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  1. Watching with the Boston Gooners at Dillon’s in Back Bay…lots of singing and cheering and groaning as the peacock feed fails! COYG!
  2. Wait…you’re white?! nice watch!
  3. Saw a fat old dude at the Paramus NJ mall today walking with grandpa new balances/‘exercising’ with a Bergen Catholic Football just means more shirt on today so it hit close to home for me
  4. According to Barstool Ole Miss, Texas A&M is the only program in the SEC that hasn’t played for a national title in football, basketball or baseball since 1940…it just means more
  5. I watched it on peacock last night and was entertained but experienced horrible lag issues …had to start and stop multiple times to get the audio and visuals to sync …reminded me of Game of Thrones HBO streaming issues back in the day
  6. Infidels all up in heeere !
  7. Used to go to Billings quarterly for work. Recommend Jake’s (steakhouse 2 locations) and sub bison for beef on your cut of choice. Also, Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery for breakfast is legit, enjoy!
  8. Tier 1: Army Football Longhorns Football Tier 2: USMNT and USWNT Arsenal Army baseball Longhorn basketball and baseball Longhorn Athletes in the Pros (including golf) Tier 3: Astros Red Bull F1 team Army Lacrosse
  9. And eliminated the aggy softball team was...20-0 land thieves (in just 5 innings) for the largest margin of victory in ncaa tournament history
  10. If you are thinking casual and oysters/seafood another solid option in West Village is Jeffrey’s Grocery.
  11. Awesome Aussie and thicc bacon...well played
  12. I watched it with beer on Friday night and was entertained. Meh+ if you’re in the mood for a comedy.
  13. Chase Febres shoots better than that other dude
  14. I forget his exact role as he wasn’t in my chain of command but we were Artillerymen doing an in lieu of mission and went to Tal Afar to get the 172 Infantry Brigade’s Strykers and move them to Baghdad in support of Operation Together Forward and the General was heavily involved in the planning as at the time that unit from Fort Wainwright, Alaska was the first to be ‘extended’ beyond 12 months. Those Strykers drew a lot of attention from the enemy as they called them the ‘ghost riders’ but they were awesome and that unit was badass.
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