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  1. Understand completely that it wouldn't be piecemeal sales or one offs (outside of my personal interest). I'll pass that article onto a friend who is a board member with Memorial Hermann and another on the board at MD Anderson. I have no idea what their current situation is.
  2. Great job Stanco! I have a few neighbors who are nurses and doctors here in Houston. I'll pass this on to them. Anyway to order some masks for the family? Link on your website?
  3. Hole. Lee. Shit! At every turn this administration has done the complete opposite of what they needed to do to prevent further spread of this disease.
  4. Fuck. Down by 12, under 7 minutes to play Thanks a lot Trump.
  5. Texas is up 23 - 17 in the 3rd qtr. Probably going to open it up right now. We got this.
  6. Hook Em Horns! I've got a good feeling about tonight's game.
  7. Just a PSA. ESPN is replaying the greatest college game in history right now. Vince Young's UT vs USC. Hook Em Horns!
  8. Ok. I had just tuned in. Still seemed pretty low energy none the less......his eyes did look a little more pink around the edges, though it could just be his make up.
  9. So he's stepping out because of why? He said he was tested again today for Covid-19 and it came back negative. Is he to weak to stand around while others speak or has he had enough of this and is just saying "fuck it"?
  10. Well said, but let's not downplay the knowledge and power of Surly. On a side note, weren't we putting together a superpac? Surly 2020!
  11. This! On top of the world battling a pandemic, we here in the states are also having to battle what appears to be a serious genetic defect in the remaining population that supports Trump and continues to give him a pass.
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