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  1. Teams that score points. None of the games have had a full healthy rotation either. 16th X 2, 6th, 17th, 21st, 20th, 4th
  2. Rockets have the 3rd best defense in the NBA since the Harden trade (small 7 game sample size). I know this is a shocking development for everyone.
  3. This has train wreck written all over it.
  4. Texas needed a guy that can be on the depth chart next year. Lawrence has great potential but he's a 2 year (at a minimum) project at Texas. Now it looks like the depth chart may be full at the DE/OLB hybrid position with Bimage, Thornton, Oghoufo, and hopefully a re-engaged Dorbah.
  5. We want Miami to be as bad as possible. Rockets have 20 games left in the 1st half of the season. They play 4 teams with winning records, and only Philly is more than 1 - 3 games above .500 in this stretch. My guess with the current roster and health, a 14-6 stretch is not out of the realm of possibilities.
  6. He was a good take to set the floor. Now both the LSU safeties have left/or leaving. Plus the emergence of more corners and the switch in defensive philosophies. He was a good fit with Ash's hybrid NB/LB role, but that role is no longer needed. It is interesting because supposedly the kid loves UT and already has Thomas there from his HS
  7. Oladipo will be traded before the deadline, likely Tucker as well. I like the kid from Arkansas, and I am interested to see if Lucas can do anything with Porter Jr. Sterling Brown is doing some good things as is McLemore. Rockets should be active at the deadline moving some guys. Looks like something like this after the deadline PG - Wall, Jones, Exum SG - Gordon, Brown SF - House, Nwaba PF - Tate, Martin C - Wood, Cousins Probably not bad enough to get a top 4 pick.
  8. This is interesting considering their starter as a freshmen and he was almost the entire offense for the #GoCougs.
  9. I don't think Jimbo thinks the same as aggy nation. He should be recruiting from a point of strength this season, but is acting like he is recruiting from weakness. Trying to lock down Houston before Sarkisian's staff can get any kind of foothold.
  10. I started it about midway through the 2nd prelim fight.
  11. For future, here's the site I used for a lot of different sports streams. https://buffstreams.tv/ I suggest using a VPN.
  12. Beat the shit out of him. The leg kicks were the key and ultimately did McGregor in.
  13. Poirier's confidence was building that round.
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