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  1. When you are within the standard deviation(class rank) and have 0.13 GPA the whole system is fucked. Not just the parent or that kid.
  2. Well, I am glad the 13 colonies banded together on the basis of numbers. That seems to be a prudent method for selecting membership.
  3. Michael Steele said facts have a liberal bias as well.
  4. Charge them with trespassing and loitering.
  5. Have you considered adopting a middle aged white dude? I hear it is all the rage. Dad.
  6. always remember, facts, education, and intelligence has a liberal bias.
  7. Bill Gates: Hey Bob do you want to smoke this bowl? Bob Broke: No, Billy, I got to work and extra shift this evening, our electricity company hit us with a $800 bill for one day, and get this, there was a brown out. Bill Gates: Your loss dude. Bob Broke: Hey, how about you save that for tomorrow and we get high as a kite and go walk around in a park? Bill Gates: No can do homes, I have Zoom with the DRC about a water plant we want to build, it looks like they are running over budget and will underserve the community and I need to get on top of that shit. The engineers are
  8. I agree. I am impressed what has already happened and how we continue to function out of hope this will get corrected and be brought back into balance but I am also continuously surprised by the lengths some will go to perform mental gymnastics to avoid reality. As long as we have bread and circuses we are complacent to a degree, but the oligarchs have the tried and trued xenophobia to unveil as a distraction when convenient. Your parenthetical comment was not needed, I understand nuance, and I understood where you were going. (Lastly, I want to thank you for a google wormhole
  9. I am surprised we have not seen Lars crying about his golden pool dreams.
  10. Billionaires have mobility that others do not. Bezos could spin a globe and gain citizenship to that nation before it stops.
  11. And if they die, their generational wealth gets divided among their kids and possibly puts them below the threshold. This is trending toward the old HF discussion of the millionaires and billionaires will lose all incentive to work if they have to pay taxes.
  12. It will just get moved around and laundered. The middle class are going to buy a shitload of magazines.
  13. Many POC's made their money recently and not since the 1800s. Dr. Dre didn't grow up with family money and the clock doesn't need to start 100 years after someone gets the funds. Jeff Bezos/Bill Gates also did not get this opportunity. Secondly, those funds are growing not hiding in a basement somewhere. So Dre is probably making money with his money, I believe we average between 5-7% per year on the stock market for growth? A 2% tax would mean those poor rich people could only gain 3-5% per year on their wealth? Those people without $50 million also qualified for the direct in
  14. https://www.princeton.edu/news/2015/03/30/battery-bounce-test-often-bounces-target iPad, and lazy. It works but it is non-linear and about as accurate as you might think.
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