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  1. I admire the barista girl's (blue sweater) composure, but she needs to lay off the product. She sounds like Spud during a job interview.
  2. What are things Nivek has never said. Let's stay with Asses for 1000 Alex.
  3. Sonny, beast mode is the greatest thing in the world, except for a nice MLT — mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is nice and lean, and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky. I love that. But that’s not what he said — he distinctly said “beastiality minded,” and as we all know, “bestiality minded” means to rape animals, heh? So you were probably playing cards, and he aggyed–
  4. And as corporate farms swallow it up on the cheap, they will just attribute it to Wall Street and keep voting for those that destroyed their communities. Cause somewhere in the world, there is a happy person in drag feeling fabulous.
  5. We also have an election coming up. We have a track record of abandoning our allies (see Kurds).
  6. He is demanding they act like the US military because we gave them first generation old ass equipment, without supplying them with enough to conduct offensive actions or utilize combined arms tactics that our equipment is made for, because they lack the materials. Our allies have been wary of sending equipment in useful, quantities but continue to trickle stuff out. Meanwhile, Ukraine has manpower, equipment and ammo issues, no standardization of materials because it is all legacy Russian crap mixed with NATO stuff. I have no idea if the language is in French, English or German or Ukrainian. There is a reason we, NATO, standardized our equipment.
  7. Gee a military gets a bunch of new shit and then tests it out in a battle and it doesn't work like magic initially? Holy fucking shit. I am sure this has never happened before. Nope. I suppose that after the Kasserine Pass battle we should have just packed it up and went back home right, comrade?
  8. So one IEP out of the way, time to discuss my middle child at OFE. I had a 504 meeting with them. She is doing well, but has dyslexia. The state is moving dyslexia over to IEPs from 504s. So in this meeting I start asking about some testing because she does have a few issues we think she should be evaluated on, which may help her out. Her dyslexia instructor echoed my sentiments. The staff starts to push back on me, basically she is doing well enough NOW so they don't want to. I keep pushing and get to the real issue. They tell me they (OFE and District) are prioritizing 5th/8th graders because the kids are switching schools. Like I give a flying fuck. HISD created this mess, it isn't my daughter's problem that they are understaffed or they were underprepared. Let's start round 2.
  9. Wait until some republican discovers this.
  10. This is like suggesting Ted Cruz not be an asshole.
  11. Unlocked on Netflix is a new series. Has a Last Chance U style.
  12. Bin Laden Construction is tanned, rested, and ready.
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