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  1. This is a less than ideal defensive inning from the OF.
  2. It's a con. Watching his life after football it's always been about building his brand over anything else. He's gone off the deep end pursuing fame.
  3. That bullshit call on Green which would have been a AND 1, totally changed the final 3 minutes of the game.
  4. Hilarious talking about staff overhaul. Jerry Montgomery - 2 weeks Jim Turner - 1 year Tim Brewster - 1 year Joe Jon Finley - 1 year Bradley Dale Peveto - run off after 2 years Jay Graham - run off after 2 years Maurice Linquist - 2 years So that would be mean that only 3 coaches are still with Jimbo that he originally hired. Dickey only has a job because of his connection to his brother, it's Jimbo's offense and his work with the QBs. Not too mention that the aggy faithful want to run off Henson as soon as possible, and the only reason they tolerate Price is he is an aggy, because Giles has whipped his ass in state the last 2 years.
  5. What is the drive to Spokane, like Houston to Dallas or Houston to Austin? Time wise?
  6. This is an amazing get, I'm not sure how IT pulled it off.
  7. Rockets missed a lot of open looks. Tucker going 3-12 from the corner helped them a lot. Forced 22 TOs, and and 15 steals. Rocketball at it's best. Just 1 game behind the Nuggets now, tied the season series 2-2, and they have a 4 game lead over conference losses. They have a tougher schedule though. Games against OKC, Portland, Utah, Lakers, Clippers, and Toronto. We get a game against Sacramento. We also have to play 2 more East teams.
  8. Tucker would get a nice return.
  9. Great game tonight for the Rockets, defense down the stretch in the 4Q again winning the game. 16-4 closing run in the final 3 minutes.
  10. Hopefully the humbling continues. Not being to play fundamental sound baseball for a team this talented is pathetic.
  11. Could have been out of the inning on a simple double play to 2nd base off of Thaiss's bat, now it's 2 runs in, and the Astros keep allowing the Angels to advance on throws that aren't close to throwing guys out.
  12. Hopefully this is just dead arm, and nothing structural. Damn on Yordan and Urquidy.
  13. The team decided to play defense for 1 quarter and won the game. Just a demoralizing loss for the Mavs. Heat did the Rockets a favor by beating the Nuggets, and OKC is currently beating the Jazz. #3 spot still in play.
  14. He's too busy deleting all those posts about how the B1G conference champion should be left out of the playoff since they went to a conference only schedule before it was cool.
  15. Rockets taking Covid seriously, making sure to sustain a proper social distance on defense.
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