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  1. Application for fall 2021 opened up back in Aug 1st. My daughter is top 5% in her class so she was pretty confident she'd automatically get accepted. Getting accepted now let's her get a jump on housing choices on campus.
  2. I'm going to go out on a limb and say, living in Oklahoma.
  3. Where did you find that? That was my original idea on a mobile brewery.
  4. About the best argument I can come up with.
  5. Well there's another big fuck you to Michigan. Trump is doing all he can to throw the election to Biden.
  6. Thanks! Her plan is to graduate with a BS in Environmental Science.
  7. Proud dad here, oldest daughter just texted that she's been accepted to the Class of 2025 at UT. Life moves pretty quick!
  8. Well we've got him at a 2-1 disadvantage on the voting front. So not only is he losing, but he's also a fucking idiot who continues to carry Trump's panties in his med kit. I'm done with tap dancing around those who continue to placate what Trump and his party are doing to our country.
  9. Narrator: No he didn't, because GRHorn is a moron. A Trump supporting moron.
  10. There is a whole lot of stupid in that video..........and I think the chick on the bench with the knife guy needs to use the bathroom, or she's tweaking.
  11. Eagles with the grab. Touchdown. Hook'Em Horns!
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