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  1. OK Karen, Hook em. /ducks
  2. Don’t forget to ask for an unwashed sex tent?
  3. Wife: We need to talk about the kids and screen time. They are watching too much in the morning and not playing enough or doing their responsibilities. This morning they had over an hour of screen time. Blah blah blah…. Me: I agree. I have been so sick lately I have needed to use the electronic babysitter, but I am getting better everyday and I have already set expectations. The kids each asked me if they could play Minecraft this morning and I said no. Wife: well…… they were on a device for a while this morning and then overreacted when I took it away. Me: What device? Wife: Your old phone. Me: I didn’t give that to them. Wife: no, I did. Kid 1 asked me so politely. Me: ……………. (She has a hint of a smile before returning to character of being annoyed)
  4. Don't you believe in Trickle Down economics?
  5. That is the part not talked about here. Normally people recognize their talent, try to keep them happy and bring in support for the talent. Not run them off, blame them, try to be vindictive as possible publicly all but guaranteeing you have no shot at replacing them.
  6. My initial thought was the same, open fire and find out who is serious. It was a cop who stated that they wanted to deescalate because they were outgunned. The whole thing is enraging.
  7. Bowlsby is reminding me of someone…
  8. Hey does anyone know what time the vote is?
  9. Navel gazing would have been an improvement. They called holding on us a few times IIRC for some marginal stuff compared to what was allowed by Tech.
  10. Dear Sark, please get Deuce Vaughn Sincerely, Nivek
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