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  1. Utah, get me two! I have spoken.
  2. Nick Nolte, was he the one playing Gary Busey?
  3. Would the publication protection of the book also fall under freedom of the press?
  4. Isn’t that Doc from Mythic Quest?
  5. Republican is the modern day “retard”
  6. Just wait until someone finds out where Roger Stone’s tattoo of Trump is.
  7. We had psychics in the White House consulting’s for the Reagans. Stupid beliefs is historically fundamental to the Republican Party and their voters.
  8. Clone Wars is so much better.
  9. Brain clouds was Joe vs. Volcano. Brain fog is what celiac's use to describe themselves.
  10. She probably gets to still have her family live.
  11. Rapaport is annoying but is funny at times. Brent sucks all the time, well rather his wife does.
  12. Anyone else catch the police chase on 43rd through the school zones at about 3 today?
  13. There is nothing that could turn his base. Not even Jesus flying in on a unicorn Pegasus could command them.
  14. Diarrhea is part of the more or less visible acute reactions, but there are likely chronic ones at work which cause longterm issues. Many of those afflicted by Celiac disease have complaints about cognitive impairment they often refer to as "brain fog" (yes, I know Joe Vs. the Volcano).
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