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  1. Thanks for your deep dive research. Interesting info.
  2. Fuck. Anyone that's seen even one Texas game has it figured out.
  3. I of the I is a stupid gimmick the producers thought would spice up the show. It's proven to doom the people going. The advice given the visitors makes no sense. Doubt we will see it again.
  4. Sec,sec,sec...oh wait both sec. Why not 4a and 4b?
  5. Sec,sec,sec...oh wait both sec. Why not 4a and 4b?
  6. ...and on their periods.
  7. There was some stupid in this episode.
  8. I'm sure Orlando has tinkered with position of different players to get the best alignments and combinations. (Actually not really certain he has done this) Shit like this is done in spring and summer 2adays. I ain't seeing it.
  9. To say it out loud is all anyone needs to know.
  10. Maybe a threesome with a visitor.
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