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  1. Like more than 2 rats fucking prices or what?
  2. Needs an "I am a stupid idiot for making this poll" option.
  3. Was looking down beth’s shirt. Didnt see much but kept on looking
  4. You forgot that because business leaders are all idiots, Kushner will take a contract to produce 1,000,000 ventilators at peak price points, paid 50% in advance, with immunity from liability and the full order must be delivered no later than 3022.
  5. Considering how our republic has been run, I am happy to see it destroyed.
  6. Finally? You living under a rock or something?
  7. Agreed. call for immediate response. Texting/email is for whenever I feel like it.
  8. aggy. they are an infestation problem in Texas. Beating them doesn't get rid of them either, they just keep coming back for more.
  9. Actually they could switch to a concierge repair platform and keep some staff working with every other bay in their shop. But well that makes too much sense.
  10. Science is a faith based religion rooted in man's hubris. We need to turn to Farwell to guide us through this.
  11. Come on, i was told we had the best health care, no lines or waiting, a stable genius in office, and the best people working on it.
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