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  1. I think the Fan had to cut him off the program because he said bullshit. https://www.google.com/amp/s/insidethestar.com/jerry-jones-sounds-off-on-105-3-radio-hosts/amp/ jerruh also said when you quit on your coach you quit on yourself. Truer words have never been spoken. Pathetic. At least JJ is getting so old now he no longer cares we know he is the real coach and JG is a puppet. What a fucking tool box.
  2. Double J sure wasn’t liking the radio program The Fan earlier. Heard the clip. that’s his flagship radio. They usually kiss Jerruh’s ass. Can’t remember, if ever, when he sounded that pissed. Can’t believe they asked him if he was embarrassed by this franchise right now. Lol. Funny shit. Lmao. For a team with all the talent we supposedly have Jerruh has no one to blame but himself (coaching/GM moves) for why Dallas sucks. It’s all on him at this point. But up until now has been riding the JG wave of mediocrity for a decade essentially. He should just go down on the fucking field and put on a hoodie and coach the team. Fucker!
  3. Only Jason could mount such a pivotal comeback and almost “win.” We have a great opportunity to close out game with a win at some point.
  4. It’s a shame no one told the Bears DC to initiate prevent defense right after halftime. We’d look better then
  5. Double J should walk home with Garrett.
  6. They do realize that this is the fourth quarter? Like there’s not a fifth one?
  7. Troy is killing it with his comments. Stephen will probably throw shade at him later.
  8. Clearly the only game we believe is on our schedule is the Philly game. They must think the other matchups are scrimmages
  9. Or not...that’s how bad we are. We can’t even get garbage yards or a TD against a shit team
  10. Angling for a coaching job? trying to fire up the team at this point is a waste of time. The writings been on the wall about how bad we suck since the Jets beat our ass like a drum.
  11. Jason could at least look a little crazy and throw a challenge flag for no reason. Tell a ref to suck his cock and get ejected from the game.
  12. We need more cameras on that delusional fuck.
  13. I thought his Luke Skywalker utility belt has a battery pack in it. Maybe he just listens to podcasts or self help shit during games.
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