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  1. Corona starting to hit my extended family. Fortunately they are all being responsible, ah fuck, who am I kidding. They are Floridians.
  2. I am for losing florida. Where i grew up.
  3. Because D’s fear the alternatives to Dotus? The shitheels behind Dotus are better equipped to completely sell out the country.
  4. HS is a bit eccentric, partial nut, and very committed to his job. He has issues with people who see it as a party or hang-out. He has his peculiarities and recognizes it and is somewhat reflective about being an asshole in the past and how he hurt other people. Some are not happy about the change (we all change to some degree as we age) and some cannot deal with the separation and nosedive of their career arcs post HS. Sure he vacations more now, but when he is there he doesn't mail it in.
  5. You just cannot put price on this type of leadership.
  6. Doc seems to have deleted her Instagram stalking?
  7. Weird. I always thought he was a bit of a Cretin. Or maybe just I don't mycean what you did there?
  8. How do I ask Agamemnon? Got his email?
  9. Good thing that people that don’t count watch us!
  10. I just called to say how much I cared. I just called to say how much OUsux, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.
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