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  1. Yeah, I think it depends if you're looking on mobile/app or desktop. It shows me two different sets of people. On mobile, it's people I already follow or might know, but on desktop it seems to be most recent follows, which starts with Slovis
  2. Depends on how you classify Javonne Shepherd. He's followed a small number of mostly '21 recruits/targets, which makes sense if he's helping recruit HS players from Texas for USC
  3. That actually makes me feel better because it's speculation on top of someone's perception about Harrell's "vibe".
  4. Lbs can fend for themselves. You ain't gonna make it in the league if you're not a self-starter.
  5. He's just used to seeing her on Jimbo's pecker
  6. Because you get an extra man. Pretty neat deal. Edit: L&P was faster. Not always a good thing.
  7. Nice. I wonder how these categories play into a correlation between % run with offensive production.
  8. Kentucky has to be up around there too Edit: just saw the table.
  9. Beating off field demons is no joke, regardless of if he's talking about demons that come from the field or come on the field, so she almost certainly did save his life.
  10. Ah hell, how is it not abundantly clear that it should be Samples or Jones? Lose Beck or Warehime, add Harrell, Traylor, Samples/Jones Add DC (a few good, but not excellent options), and Okam Get the first year bump for defensive schemes and beat OU twice. The rest is gravy and we're on our way. *puts down the koolaid *
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