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  1. Strong was likable, but he was on a level of bad that I'm not sure exists except for him.
  2. Lulz, imagine being such a bitch that you save these posts, and wait for Texas to fall apart, just to say that you being a bitch is justified.
  3. As soon as Gordon got removed from the rotation, the defense got better. Hmm. Hartenstein probably deserves to be in the regular rotation as well. Just stupid to play 4 guards for the majority of the game.
  4. Harden is the best player in the game and it's not close who is 2nd right now.
  5. Lulz. No discipline. You let them score a TD now.
  6. Huge play by Green. These CBs play better in press coverage.
  7. That's a bad call because both guys were pushing off.
  8. Why did we pick it up? Don't touch it, let the officials blow the play dead while running off another 5 or so seconds.
  9. because Herman went for it on 4th down in the 1st half in FG territory.
  10. Would love to have 3 more points right about now.
  11. I don't understand why DL's aren't taught to read the QB and get their hands up more than do? I also don't understand why our punt returners routinely let the punt hit the ground and lose an additional 10 yards in field position.
  12. Why are we wearing vans instead of cleats?
  13. Ehlinger hasn't looked great, but when it comes to Burt vs. Ehlinger I trust that Ehlinger threw the ball where he was supposed to throw it.
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