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  1. Like a chicken on a June bug If worms carried guns, birds wouldn’t mess with them If a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bust it’s ass when it lands Useful as tits on a boar hog Like a cow pissing on a flat rock Has a burr in his saddle Looks like a bulldog eating mayonnaise
  2. Black as your soul I would rather die Than give you control
  3. Thanks, Occam’s razor is more nuanced than Surly’s Blow torch!
  4. And still not a pair of tits between them. They are all men!
  5. Now that is a awesome band name, but bubbles is the dog. Thanks.
  6. He had a head start, speaks multiple languages. He’ll blend in...
  7. It’s for the new theme park ride at the tackle box...
  8. Now combo this pick with the penis pick a few above this (with either the SEC or Bama logo added of course )...
  9. Well, in that case, feed it some bacon while you’re at it... and cheese... and hot sauce... and jalapeños! Damn it, I’m off to the kitchen.
  10. Damn it, Pirates and Freshwater, they don’t mix, ever! Where’s the Rum? Argh!
  11. All the while holding down that day job at the prison.
  12. What an amazing man, did all the above and still ran from sea to shining sea.
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