it's crazy but it really does help to know that even strangers want to see me beat this thing
  12. 56. Not young but not old Good health before this. I'm scared
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