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  1. I get that, and I agree. Hitting today is much harder because the depth of elite velocity and spin rates is much bigger than it was 10-15 years ago. So it makes sense that being able to move runners 90 feet is now at a premium. This team has been awful at this simple concept for many years, and Dusty mentioned he was struggling with the dearth of manufactured runs.
  2. The game was lost in the 1st when after having 2nd and 3rd with no outs and already 1 run in, the Astros scored 0 more. Or the inning where Altuve hits a lead off double and doesn't move. I've seen that inning way too many times. Baseball is no longer a team sport. It is a sport of 9 guys that play together, but every guy is out to get theirs over team.
  3. This was a bad loss. Got to laugh Dusty bitching about the lack of productive outs on a night when his team gets 0 in a 1 run loss. Like Dusty, you are the manager, you can do something about it.
  4. Joy, Raley vs. Ohtani. At least Dusty can't compound the mistake by bringing in Smith to face Trout when Ohtani gets on base.
  5. How has Oakland played twice as many home games as road games so far? They got something going on later in the year in Oakland.
  6. Yeah, he's run off the majority of the players he inherited including a lot of his transition class. They may need a few more transfers, but it's not like he will be running off bread at many positions. He needs all the cubes along the OL. They are going to be hurting there.
  7. Yeah, right now it doesn't really matter. But your points stands when the injured guys start returning Smith and Raley should be concerned.
  8. I wonder what it would take to go get Tim Locastro or Austin Slater to replace Straw.
  9. That new 3rd base coach is awful. When does Pettis get back?
  10. I liked him when he had him the 1st time around.
  11. It is just hilarious at this point watching Dusty put those guys in a close game.
  12. The bottom of the order is just a black hole right now. Way too much pressure on the Top 5 to do something.
  13. Bob's offense is harder for QBs to grasp than Jimbo's. The only QB that had real success in it was Brady. Though this will probably be the best OL he's had given the level of competition since that undefeated team that lost to the Giants, and even then that OL was destroyed by the Giants DL.
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