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  1. Yeah, I don't want him dead, I just want my sister to hide his keys on election days.
  2. Reagan was a less shitty than and Nixon, but Iran-Contra was a bunch of bullshit as was the war on drugs getting a 10x budget increase. GHWB lied his ass off about crack being sold near the White House in order to push his bullshit escalations as well. His son brought us Afghanistan and Iraq disasters. This race to the bottom trajectory is consistent.
  3. It's not overthrowing the government if its your team (R). It's securing America's future by replacing certain elements from governance first.
  4. Sorry, he was informed the New York times is not a legitimate NEWS source by people whose own network declares that their hosts are not legitimate or credible.
  5. Nivek


    Incredulity spoke of the Catholic Church's wealth as being utilized as a influence upon US elections. Since they are a foreign nation they cannot directly do so to my knowledge which is why I was hoping you would weigh in with a little more legitimacy than a geologist's interpretation of the law. Individuals of course would be free to support or align themselves as they wish (and already do). Another issue is the lack of action against those that do political activism from the pulpit. My parent's church did it often through innuendo, directly, and through their bible study groups.
  6. Listen. My dad went from believing that the Jan 6th attempted coup was actually ANTIFA and now he believes it was just a demonstration. I call that progress.
  7. Nivek


    Catholic Church is centered out of Vatican City which is recognized as a foreign country thus it is a foreign entity and excluded from direct involvement via tangible benefits ( @TwiceHorn should weigh in here to verify) in policy making and financial contributions.
  8. Nivek


    Seems to me they have already hijacked a political party and forced their views upon a society already (abortion, rights of sexually diverse individuals) and now they are rushing to get tax money to support religious education as part of their latest USA FUCKERY plan.
  9. Nivek


    So tell me why again they should be tax exempt again?
  10. Card has issues for sure, leadership being one of them. And it looks like he had very limited faith in those around him for good reason after the first 2 games and 5 sacks (plus all of those other free defenders rushing at him unblocked that he did evade) and the drops when he did get decent placement. I am hopeful he gets it turned around. I am hopeful Ewers starts and plays the full season.
  11. Republicans are for free markets as a campaign slogan. Just like they are fiscal conservatives during election year, and interested in supporting family structures (some types need not apply) and religion (except for what that hippie Jesus actually says) also during election years.
  12. That is just revisionist history fitting a narrative. I watched a video of his plays vs. Louisiana and Arkansas. In the Louisiana game, he was constantly dodging a free defender in the backfield. He looked like a guy with no help. The offensive line was letting people get a free shot on him. At Arkansas, JWhitt wasn’t able to catch a wide open pass in the end zone, nor passes that hit him in the hands beyond 10 yards. Moore also struggled, to catch and either Card or Moore was off on several wide open deep balls (worthy seemed capable of catching). Card was also got hit out of bounds and after the whistle while the officials just did dick about it. Card also stepped up for a throw and Arkansas defender had a free shot at him while 2, 2 fucking no-linemen were standing next to him unengaged. I couldn’t watch anymore after that. We had 5 players on offense that day. 2 RBs, 2 QBs, and 1 WR. JWhitt seemed capable of catching only 10 yards and under that game. Quite a reversal in performance than he had against Louisiana where he looked like we thought he would. TLDR: Card wasn’t even the top 5 reason we lost that game.
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