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  1. Any recs for a cheap pump that you think would reach 40 feet?
  2. AMYZF Board Member Appointed to Department of Energy Critical Materials Institute Advisory Board *drops 9%* https://americanmanganeseinc.com/american-manganese-advisory-board-member-dan-mcgroarty-appointed-to-u-s-department-of-energys-critical-materials-institute-advisory-board/
  3. Oops, that's for my other lawn and landscape issue. Daconil and copper. So pressure washer probably not a good way to go? Thanks again.
  4. @cactusflinthead or anyone: my blue spruces have chronic wasting disease, also known as rhizosphera needlecast. I have copper and quinclorac to treat it, but they are really freaking tall (at least 60 ft). I can reach probably 30-40 ft with my hose and sprayer attached and a ladder, but cannot reach the rest. Do you know of anything that will allow me to reach that extra 20 or so feet that's not gonna cost me hundreds? I'm considering a pressure washer, but don't know how well that'll work. Maybe there's a hose sprayer with a really narrow nozzle and long wand that might work? Thanks in advanc
  5. Think this Colonial Pipeline cyberattack will do much to oil prices?
  6. Damn why didn't I check here first. The only positive thing about the film was the joy I felt giving it a thumbs down. So so terrible.
  7. I think the interest rate concern is the main source. This gives feds some justification for leaving it.
  8. Amyzf in talks with multiple Korean companies about a partnership. http://m.koreaherald.com/amp/view.php?ud=20210506000311&ud=20210506000311&__twitter_impression=true
  9. Well shit, he's already locked his visits in. Let's just hope NDSU doesn't lock in the 5th or we'll just have to move on.
  10. Odd, it's like half of our team and staff, plus Sark's wife. The interest seems pretty unrequited though.
  11. So should I be encouraged by the missing posts in here?
  12. Most of them look like the same person
  13. Where would he fit in the Aggies' 2-deep?
  14. ^ This. I get calls/text from time to time from people who received calls from me, though I never called them. The spammers just randomly spoofed my number to do their thing.
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