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  1. Looks like Florida based on his recent twitter follows.
  2. Used prices were really low a couple months ago but have shot back up. Hoping Hertz flooding the market will help
  3. I was hoping Hand's players would be doing the pancaking.
  4. CTJ leaves and now we're getting analysis from Hank Scorpio and recruiting insight from Carl. Someone just tell me what to think.
  5. (link apparently expired for the previous one)
  6. I do feel bad that he was forced to admit this, given how much he's ashamed to do so.
  7. Hopefully all the drunkards on Surly (redundant, I know) can figure it out.
  8. "Recruiting" is just like a social construct, man.
  9. Viewers: Conner, Garrett, Sydney, and his 2 kids just hoping to get some face time with dad.
  10. Should he even get credit for Wheaton if we do get him, considering 3 other coaches, including the head coach, have had to get in on this recruitment?
  11. So 2 QBs would both need to be injured for the same 5 weeks for this to even matter. All to save the RS of the second coming of Manziel (now with AIDS!). Out of fear of that remote possibility, we should try to keep a QB who will never start here. She makes Aggy mods seem intelligent and reasonable.
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