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  1. Its all bullshit. He cant handle the job.
  2. It is more that 1/3 are set on fascism, the remaining republicans are on auto-pilot or have been programmed to deny reality via their propaganda networks.
  3. It’s a nice stadium. Fans are good there even if you are an opposing fan.
  4. Are you saying they will only have middle aged whores left or were you saying they were going to technologically stifled? Reasons....
  5. Democratic Party members have always been held to a higher standard from their constituents. Republicans have no standards so there is no bar to clear.
  6. You see, Bill Clinton once smoke pot and we needed a hearing about this. GWB his successor, went to rehab for drug abuse, and his running mate had multiple DUIs but, none of this mattered. Trump is a criminal, serial conman that likes little girls, married to a eurotrash prostitute, serial liar, and put his kids in office, but we need to investigate if Hunter Biden benefitted from nepotism. This is Hillary's emails all over again.
  7. I believe her. She refuses that shit all the time. No department store credit, etc. Has never happened before and she is financially pretty conservative. Even if she did say "sure" mindlessly, the idea that they already had my info ready to go is disturbing, because there is a far fucking cry from "sure" to handing out 9 digit numbers, birthdays, addresses, and then signing on my behalf with the clerks approval and no ID check. Can I walk in there and just sign up as Elon Musk for a credit card? So yeah, it is a scam.
  8. Meh, some if these newer gas cans have stupid breakable nozzles for safety reasons but their quality causes one to have to use a funnel.
  9. Not a fucking chance. This is posturing so they can pretend they are still buddies with Russia while they screw them over on any trade. They know where their bread is buttered.
  10. Amazon Fresh delivered today, for what it's worth.
  11. Why should they? Our federal government has deemed it a luxury (despite deaths) in the past, our leadership left the country/state because they give no fucks, and they have actively worked to provide cover for shitty management/infrastructure because it allows them to fleece the citizens who still vote for those morons? Why should they change?
  12. Way to step it up Switzerland…. I guess they couldn’t deposit oil in their bank vault.
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