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  1. You don't get it. They missed church.
  2. Nivek

    Meet an inmate

    Dude, Meth ages them like 10 years so..... swing away.
  3. There is a difference in the degrees of a conspiracy. Organized crime exists but they don't actually publish their org charts. Flat earthers exist, but they do publish the stupid shit they believe. Corruption in officiating exists, look how the Pac handled some fuck-ups by suspending the crew and look how the B12 defended and continued to employ the crew that officiated the OSU game. Bad calls are fine. It happens. But when rules are applied unevenly that is where the issues are with the conference for the most part. How many times have we watched the officials staring at the play ignore blatant rule violations? The conference even needing to have a discussion over the horns up/horns down is an example of bullshit hypocrisy. For years we watched players do it to the horns with no flags and when one of our guys did it back one time, the flags were tossed immediately. If you need the University to point out the bullshit double standard to the refs, you are not on an even playing ground. How many times have we seen the refs come up with new shit against us? I didn't hear the whistle defense. Defensive holding. etc.
  4. No, they won't. They will say now is not the time to talk about mass shooting after a mass shooting. This happens so often now that mass shootings are no longer major news events that get weeks of coverage.
  5. sure you want a gummy now, but next, you'll be out there sucking dick for lsd, giving up the ass for fentanyl, or getting high on PCP and mass murdering people with legally obtained rocket launchers.
  6. Kind of like the idea of buying a new outfit in a video game. Oh, my viking gets to wear an Italian Renaissance guy's outfit for $15? Sign me up!
  7. Movie plots and story plots are derivative. Kings and Generals is what I watch on YouTube.
  8. Given what I saw, Charlie had zero room to complain or talk to the refs.
  9. If 50,000,000 people don't become Blue Verified then he is going to shut off Starlink to Ukraine.
  10. Guys, this happened before Feb 3, 2023 when our values as a society were different. /Bob
  11. Um, many companies do not promote from within regardless of your degree status, and much of that is due to HR.
  12. Who hired the known chronic liar?
  13. Good. So their tanks will be getting the tractor treatment, and when the mud is gone, the western tankers will be ready and waiting? At this point it seems like the Russian strategy is like the old guys from "All Quiet on the Western Front" strategizing about how they need just one good push.
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