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  1. I also love how everyone uses the current ranking of opponents argument in favor of their team but the final ranking of opponents when trying to make their point.
  2. Happy as hell with how the RBs turned out, how the O-line improved and how WR room improved.
  3. Bowden hasn't been there in a long fucking time. This is as absurd as the Mizzou fans trying to whip themselves into a frenzy over what Deloss said a decade earlier (possibly while they were still in conference with us).
  4. If he was smart, the conference wouldn’t have selected him.
  5. “aggy” and “build/building” should never be used in the same sentence, outside of the legal sphere.
  6. All I know is any new rule change will be stupidly written, highly subjective, and coaches will figure out ways to exploit them because of the first part.
  7. What you believe shouldn’t matter. They went undefeated and had a decent OOC schedule. They should be in over Alabama. The Alabama mulligan is making cfp boring.
  8. It’s because they are liars and accuse us of being like them, to excuse their shitty behavior and stupidity. We literally have them tossing shit at the Texas band and attacking a cheerleader with a sword on film.
  9. Was. But I guess Texas broke him, and his coach of the year, and his rb dreams of a trophy.
  10. FSU will be better with a little time to heal. I am hoping we draw them and Michigan draws Washington for the first round.
  11. Only one team has both a conference championship, and a win over another conference champion.
  12. If they keep the lights off will it impact the play?
  13. Lol. A turnover wouldn’t matter. Both these teams have no offense.
  14. I did. I guess I didn’t spring for the showtime upgrade.
  15. Not showing up in my feed. Just some stupid farmer new report
  16. Would be nice to see this thread closed. Cause we are free from these fucks at last.
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