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  1. I had no idea you followed my stuff. Weird. Never seen your posts before and I doubt I’d remember them. Bc I’m an idiot or your posts aren’t worth bothering with. I’d say post less but I really don’t give a shit what you do.
  2. Nope. Just a girl. Hey if my posts bother you incels so much...maybe block me or go motorboat the whale ya married.??
  3. It doesn’t matter! I am voting Biden. I’m just not a socialist. Nor a moron that would ever vote for Trump. I debated in high school and college. Was looking at the debate tonite in a clinical way. And regardless register to vote. Vote Biden. It’s not that difficult to register to vote. No excuses. Get off your asses and vote
  4. Ha! Only voted straight ticket once. 18. Sorry you are wrong. I’d vote for Biden without hesitation. The problem is you idiotic fuckers that voted for Jill Stein or Bernie.
  5. Lmao. Y’all are like the David Ash would have been an amazing QB if not for Mack Brown. If only Mack didn’t fuck over a pedestrian QB. I voted for Hillary btw. And o will vote for Biden. But y’all ain’t getting 60% of my earnings. People sat on their hands after Obama. So fuck them. I voted and it wasn’t for Cheeto. If you sit on your ass you get what you deserve
  6. Based on perception not political preference. Biden lost. Watching MSNBC now
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