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  1. I am sorry that happened to you and your family. FWIW, I taught my kids violence is the answer sometimes and worked with them on how to do it. Sadly he used it.
  2. Nivek


    I wish I knew how to quit you! /GQP
  3. IIRC, In that show they stated that it is a sign language her brother and her created together. I could be wrong.
  4. I think we tend to agree more than we disagree in general, and I have kind of held this name since LonghornFanZone days, but I was a late arrival to Rogue One, and I do not recall that thread. I mostly do not talk about my family outside of the HISD/Education threads and try to share the story of the outright fuckery people are facing, in hopes of sharing experiences beyond letting HISD's PR department control the narrative. To participants of that forum. I guess I don't understand who the show if for? Maybe there is an audience for it, but I kind of feel like this is my local WNBA team, whoever they are. I know that isn't a product for me. If the goal is to get the LGBTQ community on board, I am not sure this helps because the coven was wiped out as soon as they were introduced. Again, I think this is the easy target, because the product is really not that great. I seriously heard a better magic chant from a Ducktails episode that I watched with my kids last night (end of season 1). I underlined those parts because they are a bit of a projection. My neighbors are lesbians and they have 2 boys. Our kids are friends. There are mixed people in my neighborhood and a variety of professions and economic states. I hate my local HISD school where my son is an ethnic minority not because of that reason, but because it is a shithole (2 page rage rant deleted). So if I had a chance to be in the gated community that was lily-white, with cookie-cutter homes and kidney shaped pools, if the school system was functional than I would consider it. It is also a normal considiton for people to hate change. People grow up, they formulate and develop their identity and we find comfort in the status quo. That is why it is called out as a blind spot bias in some industries. Maybe some of this is related to that. Star Wars had released content that was geared to children before and to adults/teens. I grew its fanbase based on that. Maybe that is a bias that I have. I liked Kenobi (it had issues, chase scene was awful, as was the gate) but give me CW Anikin and a Vader going Vader and I am in. I really enjoyed the last season of CW (more than Andor). I feel like this is Robert Palmer playing reggae when I paid to hear him sing his mid-late 80s stuff. So maybe this is just my mistake for expecting it to be something that would interest me. -------------Back on topic-------------------- How did a Padawan (Torbin) get promoted to Master when all he did was meditate for 10 years?
  5. I am the second reply. Because the person said the first white male was the monk, and I corrected it that actually the first appearance from my recollection were the two criminals. You can see it as a nefarious statement all you want, but it simply is just a point of correction. My second point is that you keep glossing over things that fans accepted. Snips is a beloved character because we watched her grow up. Not because I was also a preteen non-human girl with horns, in a military order during an intragalactic war. ---------------------------------------------------- Fake story: I was watching The 300 with my son the other day. I wondered why he wasn't being represented on the screen. Where is a pre-teen ASD ADHD child in this battle to maintain Greek Independence? Where was my kid in this film? Oh, they tossed him off a cliff in the beginning. (I am really hoping no one thinks too hard about this one and just has a chuckle) ----------------------------------------------------- Ultimately, when people see a bad product on the screen, they are going to start tearing it apart piece by piece. They are going to find things that seem like there is a diversity quota (true or not) being pushed on an audience that doesn't want it or messages not so hidden within the story (true or not) and react to it. The 'mothers' comment was known to get a reaction. It worked. Writers got what they wanted. I don't give a fuck. But when the Black woman was the lead and not the Zabrak, that was strange. When those little off moments add up, it gives credence to the complainers about the diversity elements being shoehorned into a program as a primary or secondary focus. Rogue One did it to see if they could get Chinese people to give a shit (they didn't), but they implemented it so much better as to not alienate their other fans.
  6. I guess their writers can't figure out how to write it with all their strength?
  7. See, they don't think of themselves as being from the same stock. There is a caste system that still exists even though it isn't talked about here.
  8. @bolverk I think there is always some complaining about complaining. When TLJ revealed the stormtrooper was black the outcry wasn't racism as much as it was "hey, I thought they were clones of Fett?" in my opinion. I also think the idea that we have to find people on screen that represent us a bit ridiculous. I didn't watch Ripley and think she was awesome because she reflected 11 yr old me. I watch Andor and the story reveals challenges he faced, the agony he had, the no-win situations he found himself in, and it revealed why he was so hardened for Rogue One (especially disturbing was his killing of the informant). That is what makes a character relatable, not gender, not skin color, not orientation. Brokeback Mountain was a good movie and according to Wiki was the 3rd place movie in France, Italy, Australia, 1st place in Hong Kong, and earned $83 million in the US. This new wave of shoving diversity and identification instead of quality storytelling is annoying. There have always been shitty movies like "Surf Nazi's Must Die" but those programs never lied about what they were.
  9. This just underscores a philosophical difference, we understate our capabilities, and they overstate theirs.
  10. It was a quip, not to be taken too seriously. The right-wingers never had any policy/belief beyond enriching the elites and holding onto power at all cost.
  11. I knew a not quite executive whose subordinate joked that her computer should only have a “yes” button. I imagine Kennedy is the same way. I simply cannot understand how they spent so much money on this show. Let alone, why.
  12. If Yormark invites PE to inject cash into the league, and then the league loses x% of their annual revenue, it is really going to wreck the conference. You will have a few schools that take the money and do fuck all with it. You will have one or two that try to elevate their programs only to grow bitter as they end up losing out in the long run due to the free riders. And eventually the understanding will settle in, there are a finite number of elite players in the national. And they don’t want to be equally dispersed amongst the 100+ programs.
  13. Just think of how many more children can be killed while cops cower in fear of ar15s with bump stocks. Prolife my ass.
  14. Actually the qualification seems to be predicated on getting and maintaining access. The hard way is to build up a reputation as a good reporter with numerous readers that take you seriously and respect your work. The easy way is to pander. That is modern journalism and why serious people also have an issue with the state of popular journalism across the subject matter and industries.
  15. So russian mail order brides at a discount yet?
  16. The HIMARs have been so successfully implemented I almost think they are being run by US operatives at this point.
  17. That is a familiar number. Sigh
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