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  1. I really don’t understand how one could lose to a large dog assuming an average man, average build, and everything working.
  2. I used to get some texts where they would charge my at&t account for it. I was supposed to opt out of paying not opt in. At&t pretended there was nothing they could do, but refunded me the charges. It happened again and again they refunded me. And a 3rd time, and refunds. It finally stopped. Still, I was curious to start a firm that auto charges every subscriber to at&t $5 for each line.
  3. I ordered a pint that was cold and one that was room temp. It was the same.
  4. Um, I am glad that you recognized the silliness of my rhetorical question. And I do like how you projected your statement which precipitated my silly response on to me, but I guess you “take no responsibility at all” like someone else. Possibly they feel as if their citizens are being targeted then they lack any sympathy for their enemy’s citizen casualties. Ill just ignore the ramblings about Russia as a lack of coffee or something and not a sign that you cannot exercise self control and stop slinging shit to see what sticks. According to NPR this morning 11 children who had nothing
  5. Eagle would be pretty easy. Punch the fucker one time and you can shatter it’s bones. Grab it’s wing and go hulk smash while it’s talons flail about.
  6. Donate now to the Texas Recount Fund and I'll get to the bottom of the Hungarian Factor.
  7. So are you suggesting we provide them with guided missiles?
  8. How are your lion fighting skills?
  9. I mean short of causing an avalanche/rock slide I am not sure how one can bare handed fight and kill a gorilla or bear. Or does using my bare hands to purchase a flamethrower count?
  10. I was thinking one would take the charge and if you could get the knife free, plunge it into its neck or act like Atreyu. I think a deer is missing from that list. Full sized buck would be difficult to beat. Less lethal but trying to fight one would be rough.
  11. I don’t know about that last part. Abstaining from passing judgement because one does not know the complexities involved is understandable. It is actually laudable to a degree. We cannot be experts on everything. That comparison is particularly loaded since we have the benefit of hindsight and it is a clear who the bad guys were.
  12. Gorilla, Elephant, Zero chance. Lion and Grizzly you have a punchers chance with a Bowie knife (read Rest of the list is doable. Gator in water is 0 chance. On land it could be done but more likely not. Chimps are stupid. Dogs are dumb. This also depends on age. Do I get to fight a mid 40 yr old critter? Then my chances go up, really good considering most of them would be dead.
  13. Well Vader killed younglings. Also something needs to push Tarkin to moving away from the clones.
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