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  1. Is it just me or does that pic not look right. Did she shop her torso on there?
  2. Plus a state income tax of 12.3% compared to 0%...ouch
  3. Everyone survived. Didn't realize it was from 2013. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/no-control-skydivers-pilot-recounts-death-defying-leap-burning-plane-flna8C11560390
  4. I went last night, great show. Paramount has great acoustics. I didn’t even recognize Ingram when he came out to sing along on that first song. Looked to get tickets for his show in Houston on Sunday at the Heights theater, but it is sold out. Was a little surprised he didn’t sell out last nights show.
  5. Thanks Spur Thanks Jerry, I owe you some rep, I'm all out for today.
  6. I mean, of course I have aspirations of her making blind retrieves at a hundred plus yards...but in reality we will probably spend the majority of our time on the couch or being harassed by the kids. But i would appreciate the info to compare with.
  7. I'm looking for a labrador retriever breeder in Texas. Any of you surlsters have any recommendations on who you have used in the past or anyone who you have heard not to use - thanks in advance.
  8. Not Decoux's? That place had amazing crab meat nachos.
  9. shit tickets slicker than cum on a gold tooth
  10. About 6-7 weeks. I’ll take a look at the ketogains - thanks
  11. What are you keto guys doing for a pre-workout meal/snack? I'm getting gassed about halfway through my workout (weight lifting days only, not really concerned about cardio days). I go to the gym early in the morning and I am looking for something quick and easy (insert mom joke here).
  12. What an experience that must be. One moment you're just sitting there watching the band and the next, you are a part of the band. I saw where The Killers did this recently. First guy they brought up, obviously sucked and it was over before it began. The next guy knocked it out of the park. But, I can assume it begins and ends with Scot Halpin. Full concert below. Skip to around the 1:34:35 mark when Keith asks the crowd if anyone can play the drums.
  13. Yea, I didn't do much easing into this... I've upped my water intake but could use more fiber/good vegetables in my diet. Only using the MCT in my coffee when I skip breakfast. Funny you should mention that, first I had to look up what a sugar alcohol was, but then saw that they were in these mints I've been eating that are laying around the office. I will drop those for sure. 3 days a week, a little cardio, mainly weights. Plan on adding some more cardio. Thanks for all the replies.
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