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  1. Fuck socialists! The thing is...what y’all duck fuck dipshit whore licking mama’s fat ass have to eat whatever is on the table numb from the womb cum stains...y’all have to depend on government. Run by who? If we just get the right ones in there? Socialism only works if you have one race. I am so sick the fuck out of hate America. Y’all try several races. Basically, social dipshits have decided to use the BLM For their own reasons. Name one successful government that has this?!! You can’t. Canada is not even close. sorry for the rant. I’m just pissed. Goddamn what is wrong with people!!!!!!!!!! take the Chaz out they killed a 16 year old kid. He had a life. Not a rap sheet as long as his arm. Just sayin!
  2. So where is the thread about aliens? Is there one?
  3. My cousin who lives in Houston has the virus. She went to hospital yesterday with flu like symptoms and got tested. She and her sister and their hubbies and kiddos along with my aunt and uncle were all together for Fathers Day. They will all have to wait a bit to get tested bc of early false negatives and are all in quarantine now. Furk!!! Hope she doesn’t have to be hospitalized
  4. Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone.
  5. Lulz. Just in Ag advice. I meant. Not trolling for guys. and yeah, my dad burnt all of his UT stuff in the driveway after UT lost to Arkansas. Set it all in fire. Ashes man. Not sure how he’d feel about “the Eyes of Texas” going away/potentially. I don’t know how old you are but he was at UT when Farrah Fawcett was there and he always would say, “Prettiest woman I ever saw up close (until I met your mom).
  6. That’s badass. Well, if he is aware, have him contact me. I’d be interested. yeah those horned frogs/toads are basically endangered. They are all over our ranch. My dad was a proud member of the horny toad (insert joke here) conservation society. Not kidding. Sorry for all the brag pics and such about the ranch. Felt the need to post. Yesterday was Father’s Day (I hope it was a good one for all of y’all), and then in July it’s his birthday. And October marks the end of his life. When this topic of ranch/farm came up, I wanted to share because outside of providing for our family, my dad basically spent his money on hunting (y’all saw his kills/ but he hiked with the guides and slept in tents etc...) oil paintings, Winchester rifles (113 of them) and land. I’ve mentioned before he bought the land a couple hundred acres at a time in between paychecks on that ranch. For twenty years, we had cattle. A lot. Some of the It was a time and money suck. My dad was a pathologist but had no mind for business. Some of the calves, we raised bottle-fed in our backyard in Amarillo. sorry. TLDR: the article explains it. https://interactives.dallasnews.com/2018/the-disappearing-horny-toad/
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