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  1. I believe it is now Mel Tugger.
  2. Probably already mentioned. Sometimes in loochie's wonderfully written articles, I get the impression that he is somehow tight with the insiders at the top of the aggy athletic department. Surely they are not that fucking stupid. But they are aggy, so there it is.
  3. Correct. The only sec network I've ever watched is an occasional game not on network, espn, etc. Already got 8 or more hours of different programming set to record. Should be plenty of Longhorn puffing. And will enjoy the aggy shit show. Also, there have been many pos rep posts that I cannot rep. Ran out of rep morning. Hook'em!!!
  4. I thought that too. But that would be one hell of a ballsy call.
  5. ref said qb never had control, so the ball can be advanced. this was just what the tv ref guy said. ain't no way a b12 crew would get it correct.
  6. Feels weird as hell rooting for these south florida ass holes. But I get it'
  7. I hope Sark reads this thread so he will know what fucking plays to call.
  8. Yes. In the late 70's my little brother took his first coaching job in Prosper. We visited him and the area was how you described it. All the "small farm and ranch towns" north of Dallas have been growing for years.
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