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  1. Picture and last name are in alignment.
  2. It took 4 times before he even posted about it, so I think we can let it slide
  3. Guess that's why you don't call yourself Consensual Encounter.
  4. No 247 profile. Here's his twitter. https://twitter.com/bigstayc
  5. 25 mentions of Nazi OR Germany OR Hitler OR Heil in this thread, the first of which was Feb 20, 2019, on page 40 and 11 months in by South Austin. 40 mentions in the Tell Me About thread, the first of which was April 11, 2018, on page 13 and only 3 weeks in by DNAguy. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.
  6. KYHorn

    Malcolm Roach

    To be fair, the other defensive mind he played for was Bedford.
  7. Went down a rabbit trail and stumbled on this article, in which Yancey Thigpen (former Steelers, Oilers/Titans WR) kinda throws in a discussion of his struggles at the end of the interview. Relevant portion is below: https://steelersnow.com/exclusive-with-former-steelers-wr-yancey-thigpen/
  8. Not so reliable in your bold predictions there bud. The last part was accurate, though.
  9. That fool forgot Herman was an OC at tOSU?? He needs to retire like 10 years ago.
  10. I didn't realize David Boren got an OU college named after him.
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