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  1. I know patience isn’t exactly a virtue but if I can exercise some, y’all sure as fuck can. I sympathize bc I am in the same boat with y’all. A decade plus of shit. We aren’t used to Belmont not leaking like a broken faucet. And we aren’t used to excellence. It’s understandable. But I tend to believe CDC is making the right moves. I do. There are some that have always been in “the know” up until now and they are pissed. That’s where some of the local negative press is coming from. Access denied and all that. How dare a proven 3x MNC come in here and tell us how to run UT! Fuck em. It’s gonna happen whether they like it or not. That’s how I feel until I am told differently. Or different. Whisky/whiskey.
  2. I am laughing so hard I can’t breathe! The squid stuff! Omg!
  3. Usually, when I turn down millions and millions and millions, I turn to a “pal” so they can post on an internet premium site that you have to pay for...uh huh. Two can play at that game OSU. You don’t know any more than we do. I would imagine there are better protocols for this type of negotiation (whether it’s accepted or not) and that’s not it. We only believe it because a decade plus of shit football.
  4. Well, speaking of beef bourguignon...Ina Garten has a really great recipe. When I want to impress peeps I serve it in a baked potato with homemade dressing and salad on the side. But I digress. It’s weird that there are all these eyes on our thread. Lots of them. Having to check our servers and our cookies. Now people scoffing at our facilities and curtain knowledge. We should just tear down I35 at this point. We don’t need it and it sucks anyway. UT thought nothing of tearing down Players! How much money do we have collectively?
  5. Surly: Urban, the 6 a.m. was first flight from Columbus? Urban: Yes. Surly: There wasn't a flight that left seven hours earlier and landed at Horseshoe Bay at 2 a.m.? IT/Orangebloods : Surly, I think we've covered this, haven't we? Surly : [hands them flight logs as well as a massive diagram with a bunch of shit on it as well as pics of curtains] These are the logs for both Horseshoe Bay and Columbus. The Horseshoe Bay log lists no flight leaving at 11 pm and the Columbus log lists no flight arriving at 2 am. I'd like to submit these as defense exhibits Alpha and Bravo. The diagram and curtain shots I’d like to submit as exhibit CUM. IT/Orangebloods : I don't understand. You're submitting evidence of a flight that never existed. Surly : Oh, we believe it did, sirs.
  6. So according to Brian Davis we may not be reading stuff that’s accurate? But we are degenerates. We can’t read. We are doing just fine, thank you very much. All this fear because they don’t know shit. Meanwhile, they are feverishly writing articles for when we get Urban that start with, “So can Urban turn Texas around?” We have sources on surly also. It’s not like all our intel comes from one place. We aren’t fucking amateurs.
  7. Hoody’s is awesome! Absolutely one of the best!
  8. I try to forget this. It’s not going away though. Lol.
  9. I know we aren’t talking sandwiches but I really like Hoody’s subs. Probably one of the best places to get them. They have never put any renegade Mayo on mine either. So I never had to chuck my sandwich in the trash. That makes me happy. Lots of shitty places to live and visit in Texas, the curtains may not mean jack shit, Urban is good at subterfuge, CDC is now playing 4D chess, the 9.95’ers don’t know a hell of a lot, we might actually know more at this point and Mayo still sucks.
  10. Well for a Palace of Degenerates, we sure have driven a lot of Eyes to Surly. So clearly we are good at recruiting? As a chick, I enjoy this board so much. This coaching search is the best. And it would not be that way anywhere else. Y’all make it great. Fuck Mayo. And aioli. That’s just fancy Mayo. Y’all are awesome. I love you all.
  11. Careful, one of these jackasses will actually do it and screw everything up. Let’s not do that! There are better ways to get rep and live in infamy. Lulz.
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