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  1. Flynn talks, like ya know, a teenage girl?
  2. He admitted in court to lying. His defense was they didn’t think lying to the FBI was a crime. He said on record the FBI behaved appropriately as a matter of evidence. He accepted the plea. He was prompted by the FBI to jog his memory during the interview so to avoid an “oops, I forgot.”
  3. Nah, a better approach would be to tell the father that his daughter seduced him, first by a handjob then when she exposed he supple breasts, his will power to resist declined rapidly as his manhood stood erect. He tried to resist but she moved her face slowly to his pelvic region and unzipped his pants, pulled out his engorged penis and she began sucking on his dick with constant pressure while squeezing the base of his dick with one hand and cupping his testicles with the other. At that point all of his willpower exploded into his daughters mouths and then as she kept sucking harder and more forcefully, his primal instincts took over and he inserted his penis into the daughter and felt the temple walls of flesh. He was ashamed of what happened and while he cared for her, he felt cheated out of his virginity. But at the same time, this set him upon a path of lust could not be satisfied and he went on a tear. If anything he should be repaying the ex boyfriend with 2 horse and a 6 pigs, 3 goats plus the damage that it did to families of other women who also slept with him. Her vagina tore him away from Christ's path, and only his lovely new wife was able to restore him to God's grace. He forgave his daughter for her transgressions, but her parents should have known what they were raising.
  4. So you were joking about the twin towers and the 2900+ dead? Got any jokes about cancer, I have a dying aunt that might not live out the week.
  5. How has it harmed them? They don't give a shit about their reputation.
  6. I remember when someone said you were not a shitty poster.
  7. Grocery stores near me don't seem to be cleaning the carts anymore.
  8. Yeah, I heard that as well. Someone with cancer gets covid and they blame it on covid? Crazy? (yeah asshole, just like when someone had HIV and died from the flu, they looked at the reason their body couldn't fight the infection) It is not like someone who was hit by a car but also had covid was blamed on covid.
  9. I would love to give myself performance reviews. Honey, i killed that pussy. This is the best bowl of cereal kids. I deserve a boat.
  10. We have added 0.01 mm carbon fiber technology to our line of pads which has increased the cost by 200%. Come on down to Nivek’s super duper tough plastics emporium and get ahead of the competition.
  11. It is pretty simple. I talk with them about a family member in hospice, plans, etc. and then the conversation meanders a bit (like this post) and then my Mom/Sister brings up something stupid Trump said, and the family Trumper chimes in about Flynn. I listen, say I do not believe that is correct, and then counter point. Years ago, my brother (anti-intellectual) brought up global warming with me and used a plane crash from WWII as a proxy for how glaciers behave. It just so happened that I was working with a guy who helped find "Glacier Girl." Basically, his argument was based on fiction, false memories and not a single thing he claimed was true (date found, condition, spot). The only facts he got correct was the name of the plane and the country in which it crashed landed. His response was "hmm, I'll have to think about that." And he never brought up science with me again.
  12. I had a couple of family members go down that road. They introduced me two a bunch of ideas to which I had no idea about. 10 minutes of google (including checking sources) was enough to more than rebuke their ideas. For shits and giggles I went ahead and then informed them including direct quotes by Flynn, and the response was 'well, I just don't have time to look into this...." It is a typical bullshit deflection of course. They will never look into it. They prefer to think of Flynn as a poor victim who was entrapped for smoking the refer at 2 AM, and not a guy whose actual defense claimed 'Flynn didn't realize it was a felony to lie to the FBI" or "Ignorance of the law is an excuse for my client." Flynn, when being interviewed by the FBI was prompted by the agents to jog his memory. The didn't allow him to forget about his meeting with a foreign ambassador. He chose to lie anyway.
  13. He not only pleaded guilty, he was asked by the court if the FBI behaved inappropriately or entrapped him, to which he answered "no, your honor"
  14. Not to call bullshit on your family in particular but in general that generation voted for Ronald Reagan and helped support the 'evil government' mantra and 'evil media' which have manifested in Trump and McConnell, Cruz, Paul, Nixon, Stone, Fox News, OAN, Rush, Rove, Cheney, etc. This corruption has been in the making for a long time. Now they just don't hide it anymore because their supports are the elite who stand to gain the most, their supporters are the stupid ones that have willingly bought into a cult of personality. Lastly, Trump and any republican even getting elected demonstrates colossal failure of our education system.
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