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  1. Something Wicked this Way Comes (there is a red blob approaching from the southwest.) Thats a great old movie btw...
  2. San Antonio sure is on Mother Nature’s shit list lately.
  3. I take this to mean all the bad shit will happen near me then. This means once Bee Cave is out of any possible danger you’ll post you’re done for the evening and an F5 tornado will form over my zip code. 🌪Fuck.
  4. We’re “this close” to becoming an idiocracy. Lol. Or we’ve been there for a while. The pandemic has messed with my thinking a bit. Soon we will be able to get legal degrees at Costco. It’s just a matter of time.
  5. And so appropriate for this discussion sadly.
  6. Live look inside Austin City Council or Addled Adler and his Might Band of Morons:
  7. I’ve seen some of my girlfriends go that route with fillers and lip enhancement. Yikes. One had some kind of facelift. She was a model. Now she looks completely different. Sad. Hard to fix bad work. Also, with LCK, there were only two legit people that could have come out of there and back to the competition so I was pleased with the result. I know she was never a contestant but I think a judge on Top Chef at least one time. At any rate, as far as large chests go for chefs (I have boob envy here) no one beats Nigella Lawson. I included a video of her and her breas
  8. Damn. RIP. He was a treat to watch in college. Sad stuff. 💙
  9. Yes. Yes it does! The Chiefs just released him. He apparently wanted his salary in Bitcoin. His other tweets on Bitcoin and Brady the last few days are priceless.
  10. Victor Hugo Cuevas, 26, is currently booked in the Fort Bend County Jail. Cuevas' lawyer on Tuesday afternoon said his client is not the owner of the tiger that was spotted in a west Houston neighborhood Sunday and claimed the Houston Police Department rushed to judgment. "HPD was in such a hurry to wrap it and find their guy that they just assumed because my client was the one who caught this tiger, who went out and go it and brought it back into safety, everyone is just assuming that he is the owner of the tiger," attorney Michael Elliott said. Elliott sai
  11. I wish I had some kind of shield on my car or force field. I rearrange the garage so two cars will fit. It just drizzles. I leave my car outside it’s quarter size hail. I park in the garage and golf balls of ice rain from the sky. I’m not doing shit. Lol.
  12. I can’t handle the end of this tweet. Ha! Holy shit! “The Tiger portion of this investigation is continuing...” I just. Can’t. Also, he allegedly murdered someone in 2017 and still hasn’t gone to trial. Wtf? What’s happening? Omg. If he also has the monkey with him all bets are off.
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