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  1. Ask your local fire men what they think of limiting access points.
  2. What is this Uvalde thing? That is ancient history. Only cosplayers without guns need oppression.
  3. Seems like another unfunny chad brisco/hitbyatrain performance piece.
  4. As a country, we can be incredibly charitable and do amazing things and lead the world in technological advancement. But also as a country, we are shit at tackling real problems. Got a problem with gun violence? Let's lessen restrictions on guns, make more available and seek out good toddlers with guns to take out the bad toddlers with guns and create laws that will lead to more unnecessary death. Got a problem with a pandemic? Let's not listen to the experts (flawed as they may be) but instead listen to Bubba from Facebook who only had covid hospitalize him twice about how to stay safe. Got a problem with sexual predators? Let's focus on outliers in society who teach children to be comfortable with who they are and encourage them to express themselves, and oppress the shit out of them while ignoring real predators. Got a problem with bullying in school? Let's talk about it, but restrict the schools from handling it. Got a problem with growing wealth inequality? Let's give tax breaks to the elite, it hasn't worked in 40 years and only created more disparity, but maybe the problem was we didn't give them enough of a cut. Got a problem with an environmental issue that is no longer deniable? Let's allow manufacturers to continue to produce cars with low mileage requirements and only ~10% mpg increase over the past ~25 years, and ignore other industries. Got a problem with kids getting run over by stupidly sized vehicles? Let's keep surround camera features an expensive option (and on some models a top option) while we celebrate the backup cameras' reductions in kid deaths and ignore the forward-moving deaths.
  5. His Prey preview from the trailer to his review of the movie when it came out was quite a turn-a-round.
  6. Only the second Amendment matters and really only the part after the second comma.
  7. Not really. Some private schools have a different focus on education than the public school system and don't subject their kids to a constant stream of testing, they also can be more adaptive to the individual needs of students and provide more support for kids with special needs or learning disabilities. If you have a kid with learning disabilities, it is a process to get the testing (which they drag their feet to set up), then a pain in the ass to get the results (they drag their feet for this as well) and then to start getting the ARD meetings and IEP plans in place. Then trying to hold them accountable to help them support your kid is another challenge. But there is something to keeping the poors away as well. Some kids are a challenge and it seems the school system's options are hamstrung.
  8. well some people got more money and more problems. ever thinks about those poor souls?
  9. Religion is already politicized and has been for a long time. The tax exemption is bullshit.
  10. They are sending body armor, vans, and defensive gear, not weapons.
  11. The last season of Clone Wars was far from mediocre. Bad Batch has some excellent episodes as well. Mando was always a Space Western Adventure (Magnum PI) show, with an overarching quest/story slow reveal and a series of side quests to fill in the episodes. Andor was movie-esque, and if someone missed that, that is their own fault. Obi Wan series was OK, the story wasn't great, the antagonist wasn't great, but Hayden/Ewan's return to the characters and their battles were worth the price of admission.
  12. Only to find that Ezra has turned to the dark side and keeps Thrawn chained up just to torture him and made everyone else on the Chimera his bitch.
  13. Rest in Peace. I hope his family and friends find comfort.
  14. hot wheels should go after the major oil companies like Exxon. piss boy went after Disney.
  15. Oh, the regulators did this? mount up.
  16. Ukraine should request Russian Turret Tossing as the next new Olympic Sport.
  17. The decals on the new toys are stickers, I can’t recall if they were that way when I was a kid. Yes they are re issuing some of the old toys, they are a in the old stiff legs and arms or in a new issue with more joints at the hands and ankles which fall over more than the Kung-fu grip versions with the shoulder and swivel elbows version I played with. My boys sort of like them.
  18. I didn’t expect a gritty GOT show. But something with a little less polish, like the movie, with a sense of humor and a focus on adventure. This one seemed to more focused on each individual finding their true self and values while only incidentally being on a quest which made little sense. Willow the fraud was a good angle to maintain. Aurora as a cook was fine as well. The lesbian daughter who is full of bluster is fine. The arrogant useless prince as well. The rogue seemed to be the most charismatic actor. The princess’ betrothed is slightly better than the Guard’s protege. I wanted the show to be better. I could enjoy a light hearted show that was adventurous in the spirit of Indians Jones or a Pirates of the Caribbean (those movies have plot holes, but no one cares because they were fun) but it has to have some thought beyond “we need this to happen because this is our story and we don’t care if it makes sense.” Heck there is no sense of urgency in the quest as well because it is secondary to the prince discovering himself and his affinity for magic.
  19. Dude relax, aggy is going to grow a pear and be the elite caliper team next year. Wait til Jimbo coaches basketball, baseball and football next season.
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