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  1. I loved the roadhouse call outs ‘I thought you’d be bigger”
  2. Why not just kidnap him instead? Hitler didn’t rise to power because his beliefs were unpopular and he didn’t invent mass murder/pogroms.
  3. Probably doesn’t trust them and is guarded. Reporters will befriend you to your face and fuck you over in the editing. Steve would do well at recruiting. His personal and his family’s history with players and success on the field would overshadow lack of charisma. IMO. Art Briles is a complete cunt and parents send their kids to be apart of his rape program.
  4. Don’t overestimate him. He was befuddled by an umbrella. Something my toddler can operate.
  5. Put her in charge! /Bill “Hudson” Paxton
  6. That would be horrible. Maybe the cloverfield aliens can just invade and kill everyone.
  7. Maybe it’s a force Frog. And it has lots of midichlorians.
  8. Bullshit. They could have made it and shelved it.
  9. You are that guy that eats at the strip club?
  10. Maybe he isn’t referring to lot lizards.
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