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  1. Neither witness is friends with Amber at this time. Yikes. Neither of them ever saw JD hit Amber. So…great witnesses…lulz
  2. And we’re back!!!! Finally found a stream I can follow along on…
  3. Can’t stop laughing at this shit… This is great!
  4. I wonder if Amber will wear a white suit tomorrow to dress like Camille…batshit crazy that she is…
  5. We all won except the toolsheds still supporting Amber. They are still trying to claim she’s a victim and Camille was badgering Amber and we should always believe Amber bc reasons… I know her attorney tried to rehabilitate Amber a bit ago during the Camille objection fest but as has been mentioned more than once on this site…you can’t polish a Turd.
  6. BDP types are fricking scary to deal with until you get them on the stand and everyone can see exactly who they are and how the operate.
  7. If this is an audition for more work, Camille nailed it!
  8. It’s pretty fucking righteous! I love it. Camille just crushing it.
  9. Here we go…(cuz we know she was arrested for abusing her wife/girlfriend): Dr Curry nailed her diagnosis of Amber. Narcissistic BPD. Liar. Either a victim or a princess. Never hee fault. Always everyone else’s fault. Never does anything wrong. Throws everyone under the bus. Now it’s TMZ. Everyone else is lying except her. Everyone. Jeez…she’s really melting down. I was wondering when they’d get to her arrest. Can her lawyers have any more side bars…it won’t help Amber tell the truth…
  10. This is great! It’s a good thing that the jury knows what to expect from Amber on cross since the Depp’s expert basically gave them a play by play on BPD…incredible. She just can’t help herself. Camille is just shredding her and it’s great.
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