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  1. Never forget. "Bowling for Dollars".
  2. To be honest that dick head made calls like that all night (both sides). Seems it's worse this year.
  3. Damn. MLB trying to break up the dynasty?
  4. the twin guys=dumb & dumber
  5. Thank you for this thread. When I was young and dumb many years ago, I thought like many that cops were only out to get us. And it is true there are rotten apples in the barrel. But we have many more good police officers out there. It's good that they are getting their recognition. Ain't nothing perfect, but I am thankful for the many policemen, firemen, EMT's, ER nurses that step up every day for our safety. God Bless them!
  6. I would watch. With the same announcers. Kind of Benny Hillish.
  7. Don't care about Shanahan. Just glad SF got their ass beat. side note/This KC Super Bowl OT win brought back, to my old ass, memory of the Dallas Texans/Oilers AFL Championship in 1962. Texans win, although the great Abner Haynes muffs the coin toss call for first OT. Great game. Will have to find it and watch again. First Dallas pro football championship. Good times for 14 yr old kid.
  8. In my mind VY was pointing to the db that was not to be blocked, so he could juke the fuck out of him on one of his patented runs.
  9. Man. This is a tough one. Don't know who to pull for.
  10. no home field advantages allowed
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