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  1. Note to self, ernest_t_bass needs pick up a weapon, and dress appropriately, and not shave, and not wear clothing that gives our position away, and.....
  2. ...seems like; Biking, Golf cart, Skateboard, Walking, Falling out bed and into the office would be hella cheaper!
  3. Yup, like the man said above, “All of them”, this is in that! And yes, we want to see them all! Ronwhiterollthembackup.gif
  4. Depending on where this occurred, the barista issue may have already worked itself out! Thanks social distancing.
  5. Yeah, I blame the whiskey! One more than I should have had apparently. I throw myself at the feet of Surly and beg for forgiveness.
  6. This looks like a case where if it smells like fish, oh what a dish does not apply! Who comes up with this shit? Next thing you know, someone will sell their vaginal sent as perfume!
  7. Or, you could use it as a dildo, if you’re brave enough!
  8. Bill O’Brien to Jerry Jones: Here, hold my beer... and my kolache... and my brisket sandwich... and my pie!
  9. Something, something, South Austin’s mom...
  10. Is Sara a poster here, if so, what’s her handle, would give lots rep for that statement.
  11. You sure about that? One of those things is not like the other! One may taste like shit, because it’s a pizza from a chain. The other tastes like shit because, for one reason of many, the buffet is located next to the outhouse!
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