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  1. I mean MLB installed the technology in every ballpark that allowed for the sign stealing to occur.
  2. Chandler Parsons was a good pick as well. They developed him, his body just broke down. Other that those 2, you have a lot of whiffs, especially passing on Leonard for Morris, and the next draft when he got Lamb, which he turned into Harden. The other 2 picks were White and Jones. That draft was the Draymond draft, not to mention Middleton. Both were 2nd round picks. Something tells me Harden, Leonard, Draymond, and Middleton would have won a couple of championships by now.
  3. I think Jimbo would prefer to recruit OOS, while getting 3-4 top 15 Texas kids. Somehow I think selling aggy is easier to OOS kids.
  4. Especially with the Utah OC. That is as bad a pick as Beck was for Herman.
  5. This just furthers my suspicion that sign stealing (using technology) runs far deeper than just the Astros and Red Sox... And MLB doesn't want all that getting out there. Including the Dodgers.
  6. It includes Collins and Umanmielen. If they also get Dixon and Williams at WR and Rakestraw at CB then Texas needs 2 more attrition to get to 85. Most likely Cummins is one.
  7. Collins and Umanmielen will help. QB - 3 + Jackson RB - 6 (Includes Whittington and Johnson) WR - 9 (Includes Boyce and Woodard) TE/FB - 6 (Including Epps and Hullaby) OL - 15 DL - 14 LB - 12 (Includes Overshown) DB - 15 ST - 3 Total = 84, only 10 SR. So there is going to be a lot of attrition to take 22-25 in the 2021 class.
  8. Not at all. The manager hire is more important right now because the season starts in several weeks. The new manager is a stop gap anyway, though I'm sure they are being asked questions on how they would deal with the analytics of baseball.
  9. They are protected picks, and the Rockets could still trade Westbrook and Harden and get back assets for both right now. The only contract that is utterly useless is Gordon's.
  10. 2 years. He still counts against our 2019 25 man counter. Though it's apparent Texas isn't bringing in a full boat of kids in the 2020 class.
  11. We could shut them out in the 2nd half and we'd still have a less than a 10% chance of winning this game.
  12. Lulz. 9 TOs, 13 fouls, and a -9 rebounding advantage. Interesting strategy on playing on the road.
  13. The only difference between the Texans and Rockets, the Texans have someone to build around. The rest of the organizations need to be blown up.
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