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  1. Don't know the Chinese guy's name but you are correct. Btw, it was more than 6 months ago.
  2. I would say that Bjork is very much retarded by Loochie and all aggy.
  3. I like Nick. Been pulling for him since that shit went down. Hard working dude.
  4. Back in his younger days, working for his dad, I always thought he was a lazy fuck. Thoughts have been confirmed over last several seasons.
  5. Hmm. 2 td lead in first half. Don't think we need backup in that situation. Maybe with 5-6 min in 4th quarter. But agree. Backup needs more playing time.
  6. EastTexan


    Been there. Ranch house ain't large.
  7. You are correct. And Brat nailed it with something about a douche-bag.
  8. Ok, understand. Was 13 when NFL gave Dallas a franchise. Greatest thing to happen in my sports head.
  9. Cowboys fan didn't know Washington Redskins were in DC (MD)?
  10. Haven't watched the pompous ass in years. Will have an agenda served opinion coming soon. He may surprise. Doubt it tho.
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